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Who Will Win The Kona Ironman World Championships 2019? | The GTN Show Ep. 113

– Welcome back to the GTN show, brought to you by Zwift, and literally from Zwift this week because we are delighted
to be in a Zwift pad ahead of the Ironman World
Championships here in Kona. – Yeah, no, we have got
a really exciting show for you this week. We’re going to be bringing you a preview of the Ironman World Championships, as well as some very insightful
thoughts from Bob Babbitt. We’re also going to be taking a look around this setup here at Zwift. We’re going to be talking to the Zwift Academy triathlon team as well as chatting to Tim Dunn. – And that’s not all either, because we have a very exciting
giveaway coming from Kask and we have some real footage of that collab between Fizik and Ventum that was discussed last week. – And I told you this was
going to be a good show Mark, because we also have Indy 500 winner, and IndyCar series champion, Tony Kanaan, joining us for a little showdown on Zwift. (upbeat music) – Okay Fraser, we are
just a few days away from one of the biggest, if not the biggest, race within the triathlon calendar, the Ironman World Championships. – Yeah Mark, it all
kicks off this Saturday in Kailua Bay here on the
island of Kona, Hawaii. 6:25 in the morning, the pro men are going
to get things started. Five minutes later the pro women start. And then at 6:55, the
age group waves start. But this year, for the first time ever, not in a mass start format. In fact, the whole field will split up into 11 separate groups. – Yeah, well let’s take
a quick look through the course that these athletes
are going to be undertaking, cause it’s pretty hard. Now it’s going to start obviously
with the 3.8 kilometer swim, and it’s a deep water start for this swim. It’s pretty much a very simple
out and back, within the sea. And it’s really a great
opportunity for the athletes to split the field up, as we’ve seen Lucy
Charles-Barclay doing in the past. – Yeah that’s certainly
something that happens in the women’s race. And if fact, each year
there’s a swim practice race that takes place here on the island, the week beforehand, and it’s really just a great
chance for a lot of the pros to get involved, and all the age groupers, if they’re racing to just flex
their muscles a little bit, and also get used to the course. And we saw that exact thing
with newbie to this racecourse, Alistair Brownlee, giving that a little bit of a test run. He pushed on hard, and there was five athletes
came some three minutes ahead of the bulk of that swim race. Alistair managed to
get the line kicking on just in front of other uber swimmer, Josh Amberger from Australia. – So yeah, we could definitely
see those two athletes really stringing the field out, if not maybe breaking the field up. Probably along with a couple more athletes that didn’t do the swim practice race. But now on to the bike course, 180 Ks within the furnace
of the lava fields. And now that’s pretty much a one lap bike an out and back to the turn point at Hawi. – Yeah and it is actually
this section of the course that can start to split the race up, as they climb up to
that turn point at Hawi. Not to mention the crazy speeds that some of those athletes can hit with the winds that blow them back down off of that descent. And in fact, if you do want
to learn a little bit more about that section of the course, we have actually just put a video out that talks about some decisive
parts of the Ironman course. – Yeah, you can see that, well we’ll throw to it at the
end of this show actually, and then after that, we’re on to just a nice
casual 42.2 kilometer run. Within the afternoon sun and humidity. And me and Fraser have been
going out for a little jog in the morning and the evening, and I can tell you, even
then, it’s pretty tough. Now Fraser, you’ve actually raced here, well a couple times before, how does it feel getting on to that run, in that sort of heat? – Yeah Mark, to be honest, it is that energy lag that
just breaks so many athletes, me included, the couple of
times I was lucky to be here. It’s just like, well it’s like
a cauldron of heat in there. And to be honest, I never
managed to cope with that. A lot of athletes
completely crumble in there. But there are plenty
of athletes that strive and do so well in there. Not to mention David McNamee, third place in the last two
times he’s been on the island. And of course, defending
champion, Patrick Lange. He seems able to do some
damage in there, doesn’t he? – Yeah he sure does. Well on that note, we ought to
sort of catch up and discuss those athletes that might do well. And who better to talk
to, than Bob Babbitt? – Well, I think the main
thing is we’re going to have, people haven’t heard this yet, but Fraser Cartmell has
