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Who Inspires You To Ride Your Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 146

Who Inspires You To Ride Your Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 146

♪ Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ O come all ye faithful ♪ – You know this one
– I know this one. Do I? ♪ On the second day of Christmas, ♪ ♪ My true love sent to me! ♪ A bicycle! No? – What is it? – I dunno. ♪ Five gold rings! ♪ – That’s on the fifth day, isn’t it? Ring, a ring of posies,
a pocket full of tin. – No.
– No? – Do you like Michael Bublé? – Not really.
– Yeah! (blows rapsberry) (yodelling) – Sod it. Sod it. ♪ Here it is, merry Christmas, ♪ ♪ everybody’s having food. ♪ (blows bottle) – That’s nice. That’s not annoying. (blows bottle) I’m so jealous you boys are having drinks. It’s doing my…
– Do you want one? – Do you want one?
– No, I don’t drink. I don’t drink. I don’t drink.
– You don’t drink? – I don’t drink. – Am I male? – Yes. – Do I have blonde hair? – Yes. – Am I movie star? – Yes. – Am I a tough guy in a movie? – Yes. – No. – Am I a man? – You’re a male. – Is it a cylist? – No. – Am I a man? – Yes. – Bicyclist? – No. Bond, used to be. Male and I’m a movie
star and I’m not tough. So, have I recently been in a film? – No. – Oh, sheesh. – Am I a movie star? – Yes.
– Yes. – Movie star? – No. Am I old? – Yes.
– Yes. – Am I dead? – No.
– No. – Am I in Star Wars? (laughter)
– Yes! – Am I Luke Skywalker? – No. – Am I infamous? – Yes. – Because of something bad. – Yes.
– Yes. – Adolf Hitler? – Oh no. – I’m Donald Trump. – You are Donald Trump. – You are Donald Trump. – Hang on, it was my go. – Yeah. – I’m Kylo Ren. – No. I’m super old. – We didn’t say he’s super old. – Supa! – Is he German? – No. – Austrian?
– Almost. – No. – Am I Arnie Schwarzenegger? – No.
– Almost. – Princess Leia? – No. – Jar Jar Binks? (laughter) – [Cameraman] You look like him. – So I’m not German, I’m
not Austrian, I’m not, am I Swiss, Swedish? – You are Swiss. – And I’m a movie actor. I’m from… – Uh-huh. – And I’m super old. – I didn’t say super old. – Old. – You said old. – Am I Han Solo? – No. – Am I Chewbacca? – You’re Chewbacca, yes. – Am I double barrel Ned? – You’re actual name isn’t
but with your nickname added. – Am I Bugs Bunny? Am I Hugh Hefner?
– Yes. – But you know this person? – It’s been sat in the ******* seat. – It’s been sat in this ****. – Am I Blake Sampson? – No, he’s Swiss. – Am I Doddy? – No
– He’s Swiss. – Am I (squeaks) guy? – [Cameraman] You don’t know him. (laughter) – You don’t have his name? – It’s totally gone off my head. Fuppin heck he lives… – It’s on your head. – You know…
– You’ve forgotten. Is that what you’re doing? – It’s on the end of my tongue. Just double tap one of his IGs. Am I Han Zoo-lee? Han’s right? – Han’s right. – [Cameraman] No way. – It’s not what he read, movie star. (laughter) Really old. (beep) It’s the Friday before Christmas. We are getting into a seasonal spirit. – Yes we are.
– Literally. We’ve got some great stuff coming up. It is, – [All] The Dirt Shed Show!
(rock music) – But we have got lots of
things to talk about this week. But I’m quite excited
about our topic this week because it’s been
brought to our attention, these ads that are going around, – Yes. – These young talent heads, they’re weird. They don’t seem to have anything to do with mountain biking. – No. – But we think that they are. – Somethings going on.
– Well, it’s young tongue, which
obviously means YT. – It’s YT isn’t it?
– I actually like their the nun who does
– She is pretty crazy. If you haven’t watched
them, do click on them. And, go and watch these videos because they are very inspirational. – Yeah, and you didn’t mishear us there. Neil did say a nun who does drag flogs.
