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When Did You Start Shaving Your Legs? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to Ask GCN Anything, and this time, it’s our first time as the new presenters, flying solo. – It is, we’ve been let loose, and no one’s holding our hand today. – So we thought as a way to help you get to know us better we’d start
with Yu_Lock’s question. He writes, when did you
start shaving your legs? – Well, I actually didn’t
start shaving first; I started waxing. I only ended up waxing once,
though, and I kind of reverted to shaving; it seems to
be much less painful. I don’t know, what do you think, Chris? – Well, I started shaving my legs in 1999, which is a long time ago, because all the shiny bike
magazines had pictures of the riders with these
immaculately muscled smooth legs and, of course, I wanted
to be a pro bike rider, and the easiest and
quickest way to look like a pro bike rider was to shave your legs. – And Ollie? – I think I started shaving my legs before I started shaving my face. In fact, I still shave my legs
more than I shave my face. – Yeah, I don’t shave my
face, so just the legs. – But, yeah, I mainly do it just ’cause it’s for an aesthetic thing. – You just wanna look cool, right mate? – I just wanna look pro. – Yeah, basically. – Basically, don’t we all? So, anyway, we’ve been
through all of your comments and picked out some of our favorites. And if you’d like us to
answer one of your questions, then make sure you
comment below this video and get in touch using
the hashtag #TORQUEBACK, which is on-screen now. – T-O-R-Q-U-E. – Yeah, that’s how you spell it. So the next question, and
our major torque-ing point, for this week’s Ask
GCN, is from Kara biner, and Kara biner has
written, what to buy first? A power meter, a head unit, or di2? – I’d definitely rule out the di2 because whilst it will look
cool and it’ll feel great, it’s not actually gonna make
you any faster on your bike. – And I personally would
rule out the power meter, so where does that leave you, Ollie? – Well, I think the head
unit is the best way to go, you know, I think that’s
where we’re goin’ with this. – Pretty much, yeah. – I think we all agree. – I think a power meter
is a really useful tool in helping you get faster, and you can link up a power
meter to a smartphone, particularly if it’s got a
bluetooth connection with it, and it’s a more modern power meter, but it’s not gonna be as useful as having the power data right in front of you on a head unit. ‘Cause that’s where they’re
really useful, isn’t it? – Yeah. – Cost-effectively, the head unit, you’ll be able to do a
lot more with it sooner than you would with a power meter. – Yeah. – So I think we would all say is the first thing to buy would be the unit. – ‘Cause you can see
how fast you’re going, and to get the most
out of the power meter, you’re gonna wanna use a head unit, so. – Exactly. – Head unit, all the way. Next question is from Dominic Sarmen, and Dominic writes, my back wheel squeaks on my magnetic trainer, what should I do? – That’s a good question, Dominic. – It could be anything, couldn’t it? – It could be a few things, so where’s the squeak coming from? Is it coming from your hub and the axle where it attaches to the trainer? Or is it coming from the tire? Once you’ve narrowed it down
to where it’s coming from, you can kinda work on the solution, so something like a
silicone spray may help get rid of any dry squeaks, or change the tire maybe. – Yeah, I mean, not much
more to add to that. What do you think, Ollie? – I think what we’re
assuming, that the squeak is only happening on the turbo trainer because that’s what you said, and yeah. – That’s a fair point,
it could be your cleats, it could be kind of
anything, so make sure it is the kinda trainer that’s
causing the issue. – I think the key thing
whenever you have a squeak on your bike, and we’ve
got a video on squeaks on bikes and stuff, and noises, and it’s to just do a
process of elimination thing, and eliminate everything
one by one if you can and then try and find the source. – Do what I do, if in doubt,
give it a quick spray. – Just lubricate it. – When is GCN coming to Italy? This is from 007matbon, and… – Look, he’s a secret agent. – The answer, it could be, couldn’t it? Maybe he’s after
information that, you know, we’re not able to release. The answer from GCN is one step at a time, but, hopefully, at some
point in the future. – Yeah, I think, you know. – How’s your Italian? – Ah, I mean it’s something that, I think I’m gonna have to learn. – Ollie, do you speak Italian? – Sì. – Oh cool, there we go. – My Italian is about the same level as Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds. – Which is pretty awful. – So our next question, I