got his application in. – Yeah. – He will be racing. And I’ve heard Alistair Brownlee and Jan Frodeno and Patrick Lange are all very very concerned
that you’re racing on Saturday. And you might be taking them down. – Imagine, yeah. – No the main– – Pigs may fly. – The main thing about this race is, if took this race and put it in a bubble, you could figure out, okay who’s the fastest swim, bike and run, but the fact that you’ve
got the heat and the wind and the pressure. Everybody is here to win this race. To change, you can change
your life by finishing top three, top five, in this race. So, knowing that, and
knowing that you’ve got Patrick Lange and Alistair
Brownlee for the first time. And Jan Frodeno. And oh by the way, Cam Wurf just ran a 2:45
marathon off the bike in to win Ironman Italy. And Sebastian Kienle, who had the second fastest run
of the day at Ironman Nice, outran Alistair. Outran Bart Aernouts, and
don’t forget Bart Aernouts. And David McNamee. The men’s race is so stacked, that who knows who’s
going to win the thing? Which makes it so much fun. 2010, if I asked you’s going
to win the women’s race, you’re like, “Oh, Chrissie Wellington. She’s won 2007, ’08 and ’09. She’s going to win her fourth in a row.” She doesn’t start the race, she’s sick. So when people say, “Who do you predict?” I’m like, “Well let’s see who
gets to the starting line, let’s see who’s healthy
at the starting line.” Cause nobody’s telling us, “Oh by the way, I’ve got a sore Achilles.” And we didn’t mention the
womens side of things. You got Daniela Ryf, who’s looking to win her
fifth in a row here, right? Her fifth win here. – Exactly. – And then you’ve got Lucy Charles, who gets better and better and better, and what I love about Lucy is, she’s still has kept her
Ironman racing to a minimum, people have a tendency to
do too many of these races and kill themselves. And she’s also improved
her running, gradually. She hasn’t tried to rush into it. Same with Cam Wurf. He’s going, “Listen, I
feel my run is a weapon. I feel I can run with anybody.” And after his 2:45, of course
that’s Italy, that’s not Kona. – No. – And he’s a big guy. But it still gives him confidence, and does that change the way, if he goes past Jan Frodeno
early in the bike ride, and is out leading, does Jan feel like, “I can’t give him five
minutes, or ten minutes, because I can’t let him
have that big a gap, cause I don’t know if I can run him down.” They’re not going to go, we’re not going to let him go now, there’s not any way they’re
going to change the way they race or the way they can race. It’s not like all of a sudden, he’s become that much of a
better cyclist in two weeks, because Cam Wurf goes by him. – Now the one thing I would
like to ask you about are wild cards I suppose that
have never raced here before. So two that spring to mind for me, on the women’s side are
Laura Philipp from Germany and on the men’s side
Cody Beals from Canada. Now these are athletes that are fantastic, their resumes are incredible and well we don’t know what
their capabilities are here because they’ve got no form. – Right, well see what’s
great about Cody is he’s knocked off Lionel,
two years in a row, at Mont Tremblant. And Laura is, you know,
just one of those… I think she had the fastest– – [Fraser] Debut Ironman in Barcelona. – Debut Ironman of all time. So those are the folks you look at, the other debut which you
don’t think that much about, is Alistair Brownlee. I mean you think about
what happened last year at South Africa where Jan Frodeno ran
a 1:06 half marathon, Brownlee ran a 1:07, and Javier Gomez ran a 1:08. Now what happened from that was, Jan hurt his hip, Alistair, the rest of the
season was pretty toasted, Javier got passed here
in the run by Cam Wurf, and nothing wrong with
Cam Wurf passing you, but Javier Gomez– – [Fraser] Not what we’d have expected. – Not what you’re expected. So I think that race
took a ton out of them. But if you’re looking at this year, and you’re looking at those guys, I’d look, Alistair, I don’t
think anybody’s saying that this first time guy can’t win. Because he can. – Well I think we’ve got an
awful lot to look forward to this coming weekend
race day, don’t we Bob? So we’ll certainly be here. We can’t wait to watch the racing unfold, and maybe we can chat about it afterwards and see if we were right? – Exactly. And again, I
think everybody out there better be watching because Fraser, he’s trying to keep it low key. He has signed up. He is racing. And everybody else is really worried. – I’m not. – Well we should probably
do our own predictions, hey Fraser? – Nail our colors to the mast. – Quickly, men’s and women’s top three. – Right I’m going to go for Jan
Frodeno’s back on the island, he’s my pick for the win. And I think Patrick
will do very well again, but he’s not going to get that win. He is my second place. And I’m going to put Alistair
