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When BIKERS Are in Trouble 2020

When BIKERS Are in Trouble 2020

hey guys noticed our sphere today fer
intense video for you so the champagne in this case the biker had no chance to
react this is the situation in which the biker
decided to confront the driver and explain his inappropriate behavior on
the road are you serious did you see how you just
parked me on the road you can’t do that you didn’t hurt me but you can’t
overtake me like that it’s double lines and I was doing a speed limit me so you got big scooping a noses this pedestrian didn’t seem to care much
about the whole situation and the bikers opinion not seeming did you not see me we should
look more carefully next time they’re too close cause within 12 minutes had to
be meet with her strong response from the biker buddy you don’t see me sorry it’s okay
you did it twice you got in front of me twice dude you didn’t even look man no
you didn’t you wouldn’t to switch lanes man what what you still switched over
you yeah I wasn’t off the run to bite you what the hell are you doing goddamn really really really use your eyes this is the moment that triggered a
heated argument no no wave nothing come on no apology or nothing you
realize he could have me right there
you do realize that he got close on camera – hey not to me he didn’t I’m
yelling at him dude all had the right away the god damn thing made a mistake
move oh you trying to blow up Oni alright and as for an apology you you
ride it right you said that right I know don’t start anything calm down
just get back in the car tell the news that while the other two are bickering
you don’t need to be I did reveal what’s hitting here they’re all around the
rider can see why I’m off meat when you know rider like I used to be
bro he understands why do you have you been on – I don’t you
should because the light would spit no old building I want you to get nothing
Bo he’s sorry he needs to learn dude he needs to learn because he won’t work
with this creep shows the driver who face to give away and drive straight
into the biker okay Perry another predator man Selena okay thanks for watching to the end I
hope you’ve enjoyed it see you soon the next video
right safe

100 comments on “When BIKERS Are in Trouble 2020

  1. 9:06 another clueless stupid woman driver. i wish more of them would really learn how to drive. it would be a much safer place.

  2. Gromin around is a perfect example of the people that get a motorcycle then think they are bad ass.. the veteran is no exception… should have handled it better… both of them should have.. as a veteran, and a biker of over 15 years, I’m ashamed by both of them…

  3. 3:04 I think it's more of a matter that he did not understand the biker. The hard R in "sorry" makes me think he's not born in english speaking country

  4. That vlogger @ 1:15 is crazy for following someone home onto their personal driveway to cuss them out. People are nuts and that's a fast way to catch a beatdown or a bullet. It's not worth it, just keep riding.

  5. The two guys on the bikes at 7:30 are stright up assholes. The guy in the car should have just run them over and kept going.

    the bike is who speeds up towards other vehicles!

    the biker is who actually hunting for the troubles!

    that video is not objective!!
    you bring a bad name to the riders !!!

  7. 8:05 How could he not see the Car coming? The Guy on the Left also saw it. I have the right of way i dont need to look. This Guy almost killed himselfe. Its just a matter of time until he dies.

  8. всегда удивляюсь таким ситуациям номер 1 и 3 , да вы сами виноваты !

  9. The moment this old man comes out his car and come in my face…there’s no more talking, he’s getting jumped. Easy day for me.

  10. Rule 1. Dont engage with a passenger in any vehicle. Deal only with the driver. If a passenger gets out and starts shouting the odds at you, knock him the fuck out because it's nothing to do with him, and it is he who instigated the aggression by getting involved and getting out. Law protects you in that instance. And guys….. even if you have a near miss, let it go and just be glad it was just that. A miss. Don't go chasing the cunt down just to shout at him/her. Waste of energy and time. They ain't gonna change. Either ride on or catch up with them and fuck their shit up, but don't act all tough but not have the trousers to back it up.

  11. 4:51 we can hear the rider playing some Eminem. I'm curious how that happened, usually earphones don't put out enough sound to get caught by a microphone while you're using them. Dude must have been blasting Not Afraid hahaha

  12. 6:11
    Passenger/Father: "He made a mistake, harden the fuck up and move on. You don't turn back and blow up on him…"
    Rider: "You're a rider right? Wouldn't you want an apology too?"
    Passenger: "No, I would have flipped him off and kept riding"

    This perfectly captures so many biker rage clips. We don't do ourselves any favours by chasing down drivers and yelling at them. Think that makes them more cautious or more aware? No. It makes them more careless because they go into a defensive mentality and tell themselves "the rider is just over reacting, don't worry about it" and they don't improve, they get worse around bikes.

  13. 2:55 so the biker has the whole lane, the pedestrian practically finished crossing the street and the biker is blaming him. I think most driver would have reduced speed, move to the left and that's it.

