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Which Components Do The Pros Use? | 2018 World Tour Cycling Tech

Which Components Do The Pros Use? | 2018 World Tour Cycling Tech

– So it’s a competitive
market for sponsors and brands inside of the Palatal So let’s take a look at the
18 teams of the UCI world tour and check out what important
components they are using for the 2018 season. (competitive tech music) First up is the all important transmission so let’s take a look and see who’s using what levers and shifters and
we’ll bring you the stats. So Shimano on the bikes
of the world tour teams (gears spinning) or at least their levers and gears do. That’s 14 out of the 18 teams. Second most popular transmission
choice is with Campagnolo and the super record EPS levers and gears. Teams using that for
2018 are LOTTO-SOUDAL, MOVISTAR TEAM, and UAE TEAM EMIRATES. There’s just one team remaining. Can you guess? OK well, I’m going to give
it to you if you can’t. It’s team KATUSHA-ALPECIN. They’re using Sram Red
eTap levers and gears. Next up: saddles, obviously, an ultra important choice for a pro rider who is riding tens of thousands
of kilometres per year. A poor choice can wreck a season, perhaps. So, let’s take a look at who’s using what. So, fi’zi:k, they’ve got five teams using their saddles for 2018. That’s MOVISTAR TEAM, TEAM SKY, TEAM LOTTO NL-JUMBO, AG2R LA MONDIALE, AND FINALLY, BMC RACING TEAM. Prologo, they also have 5 teams. So matching fi’zi;k. That is FDJ, TEAM EF EDUCATION FIRST, BAHRAIN MERIDA, ASTANA,
AND UAE TEAM EMIRATES. So Specialized and Selle Italia They have two teams
each using their saddle. First up for Specialized is BORA-HANSGROHE AND QUICK-STEP FLOORS. And for Selle Italia, we have LOTTO-SOUDAL and TEAM KATUSHA-ALPECIN. Following brands, they
just feature on one team. And that is Bontrager on TREK SEGAFREDO. We have Giant on TEAM SUBWEB GIANT. Astute saddles, they
are used by the team of TEAM DIMENSION DATA. And finally, MITCHELTON-SCOTT, they perch themselves on
top of a Syncros saddle. Finally, let’s take a
look at power meters. Yep, they feature on virtually
every single bike here. There are few people who aren’t using it, but on the whole they are
there through and through. Let’s go and take a
look because that market has changed quite a bit in recent years. So first up, we’re going
to take a look at SRM. And for a long time, they
were the only power metres, generally, that we see on bikes. However, things have changed. New brands have entered the market. For 2018, there are four squads. So they have AG2R LA
MONDIALE, BAHRAIN MERIDA, LOTTO-SOUDAL, AND TEAM EF EDUCATION FIRST. Back in 2017, Shimano revealed their R9100P power meter. And in doing so, for 2018, they’ve taken majority
share of power meters. The following squads
are using them for 2018: BMC RACING, FDJ, TREK
brand of Power2Max. They’re featuring on three of the bikes on the world tour this year. That is UAE TEAM
EMIRATES, ASTANA PRO TEAM, and finally, MOVISTAR TEAM. Now Specialized. They appear to be
sponsoring a couple of teams this year as well, and naturally, that’s the team that
they provide bikes to. So, the teams of BORA-HANSGROHE and QUICK-STEP FLOORS. We don’t actually know very
much about this power meter. And on first look. It does look simply like a
4-I unit, an existing company, but just with a Specialized
branded plate on there. But we’ll have information
on that as we find out. The team of former world
champion, Mark Cavendish, TEAM DIMENSION DATA of course. They’re the only team using
Rotor’s 2IN power meter. Now Pioneer, they remain on the bikes of TEAM LOTTO NL-JUMBO for 2018. As do Stages on the bike of team SKY. And finally, Quarq, they are the supplier
for team KATUSHA-ALPECIN to provide feedback to
both riders and coaches. Now I hope you’ve enjoyed
that little snoop-around. I’ve been doing though the pro bikes to see what they’re using for 2018. Let’s me know your favourite
brands of those products in the comments down below. Keen to read those and get
stuck in with one another. Now finally, remember to
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how about down here for some tech we found here down under. And down here, take a look
at Peter Sagan’s pro bike.

58 comments on “Which Components Do The Pros Use? | 2018 World Tour Cycling Tech

  1. 1:35 is an Sworks power not a Fizik. You can see it says fact on the rails. Maybe not the best choice to show that sky use Fizik

  2. Ahh boys, 1 thing to point out. When you said fizik saddles and there is that shot of Team sky’s bike. The saddle in that shot is a specialized S-works Power saddle. Not a fizik

  3. Money talks…….Besides providing free product, sponsors also provide a truck load of money to their sponsored teams. No wonder Shimano has locked in almost 80% of the teams.