Brownlee in there as third. On the women’s– – What about Dave McNamee? – Don’t tell him I said that. – On the women’s race, I’m
going to say Daniela Ryf, she can’t be beaten. Seems a bit boring saying
the same as last year, but again, I think Lucy
Charles will hang on to that second place, because she is just a fantastic athlete. And I’ll put third place
in there as Laura Philipp. – Hmm, okay, well rather
than doing top three, I’m going to do a couple of wild cards. So I actually think on the men’s side– – Can we put David back in as a wild card? (laughs) – Well he’s on the podium last year. I’m going to say Andi Boecherer. – [Fraser] Yes. – Back racing and incredible
performances this year. Pretty good on the swim,
incredible on the bike, don’t know if he can
hold scale for the run. – Well he had a bad day out in Frankfurt but we’ll let that go and we’ll yeah. – Cam Wurf, he’s not
really a wild card but– – [Fraser] That’s the
problem with this race. There’s far too many people. – Yeah. And then on the women’s side, I mean they’re not really wild cards, but Sarah Crowley could
be an interesting one. – [Fraser] Been on the podium here before. – Yeah, and finally, I’m going
to throw in Imogen Simmonds. What a year she has had. – Yeah we’re going to get hammered here, but we didn’t even
mention Sebastian Kienle. We are just (blows air). – There are so many names we
didn’t mention there Fraser. But obviously do let
us know what you think in the comments section below. I mean all the athletes
here are phenomenal. And they all, within their
own right, could do something. – Yeah, exactly. – Now something we haven’t
discussed yet is the records. Now obviously last year
was just exceptional. We had Patrick Lange breaking
the overall course record, Daniela Ryf breaking the
overall course record. – Cam Wurf got the bike record. – Daniela Ryf got the bike record. – Jan Sibbersen broke
the swim course record from the age group race. – And Lucy Charles obviously
broke the swim course record. Now obviously these were
all incredible performances, but I’m going to put out that
it was a pretty ideal day– – Apparently it just,
well I wasn’t, you were. – A lot of people were saying
it was the perfect day, perfect conditions, so surely it’s got to
be hard to beat those. But we’re going to throw this to you guys, do you think any records
could be broken this year? Simple yes or no. – Exactly. – Any record. Just enter that
by clicking just up here. But now Fraser, you’ve got
something to get on with. – Oh God, so I do right. See you soon guys. So I’ve just left Mark to it, because I’m going to meet
Indy 500 driver Tony Kanaan, who I’ve just heard
pull up in the driveway. So we’ve got a little Zwift set up here for a head to head between us, so I’m going to go see where he is. – Right on! – Well now for some Tri
news and we have just heard that Sarah Haskins has
retired from triathlon. Now she has had an incredible career. She went to the 2000 Olympic Games, she was silver medalist
at the ITU World Champs, and she has had probably 50 plus wins within draft-legal and
non-drafting racing. She’s been in the sport
for a good 15 years but now she has announced her retirement and time to focus on her family. So that chapter is closed and on to next, so exciting times for her. So the not quite so exciting
or good news is that Terenzo Bozzone has pulled out of the Ironman World Championships
here in Kona, this weekend. He actually spent a good month out here on the island prepping, he went home back to New Zealand just for time with his family to then pop back out to the race. But he will not be coming back because he has a flared up Achilles. Now he’s posted up on Instagram
a little message saying, “I have some frustrating news. I won’t be travelling to
Kona this week to race in the Ironman World Championship due to an Achilles injury
which is on the mend.” Now we are, well really
sorry to hear that, but we do hope that your Achilles mends as quickly as possible. Now if you’ve been keeping track of the Zwift Academy Triathlon team this year, you will have seen just how well those athletes have been looked after. Just look at that bike for example. And you probably would just think, I want a bit of that! Well you’ll be pleased to hear that the 2020 sign-up process has begun. If you’re interested, you can find the link in the
description below this video to get yourself signed up. That process is running between
November through to January, with athletes being selected in February. This year, it’s going to be six athletes, all geared toward the
Ironman World Championships, and if you are one of
those six lucky athletes, you will not only receive
cutting edge gear, you also get mentorship from some of the best pros in the world, and loads more. Now for yourself to be selected
you need to get involved in six bike workouts and one bike race. Four run workouts and one running race. But now, it is about time we checked in with the current roster of athletes in the lead up to the
