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Why Ashton Lambie is Track Cycling’s Wild Card

Why Ashton Lambie is Track Cycling’s Wild Card

– It’s awesome to show
people from the Midwest, which isn’t necessarily a
hotspot for elite level cycling, but show people that
that’s totally possible. You can really train on gravel and go fast and have fun at the same time. There’s sorta that idiom that exists of like a fixie rider being
different from a track cyclist and I think more of
those guys have mustaches than actual track riders, so I think everyone
thought I was just like this total, you know, dill
weed, like fixie rider that just happened to
show up to nationals. Since nobody was really
paying attention before, it seems like he did
gravel for a longer time, but it wasn’t really that much longer. He wasn’t competitive at
all when we got married. So even being a contender at gravel races was a relatively new development. He accidentally happened upon
track and was good at that and thought that was going to be fun. It was kind of like,
this might be exciting, but mostly it’s just going to be fun and we’ll see what happens. And then everything was very fast. – A lotta times in
gravel races especially, in the first third of the race, I will absolutely drop
the rest of the group and just go on like a
solo break on the front, and then sort of just
kinda hope that sticks. (exciting techno music) – His way of doing things is
to learn everything there is to know and become as good
as he can be at that thing. And this is a thing where
he can be a whole lot better than most people in the world. – I just get bored sitting round a lot. I like having sort of a routine and I think that routine
just now happens to include, you know, a substantial training week and and going to the gym
and all this other stuff. I like completing it and
getting the little green marks on training peaks more than
I like skipping a workout and feeling crappy about
having skipped a workout. I do a little bit, have to remind myself of like, it is the Team U.S.A jersey. It’s harder when I’m at home, because I have a lot of
times where people might not necessarily recognize it and
it does look like a jersey you could just get at
like Scheel’s or Wal-Mart. Where it’s like, aw man, that’s
a cool American flag jersey. I’m like, no, no, no, let
me, okay, yeah, you’re right, it’s a cool American
flag jersey, thanks man. Just looking at paths to the Olympics, it was a relatively clearcut path of like, okay, you have
to go race Nationals, you have to win National Championships and then, you know, once
we get on the US team, like, my plan was to be racing World Cups. It was a much longer plan and layout than what actually happened, and so it was just sort of a continuation of like, oh, well we got
that one checked off earlier, let’s go to the next one.

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