  14. Why are all the bikers a bunch of pussys on this video? Shit like this happens every time I get on my bike it's just name of the game. They make such a big deal about it though

  15. I ride too. But most of these bikers don't know shit about defensive driving. They feel like they're entitled or something.

  16. I know it's the driver's fault but the dude talking is a veteran said what's the helmet got to do with it kind of keeps you from getting ur ass knocked out

  17. Those bikers at 5:15 are just aholes looking for trouble like the veteran said flip him off and move on, and that guy that think he is tough threatening the vet he probably would have got his ass kicked



  20. 1st clip: That's a bicycle lane, not a motorcycle lane. Biker is riding illegally, and going way too fast. All the traffic was stopping around him, so he should be too. Wreck was very easily avoidable by the biker, if the biker knew how to ride.
    2nd clip: Again, that's not a lane. Biker has no business being there. He also can't expect to to never encounter traffic, which is all that happened. When the road ahead of you isn't clear, you don't have right of way.
    3rd clip: A car doing what bikers like him do all the time. Then he actually follows the driver into her driveway, trespasses on private property, and yells at the driver. Following someone to start a confrontation on the road is always wrong. This is just a nasty aggressive rider.
    4th clip: A wonderful example of why you shouldn't lane split. The biker would claim that he uses the entire lane when he's in the lane. Well, so does the car. The biker just encroached on the car's lane and ran into the car because of it. Don't lane split kids! It's dangerous and stupid.
    5th clip: Pedestrian is in the road long before the biker gets there. The road isn't clear, so the biker has to slow or stop if necessary. WTF is the biker doing almost killing a pedestrian when he could easily stop? Fucking aggressive biker again.
    6th clip: Just another biker bitching about traffic. Take a chill pill and don't tailgate the car. If he was a reasonable distance behind, he wouldn't have had any issues. It's the biker's fault again.
    7th clip: Same as the 6th. Stop riding aggressively and you won't be bothered by traffic anymore.
    8th clip: Good job. Get the driver's attention then all is good. Finally, one that's not the biker's fault.
    9th clip: Biker freaking out over nothing. Car was paced to come in behind the biker, as it did. Biker just freaked out. I understand why that makes biker's uneasy, as it makes me uneasy as well, but it's a non-issue.
    10th and on: Aggressive bikers complaining about traffic again. Don't turn around and confront anybody. That will never end in your favor. A confrontation is always the wrong answer.

  21. That first one “the biker had no chance to react” if the rest of traffic is slowing at an intersection take the fucking hint.

  22. I don’t agree with the biker @ 3:15 because the Highway Code said that if a pedestrian is already crossing the road you have to yeald and let them past, also he moved closer to the padestrian to scare him which is unnecessary and puts the padestrian in danger. Also he stopped and shouted at him which wasn’t needed . A honk was all it needed accidents happen .

  23. 7:39 i wan't to kill both of them asshole inside that car the senior is like a shit if i were that biker i've already get a gun in my bag or whenver just to kill for not giving appology to me

  24. "He needs to learn" is right honestly. Been almost killed too many times by people who look irritated that i confront them about it. Too many people drive with zero thought about the lives of those around them.

  25. The first bike crash he is undertaking traffic he’s in a bicycle lane and he’s filtering way to fast 100% his own fault.

  26. Doom yzf just looking for video footage. Pedestrian did nothing wrong at all. Had to watch it a few times to see if there was something I missed. Snowflake.

  27. 2:06 That was unnecessary to curse at an old women. I get that the rider is mad but chill. You could have talked nicely first

  28. Doom YZF your in the wrong the pedestrian was most of the way across the road and you could have avoided him easily, but nope you wanted footage of yourself being a pathetic spunkbiscuit, well done

  29. Bikers ride in the cars blind spot and start crying like bitches when they switch lanes. How are they suppose to use their eyes? They don’t have X-ray vision. Also if your a rider you don’t have some given right to break someone’s car for an accident.

  30. #1 Riding like an idiot . #4 Same #5 Plenty of time to avoid the pedestrian. Most of these are lack of awareness by the motorists and piss poor riding by the bikers who further aggravate the situation. You’re responsible for your own safety on a bike , because you’re invisible and nobody gives a toss.