really like this question, is from Drew Sander, and Drew writes, in terms of handling and steering, is there a disadvantage
to using a head set with spacers and a positive
stem angle on a race bike versus a slammed stem
on an endurance bike, assuming each combination would result in the same level of stack? Do spacers and/or a
positive stem angle impact on how the front end of a bike handles? What do you reckon, Opie? – Well, absolutely, it will
impact on how it handles because it impacts your
weight distribution on the bike, so what you
want to do is ideally aim from somewhere that you feel
comfortable and confident and then once you get down to choosing between the two bikes, well, you need to decide what you’re
gonna use the bikes for, so if you’re gonna be racing, then you’re gonna want
the slightly racier bike, but then perhaps with
a positive stem angle because that will give
you the better handling for the application that
you’re using it for. – Yeah. – Yeah, I think it also
depends on what kind of frame you’re using. If you’re using a narrow
frame or if you’re using a fairly lightweight climber’s frame, as to what kind of angle you wanna sit at, whether you’re gonna be doing
more climbing than sprinting or more flatwork or more arrow work, so, I think that kind of
also makes a difference. – Yeah, I mean personally,
my take is on it, with regards to the endurance bike, if it’s gonna be slammed,
it’s gonna look cooler than having a load of
spacers and an upward stem, I mean that isn’t as cool, is it? – Maybe not as cool, but if
that’s more work for you. – So I would go for
that, but also, in fact with the endurance bike, the
position might be the same, if you’ve had a bike fit, and
you’ve got the stack the same, but the endurance bike is
likely to have a longer rake and also a bit more front center clearance and a longer wheel base, so… – Is that a technical term there, Ollie? – Yeah, it’s gonna mean
that there’s more stability with regards to handling, and
it’s gonna handle differently in that respect, so if that’s
something you’re looking for, then factor that in as well. – Yeah. – I mean personally I’d probably
go for the endurance bike stacked with a slammed stem. – Make it look good,
high and tall for battle. – Yeah. – If you look good, you feel good. – Yeah (laughs) it’s
morale, morale on the bike. – I’m not gonna be fast, so… – Might as well look fast. So the next question’s from Greg Genna, since all of the presenters
have numerous road bikes, some with disc brakes and some with rim, how do you decide what
to ride on a given day? Also, how hard is it to
go between bikes with rim and disc brakes, considering
the difference in braking feel? So, I’m not the best kind of
person to answer this question, as I haven’t yet… – Yet. – Yet ridden a rode bike with disc brakes, but these two are very capable
of answering this question, especially, I think, Chris. – Yeah, so you know what, if
I was gonna go ride my bike in Holland, alone, where it’s flat and I don’t particularly
have to slow down in a hurry, I’d probably just take
my rim bike, you know, it’s low maintenance, real easy to throw in the back of the car or
whatever, and that would be fine, you know, it’s a different looking bike, it’s used for that application
because it’s not, you know, not important to stop that
quickly if there are no hills, however, if I was to go on my
bike in a group where I live in the UK, where it’s pretty hilly, I would certainly take my
disc bike because, well, discs are better, they are
more controllable on the whole, especially with the
different weather conditions that we get in the UK, which
are generally quite wet, slippery, and I just really like the look of a disc brake bike. – Yeah, I agree, I think,
for me, disc brakes, if I’m ever in hilly
terrain where I’m gonna be going uphill and descending, especially if the
weather’s gonna be rubbish, but even in the dry, to be honest, I prefer descending on disc brakes, then I’m gonna pick a disc brake bike, the brakes are much better,
I would still like to ride a rim brake bike, especially
if it was like a hill climb or something because it’s still
lighter, it’s that we know, weight’s important in that kind of event, so I’d opt for a rim brake
bike in that scenario. – Have you openly admitted to wanting to do a hill climb season, Ollie? – We can sort that out, we can definitely sort that out for you. – Well, I’ve def done one before, but anyway, yeah, I enjoy hill climbs, but the other part of the question, which is considering the
difference in braking feel, how easy is it to swap between the two? I think you kind of
learn both and you just, it’s quite easy to swap between the two, but disc brakes do perform much better. – I mean, the levers feel
differently in your hands, so the second you’ve got