– Ah Yes. – Along with a gangster
who walks puppy dogs. – Yeah. – A Skateboarder, a crazy
downhill skateboarder. – And a lady cage fighter. – And a lady cage fighter. – That works in an office. – Honestly, this has got
to do with mountain biking but it’s all very inspiring. – New teammates thing for Aaron Gwin? – Ha, that’d be amazing. – I don’t know what it is yet. – Maybe Aaron Gwin’s
changing sports, who knows? But you’ve got to check these things out. They’re really interesting and
we think, we’re pretty sure, though we did ring and
didn’t get an answer, that there is something
coming from Whiting. – There is something coming. – Some sort of new launch. So you got to keep your eyes on this but, it did get us thinking
about this week’s topic. Who and what inspires you? I think who inspires you
pretty good, isn’t it? – Yeah. – Because people are pretty
special in these videos. I, sort of, afterwards,
felt really inspired. So, I was wondering lads, who’s
inspired you guys to ride? What’s got you out there? C’mon Blake, give us a name. Who could we go and look at who’s gonna wanna ride our bikes? – Cor, there’s a few big
names I do like to look up to. – Oh. (laughter) (test tone) – Yes. – Who? – Myles Wright. (laughter) – I’m gonna come back to you because I don’t think
you’ve got one ready. Alright, Neil, anyone who we
could look at who’s inspiring. Gotten you into the sport. – For me, it was always BMX’s. Partially, I’d think about
Brian Foster, Matt Hoffman. People like Jamie Bestwick as well. And someone who was in the news this week, Kevin Robinson, one of
those original vert riders. – Yeah.
– Yeah, passed away yeah last weekend. Tragic, tragic news. But he was one of those guys that definitely inspired me as well. Definitely Jamie Bestwick
and definitely Matt Hoffman. But I would have to say, I come from motorcycle trials. There was a guy who I used
to love called Jordi Tarrés. He was the world champion of the time when I was in the sport in 1987. Went on to win lots of titles. Really impressive guy and
what I liked about him was, he was a little bit like our man Gwin now. – Hmm. – Just precision just always
made it look effortless. Just like, on a rainy day
when everyone was struggling, he manged to beat
everyone and he was just, he was that guy, the sort
of Gwin of the sport. – Actually, I find Tony Bou. Nowadays, you see him all on Instagram. That’s really special
stuff he does, incredible. – Yeah, and they’re all great bike riders. – Yeah.
– Of course, They’re all incredible push bike riders. Tony Bou been out on his E-bike recently. – Yes.
– I’ve seen that. Loved his E-bike trials. Is E-bike trials a new thing? Don’t know but, let us know
out there, who inspires you. Put them down in the
comments section down below. This week it’s hard to run a poll on that, because it’s more of a question. – Yeah, I wanna hear
analyses of the comments. – Yeah, well, answers in the comments. But, we’re gonna put a
poll above Neil’s head. Who looks best this week? Is it me, in my GMBN Christmas jumper? – You look pretty festive. – Yeah. Or, is it Blake in his army hat? That’s not very Christmas-y. – That I’ve worn for like, ages. – Or, is it Neil, in
his Halloween tee-shirt? – Spicy.
– Who looks best this week? Let us know in the poll above Neil’s head. We all know you’re gonna click on Blake just cause he’s wearing your hat, fine! It’s fine. I’m not funny about it.
– It’s a green hat. – Okay, last weeks poll results, and I think this is really
really interesting, actually. Because, we were looking back at who had the most iconic moment of 2017 in the mountain biking season. It was a really tight battle, actually, but here’s the percentages. – Right. We’ll kick off with
Jolanda Neff at one percent. – [Martyn] One Percent for Jolanda Neff? – [Blake] Someone voted. – [Neil] Lots of men. – [Martyn] Augh, harsh, that’s harsh. She won the world’s. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] One percent? – [Blake] Next up, was Nino at 26%. – [Martyn] Nino showing at 26 and that’s for the perfect season. – [Blake] Perfect whips. – [Martyn] Perfect,
that’s not perfect whips. I know that much. But it could be for the perfect season. – [Blake] And then, it
was Aaron Gwin at 34%. And then, to top it off,
always leave Sam Hill 36%. – [Neil] Good! My choice
wasn’t even in there. I have a bit of dang honoured. I thought Lori Brunei
win in the world champs. Second time she’s become. – [Martyn] Boring! – [Blake] Who’s he?
– Boring. He’s up against people who’ve
won it just so many times they just can’t keep count, sorry. Sorry, Lor, your gonna have
to try harder than that. You’ve only won it twice. A few more years, you, probably would have won it enough times. – Alright.
– Three. – But it’s just not now. – A hatch trick can you get neck? – I can’t make it now, but, I think it’s really nice to see Sam Hill, Nino, and Aaron Gwin
all so close together. – Yeah
– Yeah – But, I think we all agree. Sam Hill, worthy winner of all of that. – Definitely.
– Yes. – We’ve got a comment from Perry Jolly. Who says, Bran is seven-x, fifth-win. You should be there above them. – Yeah. Fifth win at Crankworx. Actually that’s true. – That was very good
and that’s it for him. – That would go ahead and Loit
Brunie winning world’s twice. – Not for me. – Rumours, I heard that
he’s, that’s pretty much it. – Aw, for some of that,
yeah, I’ve heard that too. But I don’t believe it, yeah. No just contest, just contests. But, that would be a shame. I hope not, I hope not. Yeah we have another comment, actually, from Perry Joy who says, That’s what you just read. I’m making a habit that. We had another comment that said, from Horizon MTB said. Let’s face it. 2017 will be
remembered for fidget spinners. – Oh My.