  31. 1st on the biker is a MORON – that is a bicyclist lane. Not a motorcycle lane.
    2nd again Riding where he isnt supposed to but everyone should get out of HIS/Her way. Yes the car was in the wrong too. But you cannot complain when your doing the same thing. (Breaking the law)
    3rd Yes, fully agree. Asshat car passing on solid line. Would of gotten plenty of words
    4th – F'in LANE SPLITTERS – You guys are a disgusting shame to motorcyclists everywhere. and YES I would of done the same thing and sped up to prevent you. If your in Cali and its allowed. Your idiots. Just like in Michigan with no helmet laws. YOU'Re asking for problems. Speeding in and out of spots to plit and expect me to watch YOU 100%. F-Off Then to do a gun gesture….lol
    5th Damn right hate J-Walkers. run the f'ers over just like lane splitters
    6th – Damn people thinking signals give them all the rights. agree on this one. Car would of got a mirror missing.
    7th – again signals dont give you the right of way. Right on to the biker!
    8-8.5 – Yeah Biker was right. these are scary instances where people dont watch closely enough and expect right of way.
    9-9.5 1st one yeah I agree. Second one. Yeah, guy was an ass for not stopping. But you also sped up and there was clearly two lanes. no reason to fully bitch here. You're just looking for an excuse.
    10 – no signals and merging without looking. Yeah would of pissed me off too
    11 – Oh hell yeah I would of lost it too. Rolling out like that scares me no matter what vehicle I am in. He threatened you. that is assault. You have it recorded.
    12 – Idiot car drivers. they didnt even look the way of the bikers. I feel for you guys on this one. Exact same thing happened to me. LOL its a woman. Same with mine.
    13 – Driver cant keep in his lane from speeding. BUt in all honesty. You guys were speeding too and I bet hug the line on the outside.
    14 – Cars who just pull out. This is the reason I have issues riding anymore where I live. Is this exact issue.
    15 – You guys both pulled onto the roundabout the same time. Your bike just had more acceleration.

    I ONLY did this for a biased opinion. I ride both and have seen both sides. You want to ride like an asshole. I give you no respect. Drive like a motorist and NOT like your on a jet and Ill agree with you EVERY TIME!

  32. In the very first video that stupid biker shouldn't have been in the bike lane he caused that wreck no excuses. Quit making excuses for shity Riders

  33. 6:50 The vet threatens the biker, now I know that the bikers weren’t acting the best, HOWEVER, my great grandfather fought in ww2 and korea and he would NEVER say shit like that. He should be ashamed.

  34. It's none of the second Riders business how a person drives stay the f*** away from Cars no excuses. Motorcyclist are invisible get used to it. All you shity Riders making excuses

  35. Normal human bikers: You almost hit me. No problem, nothing happened. Be Safe!
    Youtube biker: You almost hit me you Muuurdeeereeer!

  36. I like how a fair few of these idiots purposely put themselves in dangerous situation just so they might get a few more views on there dead channels

  37. These wanna be dumbass bikers give all us Real bikers a bad name. 99% of biker accidents are the bikers fault for being a dumbfuck

  38. Those two dudes yelling at the guy who almost hit them are doing WAAAY to fucking much. That old dude should slapped him

  39. What make is that bike @8:58? Anyone know? Who was actually in the wrong there? The first biker stopped because he saw the car coming through, the 2nd biker did he not see or did he push his "right of way"? Did the driver just drive on through and simply didnt see the bikes or not care??? WTH? That should never have happened if everyone was watching out. AND right in front of the cops

  40. some of these bikers are ready to argue I ride so i know what it is like, not everybody can see you if your ok the bikes ok keep just keep riding✌🏍

  41. @0:26 Maybe, if your "Undertaking" a row of vehicles that have stopped, you might take a second to wonder why next time, and show a bit of caution, in stead of riding up the inside at the speed limit. I know it sounds weird, but the street's of towns and city's aren't your own private race track. The one thing that all these kinds of videos have in common is most of the rider's(???) can't ride for shite, and that the road belongs to them, I, and in fact most of the rider's I know, don't seem to get anything like this kind of trouble when we go out, we have fast bike's and we ride them to their limit at every opportunity, what we don't do is look for footage, ride like cunt's, or think that we are invincible, in the right or not, you will come off worst in an fight with another vehicle, the road, any solid or stationary object, and about a million other things, I've come off on a track literally hundreds of time's, on the road, only twice, but then I've only been riding for 44yrs, neither was my fault. I still rip it up just like I used to, but I still use my fuckin head every time I go out, some of the new crop of rider's are "THE"worst I have ever seen, and most of those with "L" plates should not be on the road, no wonder death's are up. Use your fuckin head's, before you don't have one to use.

  42. Biel299 that's not "Filtering" that's just bad riding, and if you did the "Pistol Fingers" at me, I would have bit them off at the neck.

  43. half of them are 100% bikers fault. passing between 2 cars that are in their lane…or not stopping to someone passing the road while he goes with max 20 kms per hour or the other one that someone makes a turn and keeps his lane (right one the correct one )and biker has like 20 meters to turn his bike 1-2 degrees to go left and NOT BETWEEN LANES? are u kidding me?This bikers need to have their licence taken…ASAP. AND THEN TALKING BACK TO THOSE PPL??? This is pathetic.

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