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Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

100 comments on “Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

  1. Rhet, a former engineering student, can tell you about the function of the cerebral cortex but not thermodynamics? Gold

  2. I love this video but the Abus is the worse helmet because impacts when riding a bike are only going to last a moment meaning you would want your helmet to crush decreasing how fast you stop cause you head to be intact. Also that's why cars have open space in the hood and why the use light parts so that when you get into an accident the car crumples and slowed down how fast you stop reduce the Gs put on you keeping you alive. Still great video though

  3. In my neighborhood when I leave my home for a bike ride this family chase me with swords and I normally pedal away as fast as I can, so I bought this abus helmet and just peddled at a normal pace because of the fact it was so strong to swords, but this time they just stabbed me in the face and I needed to get 30 stitches

  4. I* dont think anyone should look at such an inaccurate ""test"" to choose their bike helmet sense most of the test were either unfair towards some of the helmets or straight up had nothing to do with what a bike helmet is made for

  5. I guess I maybe never heard it aloud before but do other people pronounce it like Poh-toh-mick? I've always thought it was Pot-o-mac.

  6. Guys, i love you, but you cant exclude one helmet after failing one test, you have to go through all of them so you have all the data. Sorry, thumbs down.

  7. 参考にならないな。

  8. Audience: wait but this doesn’t make any sens-

    Rhett and Link in unison: *Slaps Ikea Table* SCIENCE IS SCIENCE.

  9. I had 3 fractures to the skull by the time i was 8, the skull is the strongest helmet for a reason.

  10. I’ve never had a problem with my head “cooking” in the sun while biking and biking is my main method of transportation

  11. With the 4×4, police and paramedics actually deal with that a lot, but real brains and it probably looks very similar. 🤮🤮

  12. I have a bell helmet and the steak test had me worried then I remembered the temperature where I live has went over 100°F only 3 times in 25 years.

  13. Looking at the design I feel like the Lennox might have fared best on every other test. They should have kept all the helmets for each test and done a point system for best instead.

  14. "These kids are tough they stay up on the bikes. I've never seen it before…never happened like this."
    😂😂 Paul was absolutely hilarious 👍

  15. Reminds me of my mom's bike crash. You should've seen how torn the helmet was. Imagine if that was her actual head

  16. Wow they actually knows how to hold and swing a sword and he didn't hold it like a baseball batt wow…he had leverage and proper edge alignment

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