2019 Ironman World Champs. And someone that’s got
to know them pretty well. Tim Dunn. – Super chuffed to be here
with the class of 2019, the Zwift specialized
academy in Kona, Hawaii. Got some amazing athletes this year. Got young Justin, who’s 23. He had an amazing race at Bolton, won his first Ironman age group. I think he’s going to
have a good run here. Levi from Australia and Philip, 8:19, can you believe that time he did at Copenhagen Ironman this year? They’re in the same age group, they’re going to be duking it out. Hope they don’t self implode
and kill each other out there but they’ve both been training hard, so I’m excited to see how they do. And we got Grandpa as
we call him, Paul Lunn, flying the British flag. Very experienced athlete, amazing runner. And he’s looking for the top
step of the podium this year. On the women’s side, we’ve got Ruth. Phenomenal athlete, very experienced. Broken collarbone this year
and she’s still come back, I think it was about
seven or eight weeks after she broke it and had it pinned, she was rocking Nice World Champs. She looks in great shape, I think the rest could’ve
actually done her some good, leading up to this race. She was second amateur
overall last year in Kona. So I think again, she’s
fighting for that top step. We’ve got Natiya. She’s podiumed in every
Ironman she’s done, yet never qualified for Kona. That is brutal. So to see her finally
qualify here is phenomenal. And again, with that pedigree, her parents both podiumed
at Comrades Marathon in South Africa. I think she’s going to be a… She’s such a compact runner, I think she’s going to do very well here. We’ve got Yvonne, she’s
a phenomenal athlete. To come out of her comfort zone. She’s more mature than
some of the younger guys and to go to Morgan Hill
with those young guys, I’ve got so much respect for her. She’s been struggling with
a little injury in her foot but she’s been aqua jogging
two and half hours, crazy. But it’s coming good for her, so I hope she has a good race as well. And then we’ve got Maggie
Walsh from Colorado, who… Well Level 50 Zwift, that’s
all that needs to be said. She’s an animal out there. So yeah, we’ve got some
great athletes here. I’m here supporting them as best I can, and I’m really looking forward to watching the race
this year, not compete. – Now one more bit of exciting Zwift news is that we now have steering within Zwift. Now admittedly, it is only on one route, it’s an off-road route, but you literally can steer yourself from one side of the road to the other, as and when you want. And that is all under the
new future works platform. Now to do so, you just have to have the
companion app installed and running on your phone. Have your phone on your handlebars, so then it’ll record the
accelerometer movement within that and then have your handlebars
and your wheel able to move. So maybe want to put a
lazy Susan underneath, whatever you like. And yeah, as and when you want, just move your handlebars
and that will steer you. Which is really exciting, it’s a nice addition to Zwift and it’s making, I guess,
virtual indoor cycling that little bit more real. But now, we’ve got some
more exciting stuff for you because we’ve got a really cool collab between Fizik and Ventum. Right so here it is, in all its glory. And it’s flash here in Kona, the collab between Fizik and Ventum. Now this has all started and evolved from the Fizik transiro shoe we’ve got on the bike here and now. We’ve actually seen the shoe before, a number of the pros been riding it. It’s a very nice looking shoe with some blue boa lacing
running into red boa lacing. And they’ve used that boa design
in the design on the bike, on this saddle and on this helmet. Now this is the Ventum One, which is Ventum’s flagship triathlon bike. This is their top-end bike here now, it’s got the aero cover on the front, it’s got some deep section wheels and with Ultegra Di2. We’ve also got this Fizik saddle, it’s the Mistica saddle and it’s a triathlon saddle, short nosed saddle. And they’ve got that same
design running on that. And then also this helmet. Now excitingly, you can
actually buy this set-up. They’ve got two available here in Kona, the whole lot for ten and
half thousand dollars. If you ask me, this is pretty striking. But now time for our Kask giveaway and Kask are actually out here and just handed us these
two very cool helmets. We’ve got the Kask Utopia and
Kask Bambino Pro Evo helmet. Both in their Kona
limited edition colorway. Which if you ask me,
are really quite cool. They’re quite minimalist, subtle designs with a little nod to Kona, we’ve got a turtle on the front
here and Kona on the back. A little colorful line down the middle. But could be worn all year round without being too over the top Kona. So very nice work by them. Utopia’s a great helmet. It’s quite a popular option