– Actually that is… – I have, actually never had
a go with fidget spinner. (guitar rock) It’s time for the news with Neil Donoghue. – Well, some news, this week, is actually some team riders are leaving. GT has put this video out, it’s quite new, I actually said it. Rise are goin so, Brooke
MacDonald, Sam Dell, Anika Byrn are all leaving. Who knows where? Although have heard
rumours I’ve broke north. – Who’s heard rumours about that? – Banish manufacture. What that does leave is
actually Wim and who else. Martin Mays at GT, so I presume they must be settling. – Wow. – ‘Cause then they
weren’t in the building. – That’ crazy. – Their getting rid of Anika Byrton? – She’s not a brilliant season but still. – But she’s brilliant. – She is brilliant. – Aww, Man. They’re nuts. – But it’s never good getting. – They’re nuts. – Getting off a team, is it? You’ve gotta go find another one. – It’s hard. – It’s a hard time. – So silly season has begun. That’s what you’re telling us. – Well also. I’ve seen on
Edit Jackson’s Instagram that he’s hangin’ out at the
Santa Cruz christmas party. – [Blake] I could see that too, yeah. – [Martyn] You don’t
go to Christmas parties If your not just signed for the team. – [Neil] You wouldn’t think so. – You don’t, you don’t, you don’t. – Who knows, we’ll see. – So what Christmas parties are you guys going to? – I’m going to the GMBN one. – Yeah. – I’m going GMBN. And Jack’s going to GNBN. – ‘Cause actually Neil wasn’t invited. Honestly, one of my favourite things to do each week, and I think
these guys will agree, is checking out what you’ve seen saying on the channel.
– Yes. – So let’s have a look at your comments from last week’s–
– Not always to be honest. – No? – They’re quite harsh. – They’re quite critical. – Well it was a hard
week for us, wasn’t it? We didn’t come out of it smelling of roses on the comments.
– Shall I kick it off? – I definitely didn’t. – Go on, yeah, the comments this week. Neil starts off with. – Noobstar, “I try to like Neil, but …” (laughs) “He does not sing with you guys” What’s wrong with him? – He has no voice. – Well you know what, we’ve asked him many times why he won’t sing with us, and his answer has simply been that we’re not very good at it. – I don’t wanna show you up. – And yeah, he has got a beautiful voice. – He has got a single, and it’s not coming out this Christmas. – He’s holding it back. Next comment is from Jesikca Labud, and she says “Hey guys, “I got a challenge for the whole team. Be super nice to Neil for a whole week” – Yes! – “Can you do it? From Neil’s biggest fan” Oh come off it. Honestly, if you saw what
he’s like off camera. – That’s nice. – I think you got some … – You have had a bit of
stick this last week. – Ah, that’s fine, I don’t mind. I’m thick skinned. – He is thick skinned. – And thick. – And thick. (laughs) – Because you are
thick-skinned aren’t you? Because if you get that much skin and you shrink it down to such a height, it does kind of– – That’s quite a dense human body. (laughs) With all that skin. – Right next up from Spen Johansen, says “Why are GMBN so determined to speak “about Enduro all the time? “It’s barely a sport” – Whoa!
– I picked up on this. – And then it says, “Yadda yadda”. – Oh he’s a, “Yadda yadda ozzer”? – No, I put that in. Because, Spen went on for quite a while. – Yeah. – And then he said, and you don’t see the world’s best descenders in Enduro. – Well, that’s not entirely true is it? – That’s what I picked up on. So Sam Hill is in fact– – The best. – Probably the world’s best descender. – On paper, yeah. – So I don’t know why you’re getting on at Enduro for. I think it’s a really great
version of mountain biking, maybe the most– – It brings all kinds
of disciplines into one. – Most applicable to what
the bikes are all about. I think, I think, just saying. – Hey, we’ve had enough of that. I put a few more comments in that. Tomi Saaranen is saying “What is Dan Lloyd “doing in the Dirt Shed
riding a road bike?” – What, this little Dan Lloyd, down here? – A Louie! – Ah, see we put the rat in the GCN set, as a little bit of a gag, because he wanted to get on the GCN show, and he did, and he made a mate! Little Dan Lloyd, he does backflips. Yay! – Well that’s– – So you’ll see him around. Until Dan notices. Ah, he’s really good at him, look. Yay. – Ah stalled it. Can you do double? – Yeah, course he can. Yay! Nearly. Yeah, you’ll see him around the set. He’s on a bit of a tour,
you know, like they do. Keep them away from the old booze though, Dan does like a drink. (laughs) What else we got? We have got Ollie Smith. “Is it me or is Neil just
annoyed most of the time?” (laughs) – That’s like, have you
heard of resting bitch face? That’s what I’ve got. – Yeah okay yeah. – I look annoyed more than I am. – He’s not, he’s a lovely guy. – He’s a very nice fella. – That’s right, not always. – We got one from Heath Douglas-Monks. And he says, “Did Bing Bong
just say G Atherton is hot?” – He did, yeah he did. Last week, he did. – Yeah, he did say he’s hot. Which was a bit weird, and it made us all feel a
little bit uncomfortable. – But we won’t talk about it. – No. – Let’s move on. – Anyway, last week, we were talking about memorable things, WOD Stalker says, “What made my year, two things actually, £making my very first
custom building steel frame” – Yay, wow. That is a good one. – “And vacations in the mountains.” – Perfect.