  4. Funny so few teams use spec saddles! I ride more miles then any pro rider and find their saddles to be superior to all others in comfort and longevity. Sucks to be a pro 🤷🏼‍♂️🤪

  5. Lets hear about the 3T Strada with Aqua Blue team. They have done a few races with no reviews of the bike anywhere on the net.

  6. It would have been even better if it mentioned subsidiaries brand to highlight wide endorsements (Syncros = Scott, Bontrager = Trek, Pro = Shimano, Fulcrum = Campagnolo…). Katusha is fully SRAM endorsed as they own ZIPP and Quark as I remember

  7. What gear pro teams are using is SOLELY dependent on sponsorship! Nothing to do with quality etc, so of NO USE to us amateurs… This type of video is only to appease sponsors…

  8. Surprised only 1 team is using sram! $$ talks I guess .. I don't use the new DA or Red etap, but much prefer the look and style of sram

  9. Got to say that its always nice to see some beutiful Campagnolo still in the peloton. Just the clean lines of it look lovely. Got to say that the power to max look a lote more intigrated than SRM does. Althrough would be interesting to see if Team Sky are using the duel sided power meters from stages instead of just the single sided ones. Sadly never gonna ride Super Record/ Dura Ace but glad that the tech from both will trickle down to Ultegra/ Chorus which are slightly more affordable. Good work Jon and keep it up, though tyres and wheels would be very interesting to see plus some indepth on pedals. Always a very diverse one there.

  10. Shocked about the lack of SRAM as others say. I would definitely use Red eTap myself. Even if I am a japanophile, that fully wireless setup is perfect.

  11. That's a lot of information packed into 4 and a half minutes. However I can't help but think the video would be at least an hour long if 'EF Education First Drapac Powered by Cannondale's' team name wasn't abbreviated every time…

  12. They use what they are given. I wish I could say that. That said, I don't use what the pros use because it's expensive. As for power meters, screw em. Who really needs a power meter? Not me because I'm already bad ass.

  13. Also, we need to come up with a shorter nickname for EF Education First etc…
    They really tried their best to make it the longest name in the pro peloton 😂

  14. Been riding for years, and have used Campy and Shimano on countless bikes, I have always prefered Campy but couldn't get the EPS battery into my current frame (Venge) so I went for SRAM etap rather than Shimano, and no issues with battery placement/wiring etc. When I built up the bike just over a year ago, nearly every shop I spoke to tried to talk me out of making the purchase for various reasons. One shop worker even told me to avoid etap on account of the cassette being too noisy. And now, to be honest with you, unless Campag come up with something above and beyond in wireless (unlikely), every bike I ride from here on in, will be adorned with SRAM etap or whatever follows it. It really is GREAT! Clean lines, looks fantastic, and it works very well. I guess when it comes to who's riding with whatever groupset etc. in the peleton, money talks.

  15. Hey Jon great work as always! I love all the cool gadgets from group sets to aero parts. I know it’s a more mundane type of tech but maybe you could do a feature on bike security, specifically cafe ride locks….. I along with plenty of club riders leave bikes outside cafes with absolutely no lock! We are a trusting bunch but are we naive? No one wants to ride their super light weight aero bike with a big chunky heavy lock!!! What are the options?

  16. Can gtn come to a iron-man in South Africa pls and can you have a booth where fans can come say hi or buy merchandise thanks

  17. What sort of tires do the pros use for solo training rides? Tubs or clinchers? Are they required to only use the team sponsored tire brand?

  18. Since you’re asking for brands: Powertap might not be sponsoring any team, but they might not need it. They still do reliable products for the cyclist enthusiast that are easy to install and easy to use 🙂 ISM do great split nose saddles too !

  19. Nice to know,who is using what,but unfortunately,most bikes look so damn boring,compared to older bikes!
    The trouble is a massive company called Shima(NO!),has taken over most of the sport,and hasn't got a clue
    about the design of the product.
    Check out their hideous cranks,with the ugly bolts,at the top,compared to Campagnolo's design.
    Nothing stand's out about Shima(NO!) products,and there is no craftsmanship,and heritage compared to the
    great Italian-brand Campagnolo,who despite their small size,punches above it's weight!
    When I recently bought my dream bike,of 100% Italian-built Colnago C60 frame,there was only one groupset,
    that must go on it,without completely ruining the look of the bike.
    Campagnolo Super Record EPS which is awesome,and look's gorgeous,and get's the jealous look's while out,
    whereas when you buy so-common Shima(NO!) Dura Ace,nobody even notice's you,even after spending out
    £10,000 on your bike!
    Hopefully Campagnolo can still compete in the future compared to other brands,as cycling will be the looser.
    What happened to France's Simplex,Huret,etc.
    At least we have some decent teams riding Campagnolo,although Nibali was at Astana,but is not now.
    Aru has gone to UAE,with Martin,and if we had Viviani/Nibali,we could kick SKY's butt!
    Bring back the great Italian teams,as they were good times.
    Movistar and Lotto Soudai,have very good riders,also.

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