actually here for Kona, because it’s an aero road helmet. It’s a very aerodynamic design but plenty of ventilation
to keep the head cool so we are actually seeing
quite a lot of people using that out here. The other, is equally as exciting, because this is the
Bambino Pro Evo helmet. And we’ve seen these on
the likes of Team INEOS and it’s been designed and developed with some of these top cyclists. But it’s quite hard to
come by, this helmet. So really exciting that
we’ve got one here. It’s essentially the same as the Bambino, it’s got the same shell with just an every so slightly longer tail with a rounded tip to it. With the same colorway
as we saw on the Utopia. It’s got the removable visor, magnetic, that can switch
around and attach up there, you can change that for a
mirrored visor, orange visor. But yeah, super super helmet. I actually want one of these. Both of these are available in medium, that’s all we’ve got here I’m afraid. But yeah, if you are interested in these, you can get involved in the giveaway by going to the link in the
description below this video. But now it’s about time we
go check back in with Fraser and see what he’s getting up to. – Right, thanks for that Mark. Here I am, ready to take Tony on. Are you good for this? – All right. Nice pedals and shoes, huh? – Yeah, I thought I’d
give you a head start. – [Tony] Oh really? – No. My bike doesn’t have proper pedals. So Tony’s got some nice shoes on. Think he’s got his Go Fast kit. – After this we’re going to go go-karting, then I can take it on you like this. – Right. Three. Two. One. We’re off. (upbeat music) – As you can see, Tony’s
used to humidity, I’m not. There’s not a bead of sweat on him. So Tony, when did you start driving? – So I was eight years old. My dad was a huge race fan. Took me to watch a Formula
One race in Brazil. – [Fraser] And where’s that? – Sao Paulo. And then I ask him for a go-kart. He goes Sunday afternoon and
Monday morning I had a go-kart. – [Fraser] Really? – Yeah so. – [Fraser] So the seed was sown? – Yeah, I start in the small series, and then unfortunately I
lost my dad when I was 13. I already had been a three
time champion in the time Dad had cancer. And he made me promise him that I was never going to give up my dream and win the Indy 500 for him one day. So, 2013 I made it happen. – Never give up huh? – No, I mean that’s something, you know it’s easy to say, I know people that watch the channel, some of them have different goals, but most of the athletes, that’s the way you have
to be in the sport. I think it’s the easiest thing. I always used to tell myself, the easiest thing to do is give up. – So tell me, when did
triathlon come along? – So watching you guys forever. But honestly, since I was a little kid, racing go karts, I couldn’t
really lift weights to be strong – Okay? – For the go karts. – Cause you couldn’t have extra weight. – Yeah. But no, plus at eight years old they’re not going to send you to the gym. – Totally. – Do some biceps and triceps. So I was swimming. And obviously, as every
kid, I always had a bicycle. And then when I was 10, 11, start to run. So five years later, when I was 15, 16, had one of my coaches that said, “Hey why don’t you do a triathlon race? You already do all the three sports.” – That sounds familiar. – So I did it. My first triathlon ever was a 70.3. Because I had no clue what I was doing. And back in 2008, 2007, and I’ve been hooked every since. Obviously I have good partners and like I was saying, one thing that I would love to do, I’ve always tried to give
it back to the sport. Not just racing, but I think
if I can get my demographic and my fans to be passionate
about triathlon as well it’s good for the sport too. I’m extremely lucky to
have had some good partners in my triathlon career but I
keep saying my racing career doesn’t let me do… It keeps me not as good as I wanted to be on my triathlon career. – Let’s go for it. He’s pulling away. He’s gone. Like really gone. (laughs) Thanks Tony. Great fun. – Thanks mate. – Right whilst Fraser’s
recovering from that, I might as well crack
on with the race news. This weekend we just had two races, Ironman Barcelona and
Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. But both super exciting races. Now in Ironman Barcelona
in the men’s race, it was Florian Angert that took the win in incredible time of
seven hours and 45 minutes. Fred Van Lierde took second place, also in incredible time of
seven hours and 53 minutes. And then third place went
to Nicholas Kastelein. In the women’s race, it was Sara Svensk that took the win. Laura Zimmermann took second and then Katrien Verstuyft took third. Now over in Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote they actually canceled the swim and made it just a bike run with the short 300 meter