– Nice. – Sounds like two good things to be doing. – Yes, it does. – That is two good memorable things. – Pnut says, “Why is Blake massaging on “that rat’s bum from
6:37 last week to 8:37?” So for two minutes you gave the rat a backside massage. – Do you know why? – I don’t think we wanna know why. – Because he fell off, landed on his back, and I was massaging his muscle so he could walk again. – It was a vertebrae massage. – It was, yeah. – I see, I see, okay. Nathan Morse says, “Martyn, come on man, “What’s with the hate on the fat bikes? “They’re great tools” – Yeah, what’s wrong with that? – “And they’re getting
people into cycling sports, “embrace the fat bike” Wait a minute, I don’t mind a fat bike. What I’m giving them much hate, and would really say they’re responsible for getting people into cycling? – Possibly, if they’re Eskimos. – Yeah, if they live in a snowy– – That’s not what fat bikes do. – Greenland? – Oh yeah, they’re about
getting people into the sport. No, they’re about people going on trying to something a bit different. And trying out big fat tyres on snow. I mean, basically, we haven’t got any use for a fat bike here. We just think they look fun. – They are. – But they’ve actually
got a use somewhere else in the world. – They have.
– True. – But we just can’t find a reason other than to– – Have fun on one. – Back flops. – Back flops, yeah. – He does back flops. – Okay right, Progression Session, let’s kick it off, this
is has been sent in by Jake Freeman, of his
brother Justin doing, he’s only 12, and he’s doing this local downhill trail, and his favourite one, and he’s progressed on it, check it out. – Let’s have a look. Oh, bit of a drop off. Ooh scary. Coming in. Neil, critique. – [Blake] Look at that. – [Neil] Nailed it. – Nailed it. – Smooth as silk. – Justin, you’ve smashed that. – That is pretty good. – Now that is a good progression, because he had a big old crash on that trail actually, so it’s
hard to get back up, bust Justin, you’ve done it, nice one. – Get back on that horse, exactly. – Yes. – First Try Friday, and this one’s coming from Reese, he’s only 14 from Australia. I do like a good First Try Friday. – Yeah, we do. – What is it? – It’s doing a table. – Nice. – Take a look at this. – Not easy, table flops. – [Blake] No. Quite hard to get good as well. – [Martyn] Here we go. – [Blake] Whoa he holds it. – [Neil] It’s pretty flat. – [Blake] It is flat, hey. – I thought it was pretty good actually. – I think it’s pretty good, that. – It was sort of, it was moving towards a sort of mid 90s style, a little bit. – Steve Gil one. – But it was good. Hey, that’s not a bad thing. – That’s not bad. – That’s not a bad thing at all. Progression Session, great opportunity to have your riding critiqued, but also to show us that you’re
moving on in the sport, so send that in to Dirt Shed at, wanna see your videos. Link’s just there. And of course First Try Friday, if you wanna get one of these. (pops) From Bing Bong Sampson himself, then send us your First
Try Friday attempt, but do an intro, ’cause he gets all funny. – I do, it’s quite hard. – He gets all funny about it, doesn’t he? Aw, there’s no intro, there’s no intro! – Struggle to put them in. – Boys, it’s time for Tech of the Week. – Ooh! – Last week, we had the
brand new Canyon Spectral, this week we have a brand new, another addition from Canyon actually. It’s called the Saved by the Bell. (laughs) The head angle is 3.8% slacker. – I don’t think that’s the head angle. – This is a good brew. – You’re enjoying it lads? – Thanks Canyon. – Should I say, you enjoyed it? – Yes. – That was this week’s tech. There probably was some other tech, but these boys got too drunk, lost it. – Doddy’s not here, so we can do tech. ♪ Hacks and bodges, hacks and
bodges, hacks and bodges ♪ (laughs) – He sort of sang a little bit. Now you, it was nearly the perfect week. – Nearly the perfect week. – Almost. – Thanks Neil. – That was nearly a good Christmas gift for the viewers.
