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Which Hot Wheels Car Is The Fastest!? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Narrator] This is
Hot Wheels Unlimited, a Hot Wheels production. (cannon softly blasts) (hammer softly thuds) (dramatic music) (track hums) (alarm pinging) (buzzer blares) (car engines roar) (car pings) (tape screeches) (buzzer blares) (dramatic music) (cars pinging) (triumphant music) (animal roars) (hammer thuds) (intense techno music) (track hums) (buzzer blares) (cars pinging) (tape screeches) (buzzer blares) (intense techno music) (cars pinging) (triumphant music) (bubbles popping) (hammer thuds) (rhythmic electronic music) (track hums) (plastic latching) (plastic clicks) (plastic latching) (rising dramatic music) (buzzer blares) (cars pinging) (tape screeches) (buzzer blares) (cars whoosh) (lively electronic music) (cars softly whooshing) (cars pinging) (triumphant music) (quickly beating drums) (hammer thuds) (exhilarating electronic music) (track hums) (buzzer blares) (cars whooshing) (car crashing) (tape screeches) (car crashing) (car thuds) (trombone plays sadly) (exhilarating electronic music) (cars whooshing) (cars pinging) (triumphant music)
(dinosaur roars) (funky electronic music) (plastic clicks) (plastic clicking) (cannon blasts) (car engine roars) (car whooshes) (car whooshes) (hammer thuds) (adventurous electronic music) (bowling pins clatter) (buzzer blares) (car whooshes) (car whooshes) (car whooshes) (engine revving) (dramatic electronic music) (bowling pins clatter) (tape screeches) (bowling pins clatter) (car pings) (triumphant music) (buzzer blares) (car whooshes) (car whooshes) (car whooshes) (car softly whooshes) (engine revving) (car softly whooshing) (dramatic electronic music) (bowling pins clatter) (bowling pins clatter) (car pings)
(triumphant music) (small dog barks) This is Hot Wheels Unlimited, a Hot Wheels production. (rock music) (cannon fires) (rock music)

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