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Whistler Trials Riding Challenge | Doddy Vs Blake

Whistler Trials Riding Challenge | Doddy Vs Blake

– Welcome to my Whistler Trials Challenge. – It’s heavy, but I
wouldn’t go that way Blake. – It’s close. – Here’s one of them and
the other one is looking a bit more casual, not
so race…it’s Doddy. Yes, Doddy VS Blake in
a trials competition. Proper trials rules, so I
don’t want you grinning. – I don’t even know, what is trials? – Okay, section 1 is a teaser. It’s going to let me see
what the level of riding is. – Not very high. – But it might it might test them. Now, what we need to do is
start by going over this log. Down to that next two. Over those two. Round the corner. Along
the log. Over that one with the little drop. Then
you have to get back up onto this log, then you
must ride one short on it two wheels off the end of it. If you don’t go off the
end of it, I’m going to give you a 5, a big fat 5. Are you ready? 3-2-1…go – Go on Doddy, lets see it. – This is exciting. – We’ve got it. – Oh my god, you almost chain linked that. – Nice…Nice – He’s actually doing really well. – He’s actually really good. – He’s actually done this before. – Yes, yes, that’s
sensible…sensible line. Actually Doddy is really good at trials. – Well you’re in trouble. – I am actually in trouble,
I’m a dirt jump dude. – Now you’re in trouble,
now you’re in trouble. – So what, first time out, use it. – That’s two. Three. Make sure you get all the way across now. You’re on 3. You’ve
got one dab left before you get a 5. – How the heck are you so bad? – Oh. My. Gosh. – Defeated. – I was actually, I got to 5. So is that catastrophic then? – You’re on 5. – That’s really annoying. – Good? – Yes, obviously better than him. I’ve actually got goose
bumps now cause this is pretty scary. – This procedure, you can get over that? – Um, no. – Doddy showed a lot of
potential in that first bit so you’re under pressure, but if I was you I’d think about getting through it. – I wouldn’t go that way. – Oh my god! That was full on. – Maybe he should have
taken the slippery stuff off the log for you. See
I’m being nice to you. You were horrible to me. There ya go. – Oh my god! This could be incredible. – He’s straight out. Whoa! – Yeah! That was just
monster truckin dude. – Section two is a race.
It’s these two benches. They’ve both got to go over
one and then over the other. Let’s hope they don’t crash in the middle. 3-2-1 GO! Blakes coming
in hot. Doddy looks good. Oh my god, Doddy just
rode the whole thing. Darn, get back on and go up it. Blakes lining up, Doddy is running at ya. Go on Doddy. Blakes lined
up, he could win this. It’s close. Doddy is the winner. – I cleaned it. – Doddy is the winner.
Doddy takes the win. Sheer persistence won that race. Well done Doddy, that’s a
big fist bump right there for just keeping at it. Blake, good try. – Nice crash. – Okay, so for a win you get zero. – I think my toenails grew longer. – Second place you get
five. That puts both on five with one challenge left. Who’s gonna win the trials contest? Oh my god it’s so tense. You just look knackered. Lads, you need to concentrate
because this is the final challenge. Let’s face
it, it couldn’t be more tense. – Yeah, he cheated. – I don’t cheat. – Blake blew his lead. They
are both on five marks. – I fell off twice and I beat you. – Pay attention. So,
you’ve got one chance left. Whoever wins this, wins the
trials challenge and whistler. You’ll be whistler trials
champion. It’s a skid challenge – Yes, I’ve got a light
bike, I’m lighter than you so I’m gonna skid faster than you – You can rid of those
because, bring her in. – Oh no, no, no, no. – On this. – I’ve got a chance, I’m lighter. – Doddys fast. – He’s gonna vanish cause he’s lighter. – Good. I’m not even
listening. Get on with it. He’s coming, he’s coming,
he’s coming in hot. – Oh I’m gonna beat that
because he had brakes power on. – Wow, you’re microphone is caught. – That was good. – That was brilliant. – That was a good first attempt by Doddy. He set down quite a marker.
Blakes gonna struggle to beat that, to be fair,
and it could be all over. One of the most decorated
Zimbabwe jump riders in history. Here he comes, he’s coming in fast. It’s a huge win for Blake
Sampson. He’s gotta be incredibly happy with
that. That’s so much fun. It’s a win. The judges
pull out the results. Blake Sampsons taken the win.
Doddy how are you feeling? – I feel like a sore loser. – Catch me. Catch me. Catch me. – I’ll catch you. For the
first time, I’ll catch you. I’ve got you. I have got ya. – Oh, he even got me. Yeah! – Well, there ya go.
That’s the whistler trials challenge. Blake is a
deserving champion. Doddy did very well. Now if you
enjoyed the trials challenge make sure you subscribe
to the channel by hitting this big globe in my face.
Blake, what video should these guys be watching? – Road to whip-off. – Road to whip-off. Doddy, have
you got a great suggestion? – Yeah, T aftons pro bike right here. – Right, okay, makes sure you
give us that thumbs up like and we’ll see you next
time when we can think of a silly challenge. – Oh my gosh.

62 comments on “Whistler Trials Riding Challenge | Doddy Vs Blake

  1. B-Have you got me?
    M-I have got you.
    That was an amazing part. Especially the fist raise.
    Blake and Doddy together are gold.

  2. You guys should make more trips to Canada. So many trails to enjoy outside of whistler and n. shore

  3. Hi guys can you tell us what you think of the carrera vulcan 2017/2018, i have one and it feels pritty good over jumps and downhilling. Many thanks guys

  4. See it started off great when I saw Martyn had a stick in his hand, but fell short because he failed to use it on loser of the challenge. Damn it man, you have to make sure they're truly sore losers 😂

  5. I was talking to a YouTuber called the loam ranger and I told him to do a collaboration with you. He told me to tell you to contact him

  6. Watching these again… maan. martyn is really a champ! He has a will of a champion. The accident did not put him down one bit. He is strong, he is capable… So much respect for that guy!

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