– That was emotional. I was emotional. Oh that, it was great. I enjoyed that, all right let’s go, what we got, Blake, you start us off. – I’m gonna go with George St-t … – Sat-hardis. – Saharis. Is says, “Warning, my last
name is impossible to say” It is.
– You’re right, George, it is. – It is, it is. – Now this week I gotta let you guys in on a little secret. This week’s Hacks and
Botches, they’re ghetto. – Is the bodge week. – Okay, this is the bodge week. What George did was hung his bike on washing line and
called it a bike stand. Yeah. – [Blake] Or he’s just washed his bike and he’s hanging up to dry. – [Neil] Not sure his mum’s gonna be too stoked on that. – Yeah, like I said, ghetto this week. Ghetto, standard. Quite low. – He wants to borrow some gaffer tape. – My one is from Sean Wexman. He spotted this out on
the street, look at this. It’s one of the rustiest, most ghetto looking bikes I’ve ever seen, but it has got an
incredible chain tension, they’re keeping it running.
– Oh it works. – [Blake] Wow. – [Neil] (mumbles) gear like this. – There’s only one thing
left to do with this. Throw it away. – That’s bodge. – Now Oliver Noyse got a Gary Fisher sugar two, with 36 inch wheels, that isn’t the problem. – No! – The problem is, the shock has blown up. (laughs) – That doesn’t look like a coil shock. – [Neil] Yeah, he made that. He welded it. – [Blake] Oh yeah, with bird stuff. – [Neil] I’m sure that’s great. – It is wow, Neil. You shouldn’t throw things. That was a really ghetto. – That’s a bodge. – That was a really
ghetto hacks and bodges, it really was. – What’s that? – What’s this, Blake? – Well I’ve got another one. – It’s Christmas, is it a present? – Yeah, but this is a Hacks and Bodges Christmas special. – Wow. – This has been sent in by Sam– – Farquassen. – Farquassen. All the way from New Zealand. – What? – I don’t even know what it is, so it could be dodgy. – Well let’s take a look. Hopefully it can save this incredibly ghetto Hacks and Bodges. – This is the Hacks and Bodges. – Chaps. – Oh, you can have that. – I’ll read the letter out, sure. What has he got to say? I hope there’s money in here. – Has anyone got? – I love it when people
send us money in envelopes. There needs to be more of that. Okay, it says, “Dear lads, here’s a bit of stuff for you “I made you your very own bike hat. “I hand made replacement
Shemano bleed cut” – Oh, they’re good those. – “With threaded plunger and stand” – Wow. – “You’ll just need to
swap the thread seal “o-ring from”, and some
other technical stuff. “Just be careful not to strip the “threads out of the brake lever body. “Also, just for Doddy, boom, “Stainless steel zip ties!” – Look at that. – Cable ties? That’s for Doddy, boom. – He’s given us– – Also thrown in the box is
some Pedal Punisher stickers. – There you go. – Thanks man, okay I’m having that. Just my little take on
the metal milita craze. Yeah, I get it, got you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stuff, and keep up the good work, would love to see you down here in Rotorua for Crankworx, we would love that too. – Would love to come. Dodgy Sam. – Stacies, it’s DZ Doggy Sam, Dodgy Sam. Dodgy Sam. Man, that’s awesome. – This is awesome. Look at this. – This is like a proper gift. – Ooh my, goodness me.
– It’s amazing. Look at how good this is. – Did that come over here? – Shotgun this. – No, I think that’s going
in the workshop, Blake. – Shotgun this. – Blake, hand it over. – Look at it. – That’s amazing. – It’s GMBN written on it. – It’s got GMBN, there’s a little plug. – That’s a little stand for it. – It’s fantastic, fantastic,
that’s what it is. – Wow, he’s machined that. – I love those funnel things. – Yeah. – Well it’s a really, really– – That’s the best one we’ve ever had. – So Sam, that’s amazing. Thanks very much.
