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Benefits of cycling
Who says girls don’t ride bikes?

Who says girls don’t ride bikes?

when I was younger winning didn’t come
easily to me I had to develop and I had to grow and I needed people to believe
in me for me to eventually believe in myself honestly in the beginning I would
never expect to become a Paralympic athlete but I think it shows when I
really passionate about something I give always 100 percent. the main obstacles I
faced were at school as a young teenager and a girl going away racing your
mountain bike people just didn’t understand it there was a little bit of
bullying there a little bit girls don’t ride bikes and that just really made me more determined to to prove everybody wrong I was so hard on myself nothing was ever
really good enough for me though that was fire in the belly and I loved the
fear I guess when I enter a group of cyclists they think like oh this is
gonna be very slow ride first she’s female and then she’s missing half a leg
I’m happy to wait for them at the top of the hill if I could go back to my 12
year old self I would say push yourself out of that comfort zone and always do
something that scares you the best advice I can give to youngsters is that
you need to find that one thing that sets your heart on fire if I could give
an advise to my 12 year old me I would say be aware of your power within.
there are always people who would say you can’t you know just prove them wrong
and show them that you can don’t get to caught up about what you look like – you know the image just be yourself don’t care what people think you’ve got to enjoy what
you’re doing look after yourself and look after your body because if the only
one you’ve got we have to love ourselves and look after
ourselves you don’t have to become the best in the world
go out there and be active because it automatically makes you grow in
confidence I believe that’s what winning in life is
it’s not only winning bike races

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  1. Great angles and filming, shared:

  2. WOW!! Great video ladies, super inspiring. I wish I had been told this when I was younger. That girls CAN ride mountain bikes. I would have got started in the sport I love 10 years sooner. Push your comfort zone and do it for YOU!!

  3. Looks like you had fun! Shared:

  4. I'd be picking myself up out of the dirt after 10 yards of some of the downhill courses Atherton flies down. So much respect for her and the rest, whatever their discipline.

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