run before the bike. Just to split the field up a little bit as they ran to their bags. But I did see some video footage of the men running to transition, and it looked carnage. And in the men’s race, it was Frederic Funk that took the win, and an incredible performance by him. Second place went to Pieter Heemeryck and then third place went
to Kenneth Vandendriessche. And then in the women’s
race it’s Emma Pallant that, well, kind of dominated
a little bit in that race. Very impressive 4:08 for that. Alexandra Tondeur took second place, and Jeanne Collonge took third. Right well now time for us to take a look through some of your photos. How was that? – I’m back. That was hard. Look at me, I’m sweating. Not a bead of sweat on Tony. He was used to humidity, from Miami. – Well I need your help to take a look through
some of these photos. – What’ve we got? – I think you’re going
to enjoy them anyway. – Yep. – So Ramir has sent in
his trek speed concept– – [Fraser] I can see why you like it. – [Mark] It’s an old speed
sort of trek speed concept– – [Fraser] Yeah it is. I love my one of them as well. – [Mark] But they
haven’t changed massively have they anyway? – [Fraser] No, the frame still
looks pretty recognizable to that. – [Mark] Yeah, really cool. So this is from North Carolina in America and just did a practice for a lead up to my first 70.3 in October. – Good luck. – On a very big screen in front of him. Now we’ve also got Stuart here. Sent in his giant Trinity, and check out this garage. – Oh my word, he’s got
a complete weights rack, is the phrase I’m trying to go with. He’s got the squat gauge– – It’s quite hard, that bike work out. – I know, I’m exhausted. Some sort of mechanics in the background. – He said he’s just
finished his conversion, ready for a winter of watts. – [Fraser] He’s got plenty
of good toys in there. – Yeah very nice. Next one from Santiago, and this is his bike set
up in transition yeah– – [Fraser] Oh no no no, from Santiago. (mumbles) – [Mark] This is Atlantic
City in New Jersey. It’s his Felt AI4,
ready before the battle. – [Fraser] Stealth black. – [Mark] Yeah that is a pretty stealthy, neat bike, isn’t it? Final one here is from Argo and this is from Narva, near the border of Estonia and Russia. – That’s an interesting one. – Yeah, but check out the photo. It looks pretty atmospheric. Apparently he’s on a 63
kilometer back and forth track that took the participants
on challenging terrain at the side of a buckwheat field, straight through the meadows, bursting with nettle bushes, Estonian forest, the gulf of Finland, blah blah blah, it sounds absolutely epic. Yeah he sent through a
number of other photos but phew– – That’s a good one. – Yeah, that’s really cool. – Never been to Estonia or Russia. – Maybe it’s one for the
bucket list for us eh? But now on to our caption competition. Now last week we had quite a funny photo between Sebastian Kienle and Javier Gomez before the Ironman Hawaii. Now we had some great captions coming in, the first one from Jonas Ler said, “Oh, better get some air in
the chest, a bit like Sebi.” – Yeah we got Neil Deshmukh, sorry I’ve got your
pronunciation all wrong there, but from Neil he says, “Let’s meet at T2 and run together just like 70.3 World Champs.” – Thomas K said, “Hey Seb, ouch, could
you please let me go? Those Germans have very
strong handshakes.” – I like that one, it’s good. But we’ve got Jonathan
Breems here, who says, “Why doesn’t he realize that he’s gripping my hand too hard?” – On the same train, but I
thought that one was brilliant. – Nice one. – So you are the winner, do get in touch and we’ll send you your
GTN cap straightaway. But for now for this week’s
caption comp photo and it is– – [Fraser] It’s you and me. – [Mark] Oh having a great time out here. – Yeah, maybe not as much
air as I’d like to have got, but tried my best. – Brilliant. But please do drop your captions in the comments section below. – Right that takes us
to the end of another, for me at least, sweaty
show here in Hawaii. But do keep tuning in, cause we’ve got some
great content coming up for the rest of this week. We’ve got a tech tour from Kona, and we’ve got a video all
about the cool pro tech that you can see here. – Also have a video on what it takes to win the Ironman World Championships. It’s quite an interesting one. – Good one. – If you have enjoyed today’s video please do hit that thumbs up button. And you can subscribe to the channel by clicking on the globe. Don’t forget to head on over to our shop if you’d like to get ahold of some of our GTN Kona edition T-shirts. And if you’d like to
see Tim Reed’s pro bite, you can see that by
clicking just down here. – And if you want to see a little bit more about this course here in Hawaii, well we did a video about what we think are the toughest parts of it and that video is here.

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