– That is amazing. – Do you know what? I felt like we needed that
to save Hacks and Bodges, because that was proper
ghetto to begin with. – That was nasty, and we come to that. – We’re hanging things on washing lines, and all of a sudden we’ve got machines, little bits of– – Aluminium bits. – That is great. Stunned in silence. Didn’t expect to get that. – That’s pretty damn good. – Caption contest time, take a look a this photo, what do you think of that, lads? Where did the creators
come up with this stuff? – [Blake] Ugh, that’s disgusting. – They’re amazing, aren’t they? That is amazing, that is a great shot. So let’s have your captions for that, you can put it in the
comment section down below, always get my captions
and comments mixed up. – Yeah, yeah, I do. – But you’re gonna put them down in the comment section down below, and you could possibly win a GMBN bottle if you’ve got the best one. But I mean that photo,
is gonna be difficult, because that is an incredible photo, where do they get this stuff? – I dont know. – Brilliant, brilliant. – It is brilliant. – Love that, love that. – Now the title for
this week’s Viewer Edit is actually mountain biking T-Rex. – Mountain biking down T-Rex? – Has that wetted your appetite? – That has wet my appetite. (clicks) Magic. Oh my goodness, there’s a T-Rex driving in the car! – [Neil] Wow. – [Blake] Wow, how did he get in there. – [Martyn] Love it. – [Blake] It’s like Sumo Samn’s pet. – [Martyn] Wow, he’s gonna
find it hard to ride. – [Blake] He’s gonna get
that tail caught, innit? – [Martyn] He got a bit of a wheely going. Yes, yeah.
– Did it? Wow. – [Martyn] Yeah, so we’re gonna take that with a pinch of salt. But tell you what, he’s got some style. – [Blake] Riding with
that thing, that’s crazy. – [Martyn] For someone’s that’s dressed in a rather obstructive suit. – [Blake] (laughs) Where’s his tail gone? – [Martyn] He’s nearly over. (Blake roars) (laughs) This is very good. – [Neil] Oh my– – Whoa!
– Oh, he nearly stacked it! – [Martyn] My God. – [Neil] He was almost extinct. – [Martyn] It skids out. Can we get a long shot? – [Blake] That’s brilliant. – [Martyn] Come on, let’s get some wide, let’s see what you’re riding. What Trail Centre is that? Jurassic Park. – [Blake] Oh! Boom, boom. That’s a good edit! – No, that is a great video. Who was that from? – I’ve never seen the T-Rex. – Liam Lace, Liam, thanks
for sending that in. You’re not gonna need our help to get a million views. But a million more, so two million views, for sure on that. That’s a guarantee, not guarantee. And we really enjoyed seeing it. If you’d like to get your
video into Viewer Edits, these guys have tried and failed. You tried with that vid, didn’t you Neil? You didn’t get it in, and your videos never get in. So if you wanna do it,
beat these guys to it, get a million views, be a superstar, you make loads of money off YouTube, you basically get to go
and do whatever you want. It’s incredible. Send in your Viewer Edit to
us at [email protected], and we’ll watch it and
help spread the love, in terms of views. – Tell you what I could get into, and that is the Fails and Bails section. – Chewy? – Because it’s not unusual for me to fall off my bike. – No, let’s have a look.
– No, no. – Let’s have a look at
the Fails and Bails. – But let’s take a look at
this week’s Fails and Bails. – Whoa!
– Oh. – (laughs) Oh he’s down. – Blackout. – Rule number one. – OTB, like it.
– Oh my flagging no. – Ozzy saying, rule number
one in mountain biking is the (mumbles).
– Run, run! – Still running. (laughs) – There’s a tree there. – Oh no, he’s gonna hit the tree. – There’s a tree, ah! – Oh, that’s a big slam.
– That was good. – Ouch. – Oh, that looks icy. – Oh my wo– – Wow! (laughs)
– Wow! Because that’s super slippery. – She’s literally bobsledding around it. – Oh yeah, here we go. – Okay.
– Oh, hang on. – That’s not working.
– No, he’s saved it. – That is not, oh. – Ooh rocks. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – He’s doing all right. – He’s doing all right. – Brakes, brakes, brakes! (laughs) – Wetty. Send it!
– Oh! – Whoa! – He jumped over two jumps! – Oh my God.
– He jumped over two jumps. – That was a great effort. – I hope that last guy’s all right. – That was bad, that last one. – Wow. – Whoa. Stunned silence in the shed, holy (bleeped out).
