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When Does Mountain Biking Become Art? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 155

When Does Mountain Biking Become Art? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 155

82 comments on “When Does Mountain Biking Become Art? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 155

  1. So when does Mountain Biking become art? Is it the rider? the bike, the trail…or an interaction of all 3? Leave your answers below 👇


    Thought it might be a dirt shed show challenge it is bike related 😉 😀

  3. A bike becomes art when there isn't another 50,000 made just like it , Art is in individuality , But lets also say that some riders have a riding style that could also be called art. As nobody rides and tricks quit like they do

  4. Please, please, please loose the Mario Cart background music.
    PS: Where do I get the Cheese Grips, there was no links below.
    Great show, YEOW!

  5. Hi guys, I have just got a giant trance 1 and it has SRAM guide r brakes, they aren't the best I have used, what would you guys recommend ?

  6. Hello GMBN
    What's going on ere then !!
    There was a survey for splodge or click !!!! Madness !! No splodge clicklynes amalgamation ! preposterous!! 😂

    Thumbs up for lil Dan Lloyd ! 🖒🤙

    @ caption contest
    My Mister and my Duncle did gone say it would keep my faces all warm what with all this snow.

    (Mister = mum sister Duncle =dad uncle)

    Cheers !

  7. @globalmountainbikenetwork I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (DDD) in my lower back from L3 to S1 about 3 weeks ago. The specialist says no more mtb'ing for me which is pretty devastating. Apparently road biking might still be ok as it isn't as jarring (but so frikken boring). Perhaps you could do a video on lower back pain, seems very common to cycling, and explain the possible causes. I was just told to get a bike fit, do chiro / physio but nobody recommended getting x-rays or an MRI. If the pain is there for longer than 3 months better to check it out properly.

  8. I’m about to do my dofe and am looking for some clip in shoes however I usually ride flats and was wandering if there are any shoes that a compatible with flats and clip in? Thanks love the channel by the way

  9. Neil I was at Martin's talk at the bike show on Sunday he was ripping it out for you for being boring! Bit harsh if you ask me..

  10. You need to send that video of the kid singing hacks and bodges to Neil and tell him to stop being a bugger and that’s why he should sing it with everyone!! Lol

  11. 12:15 Hi, just gonna put this down here. There's a cycling product called a "Safety Pizza". It's a large reflective panel you place on the back of an urban or road bike to be seen by traffic. It comes with reflective crust and toppings (reflective mushrooms, cheese and pepperoni). I'd drop a link, but youtube blocks those, so just google "Safety Pizza" and it'll come up. So you're not too far off the mark here…

  12. Hi guys I’ve heard that deflating your tyres after every ride than pumping them back up next time you want to ride is better for your tyres

  13. 25:15 My bike is 3 years old now and I still have the red cover on the front axle of my fox fork

  14. Hi… im raphael marzan from the philippines… the one who hit the tree after the first drop.. hahahahah… im fine… hahahaha… dont know who sent the video but thats ok… hahahahha… just laughing so hard seeing my crash using that pivot… hahahahaha….

  15. I had to come back and find this video after the cheese grips made a comeback in Blake's latest Crankworx video haha! 6 months later….what is that smell?

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