different levers in your hands, your brain’s swapped,
it knows that you’re not on the rim bike when you’re
on a disc bike, for example. It’s just a sensory thing,
and you’re really aware of what you’re riding,
and you just adjust. – Yeah. – So, out of interest, what would be your preferred out of the two? – Oh, I’d go for discs every time. – If I could only have one. – Only have one bike. – Disc. – Disc, disc it is, there’s your answer. – Lois Rosas has written in with, hi GCN, I have poor eyesight; how can I wear cool
sunglasses, any suggestions? This is a great one for me because I also have to wear glasses, and I use contact lenses,
which work pretty well for me, but I know that’s not everyone’s thing, so you could consider having
prescription lenses made, I know that Rokr or Oakley, for example, they make prescription
lenses that you can use. Laser eye surgery, for the extreme. – Yeah, I think it comes
down to your own preference, do you, you know, do
you like and do you feel any day comfortable wearing contact lenses or would you prefer to go
to prescription lenses? So it’s kind of up to you, but there are, you know, factories out there that do supply prescription
lenses for sports glasses. – Yep, it’s plenty of choice. – Yeah, and Joe Dombrowski, as well, for EF Education First Cannondale. – Presented by Drapac. – Yeah, pro rider, rides
in the pro Peloton. He had massive prescription
lenses put into his sunglasses. They’re really thick,
so even if you’ve got quite a big prescription, is that the right term for it? – That is the right term, I think. – Yeah, could be, you’re
the doctor, Ollie. – Then, yeah, they can still
do prescription glasses, so. So, the next question
is from Edwardo Google, and Edwardo writes, what is the best way of increasing your stamina for
a short, but not too short, sprint holding an average speed of around 30 plus miles per
hour on the flat for a minute? – I would kind of, you
know, look at repetition. The way you’re gonna get
better is by practicing it. So if you can put some 30
seconds to a minute efforts into a training ride, and
then the more efforts, the better really, until
you kind of, you know, feel comfortable, but I
think, it’s the main thing is repetition and just
practicing, doing many efforts. – You’re quite fast, aren’t you, Chris? – Yeah, definitely, so you wanna
help yourself a little bit, try and get yourself a run
up, get into the right gear, get as aerodynamic as you
can as well on the bike, it’s gonna make a big
difference, but like Hank says, you know, six reps in a training session of around 30 to 60 seconds will
absolutely help you power up and then you just need to
focus on the other bits, which was, as I said before, the aero. – And I think there are some
videos out there about… – We definitely have some training videos. – Some sprinting videos to help you in getting the maximum
out of your effort, so. – So the last question for this week, Preston Yardley, hey, I have
a great question for GCN, do pro riders have any
tricks on getting good sleep during stage races, like how do you solve restless legs in hotel rooms? – Man, that’s a good question because everyone kind of
does something different, whether you’re wearing compression socks or you’re elevating your legs, a lot of pro riders lie on their beds and stick their legs up on the wall, and, I mean, do ice baths work? – You could have an ice bath, I mean. – That’s a question for you, Ollie, there? – If it was hot. – I think the jury’s out on that. – The jury is out. – There’s a lot of, the
jury’s out on a lot of things, whether it’s compression,
you know, massages, cool down rides, everything,
but a lot of people do these things because they do feel that they psychologically help, and placebos are massive,
so just do anything, whatever relaxes you,
whether that’s, you know, reading a book, I guess, or
listening to music, yeah. – As Brad did, he liked
to kind of sit in his room and listen to music and chill
out that way, so, you know, it’s personal preference again, really. – You just need to kind
of unwind from the stress of the day because the end of a bike race can be quite stressful. You need to shut off
from the cycling world and, you know, maybe
talk to someone at home, talk to a mate, music, TV, films, films is quite a popular
one these days, you know. – Especially Netflix and all
that kind of stuff going on, but YouTube also. – Yeah, YouTube’s way better than Netflix. – Yeah, I think so. – Yeah. – I think I’d stick with YouTube. – Basically anything
you do at home to relax, a pro rider will be doing
in the hotel room as well. – We hope you found this edition
of Ask GCN Anything useful, and if you’ve got any
questions, don’t forget to use the hashtag #TORQUEBACK
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