– He he all right? Yeah. – That’s a big jump. That is a big jump. Right, let’s take a look at, I think we’re gonna try and move on. – That was it. – To some Insta bangers. What have we got this week? I’m gonna start with,
now I’m gonna be honest, I have (mumbles) this a while back. – [Blake] A number of times. – [Martyn] No, only one time. Ride Cake, it’s an electric bike brand that are coming out right, but there’s a bit of a delay, they haven’t come out yet, I thought
they’d be out by now. Really excited about it. Electric bikes, someone
in my position is fun. They’re not out yet, but I
think it’s getting close. So follow Ride Cake on Instagram, ’cause I think they’re
gonna bring out a bike soon. They keep giving out little snippets. – I’m excited to see what it is. – Some good little vids, check it out. Check it out, I think it’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be cool. – Right, following up on that one, I’m gonna just throw you to Jacob Gibbons, aka Milky, he’s a UK
videographer/photographer, so feast your eyes on all nice eye candy on his Instagram. – [Martyn] Ooh lovely. – And I think you should
all follow eliotjackson if you don’t do already, to see if or not he’s going to Santa Cruz next year. – Oh good point, good point. Right, we’ve got some shoutouts to follow that up with. I’m gonna shout out to a great little clip
here of Kevin Robinson. One of the greatest BMX riders of all time who sadly passed away recently, like we mentioned at the top of the show. But just to show you what an incredible guy this was, check out him doing his double flare X-Games. – [Neil] Amazing. – [Martyn] Just incredible. And his determination comes from, he’s an amazing guy. Sadly missed. – He is sadly missed. Well I’m gonna throw you two. Matt Jones, it’s a vlog of his but he went to Whistler to go skiing, when he was skiing down one of the world’s notorious trail A-Line. – [Martyn] Oh I know it! – [Blake] Seeing it, yep. Seeing him ski through it, I’m like what? – [Neil] That is cool, heaps. – [Martyn] Yeah, I’ve
been down that track. – [Blake] It’s a bit slow, but it’s pretty funny to see him go down it. – [Martyn] Sounds like me. – [Neil] I think you
should check this one out, this is Rob Ford from
a Christmas Mega Train at Chicksands, it’s ridiculous. – [Martyn] Nice. – [Blake] What time is it? – Well, it’s time for a party. (gasps) – Christmas party?
– Christmas? – No, Bike Vault Party. – Oh! – Let’s get into it. Right, first bike we have got in the Bike Vault this week is John Leese. – What is it? – That is– – Wow. – I’m not sure what that is. What is it, Neil? What is it? – I dont know. – Nice. – It’s nice. – It’s nice. – It’s nice, it’s in Massachusetts, so I know that much. – Well that’s nice. – Yeah, nice. – Wow. Nice bike. – I do like seeing the places around the world where people are riding. It’s one of my favourite
bits about the Bike Vault. Let us know what that bike is. Says it’s an XC Expert. – 2000 and something. – Looks like it’s got like a carbon rear chain stay maybe. It’s a giant, is it? – No. – No. – Well we don’t know what it is, John, but it’s very nice. Next bike is from Baily Witson. – Ooh, look at that bike. – In Alabama. – Alabama. – Vitus, Vee-tus? – I like that. – Tell you what, I like
the look of that kicker. – Yeah, look at that jump. – It looks huge. – And that hip right in the bottom. – What are we giving it, lads? – Yeah. – Super nice. – Super nice – Nice Bailey. Right next up. – Oh another Vitus, Veetus. – What? Blaire Simpson. – Hey look, he’s
– Sounds like your alter ego – Duct taped like sun
screen to the top tube. – Do you think Blaire might be ginger? (laughs) – Yeah, particularly. – Well he’s in Ben Nevis,
there’s a good chance. – True, we’ve ridden that trail. – Yeah. – Sulphur nine, it’s pretty rocky. – Yeah, what have we given it?
– Nice. – No, you can’t give– – That’s nice. – It’s nice, it’s nice. – It’s nice. – Although Neil was very rude, so maybe we should honk the horn just to make up for it. – Just ’cause you’re ginger. – It’s nice. Well I’ve got a ginger friend. – Blake, you are ginger. – All right next picture. Ooh, sun flare! – Robert Hartley in Reno, Nevada. – Juan Nevada dee. That’s really nice. – It’s really nice, it’s a lovely shot. – Super nice? – Does look cool. – That’s a very nice shot. – Not sure about the crop but it’s good.
– Super nice. (honks) – Next up, we’ve got a Ghost.
– Oh wow. – In the concrete tree. – Is that a concrete tree? – That is in Hollister, California. I think it’s called Concrete Tree, yeah. – It’s like an old stracked, bike fold, takerer. It’s nice. – What do you think? It’s nice, nice.
– It’s nice. – A lot going on though, isn’t it? – Unusual bike. You don’t see Ghost’s very often. – Not much Ghosts, no. – I don’t, that’s cool. – Don’t see Ghosts very often. – Ey.
– Ey, you got it. – Oh dear. – Ooh that is, I do like that. – Now this is from, I’m not sure how to say your name. Jatiel Michaelson. And and he says that they don’t get enough Evil’s in the bike vault. – We don’t. – We don’t, that is a super. – Evil 29? – We’re making it for it here. – That’s a super nice bike. – What are they called? It’s like the Reckoning, I can’t remember. – I think it’s a super nice.
– It’s a super nice. Super nice. Oh, ergon grips. – Next up.
– Ooh. – And the only information
we’ve got is BH. That’s all I know. – That’s an Intense, not a BH. – Ey. – Well done. (laughs) Well done for making me look a fool. Total fool. – No. That’s super nice. – What are you giving it? Is it? – I like Intense’s to be fair. – Yeah. – I don’t like the blue chain gulf. – No, I’m distracted by that, and I don’t like it. – Okay.
– Oh dear. – A nice. – No, I don’t like the two forks. – Next. – Okay, BH Smit.
– Oh wow. – Silver back solar. In the Western Cape, South Africa. – Ooh, up K that. – They are African brand aren’t they? – That changes it, Blake. – I think so.
– New angle. I think that is, myself
I’d say it’s super nice. – Go on.
– Super nice. Super nice it does. – Ooh I love the colour. – Pierre. – Good shot, Sarah Collinson. – Look at the trees there. – Where is Havoc Bike Park? – I’ll tell you what, that is super nice. – Super nice, yeah. (honks) Super nice. – Oh. – Nukeproof. – Nukeproof. – A fan, South Wales. – Joseph O’Sullivan. That’s near me, that is. I live near there. Yeah, I’m sure that’s Penervalen in the background. – Probably have raced
there loads of times. – Wow, that’s nice. – What we gonna give it? It’s the last bike in
the Bike Vault this week. It’s the last Bike Vault before Christmas. What you gonna give it? – It’s a Christmas, so shall we give him? – Well even better. (honks) – [Blake] Super nice! – Super nice, there you Joseph, you got a pity super nice at the end there just ’cause it’s Christmas. I don’t think it was a super nice myself. – It was super nice, nice. – No, no, you gave him
that out of Christmassy. – It’s Christmas. – That was a Christmassy super nice. You know, and I don’t think he’s gonna thank you for it. – He will. – Let us know Joseph what you think, in the comment section down below. Can you get your bike in the Bike Vault? 2018 might be your year. You probably need to
start sending your bike in 10 or 15 times to get in there, or you might be lucky and we pick it on the day you send it in, you never know with the Bike Vault! It feels great to get in there. I know, because I’ve been in it. – Have you been in it? – I haven’t. – No, have you been in it?
– No. – Doddy’s been in it. – I actually haven’t been in it either. – Doddy’s been in it. – Yeah, but he did a really good job. – He did. – I’m talking too much,
it’s the Bike Vault, you know what it’s about,
send us your bikes! Coming up on the channel this week, we’ve got some crazy good stuff coming. Blake, what you looking forward too most? – Well, I tried a pair of pedals, and I’ve never tried
before on a mountain bike. Doddy teaches me how to ride clips. – Ooh, can’t wait
– That’s a good one. – To see that.
– And then another one where I was hard tail versus Enduro bike. – Ooh. – That’s gonna be an interesting one. – Like a versus video,
I’m looking forward to the new year’s– – We have some good guests. – The new year’s Christmas – Dirt Shed. – Half-post Christmas Dirt Shed show. It’s not a catchy name. – It is. – But it’s an amazing video, definitely worth watching. Some fun was had. Maybe too much fan. – Absolutely. – Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for watching this week, we had a really great time
as always in the Shed, hope you’ve enjoyed it, get involved in your comments down below, we love reading all those, and send us some stuff. Progression Session. – First Try Friday. – Viewer Edits. – Fails and Bails. – Hacks and Bodges. ♪ Hacks and bodges. ♪ Sorry, so yes, we’ll see you next week. But if you wanna see more from us, where should we send them, Neil? – Check over here for
a retro versus modern, where I ride an old downhill bike against some modern Enduro bike. – Oh yeah, I love that retro bike. – It’s a good one. Click down here for a Topique unboxing. – Thumbs up. – Thumbs up,
– If you like it. – Slap in the face in
the subscription button. – I’m gonna open presents now. – Are you? – On Monday. – It’s a bit early, bit early. Innit, just wait really. Bit naughty.

70 comments on “Who Inspires You To Ride Your Bike? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 146

  1. My friend Ronald inspired me to ride a bike. If it weren’t for him I would still be stuck in traffic in a bus. He helped me choose the right one for me. I had a bike when I was 11 or 12, and that day when we bought my Specialized bike he told me to hop on and try it. It had been about 20 years, but I did it! Love you lots Ronald!

  2. The previous year I've been deriving much inspiration and motivation from the folks who ride my local bike park. We ride at Canada's most northern lift accessed trail system, in a community where cycling is very much on the fringes. The emerging skill of a 13 year old young man, the energy and positive vibes of the bike school program lady, the quiet diligence of our trail builder, unbridled enthusiasm of the young bro crowd and a 60 year old man who rides a DH bike harder than most, this place has a collection of characters with a DIY spirit that love to ride flat out. Everyone has their own skill set and enthusiastically helps each other when circumstances call. Its been an enlightening reminder to me that its not just about riding a bike, but the people whom you ride with that is important.

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