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Benefits of cycling
Why Cycling is So Important for Triathlon

Why Cycling is So Important for Triathlon

(imitating duck) – But, I need some electrolytes. Chain is dry as a bone. Good mor– afternoon, trainiacs. We’re sitting here at, just before one o’clock, about to head out for a nice, good group ride. So, the old road bike is a
little bit worse for the wear, at the moment, having gone
through some spring weather, but I don’t have the stuff just yet, to give it a good cleaning. So, we give it a very cheapo cleaning, make it look clean. (tranquil electronic music) ‘Cause everyone knows that
the cleanliness of your bike is more important than anything. Later today, I’ll make
a trip to the bike shop and grab what I need
to give it a cleaning. Tomorrow, I’ll show you
how to do a five-minute cleaning of your bike. Ideas, ideas, to-dos. Go there, flat tire from
last week: we don’t need you; new tire from this
week: we do need you, that’s for tomorrow. Chain is dry as a bone. That’ll get me through a ride, and there. I think we’re good enough
to fool a few people, but I’m thinking that
this is a little much. (laid-back electronic music) Lock you in the house, and we’re ready to ride. (laid-back electronic music) I’m gonna race this dude. (car engine roaring) He might have two too many wheels, but at least he’s got
the right color scheme. (car engine roaring) Hey, bicycle gang. This is it? Wow, wow. – Bad Saturday. – Alright. (laid-back electronic music) – Whoo-wee. We are talkin’ two hours and 43 minutes, of elapsed time. Alright, so the first thing about why cycling is so important
to be really strong, and as a triathlete, is because it’s just such a big part of the race, whether it’s a sprint, an Olympic, half-iron, we’re talking the bike being probably somewhere around half the time that goes into the race. Just that alone, with
cycling being such a big proportion of the race, really
important to be strong at it. The next thing is that,
in my opinion, cycling is more than half the race, because, running comes after it. Excellent runners tend
to make good cyclists in draft-legal races, but
the fact of the matter is that most of us age-groupers aren’t doing draft-legal races, so our legs are going to be, basically, at the mercy of whatever
happens out on the bike, because we’re out there by
ourselves, not drafting. And, if you’re a strong cyclist, your legs are gonna be fresher; if
you’re a weak cyclist, your legs are gonna be smashed, and it doesn’t matter if
you’re a good runner or not, you’re gonna have a tough run. Now, the third thing that
makes cycling so important is how much time you can take off of your overall time, with cycling. Swimming, you’re kind of at
the mercy of your biomechanics. If you swam a lot as a kid, and you’re a naturally good swimmer, you can probably shave off, who knows, let’s say in a
half-Ironman, anywhere from, I don’t know, five to 15 minutes, from your starting point, as far as the first race you went in. Running, again, you’re kind of
limited to your biomechanics. If you’re a naturally good runner, you can shave off a fair bit of time, but there comes a point
that, for a lot of people, you reach a certain
level that, even though you might keep running, you
may not be getting any faster. And you can top out, and
you’d be running a ton to shave off a minute or two. Cycling however, is almost
like a perfect correlation of time in the saddle
results in time improvements. (blender whirring) The next reason that
cycling is so important is because it’s really hard to go for a four or five-hour swim. Actually, I am trying to prove
that notion wrong, currently. Anyway, it’s also really hard to go for a four or five-hour run. But a four or five-hour
bike is quite easy; there’s a lot of people
that, in Ironman training, they start doing nine and 10-hour bikes. And that ability to go out
onto the bike for hours, and hours on end, doesn’t just help you with your bike endurance, it helps you with your overall endurance. So biking helps swimming, and biking helps running. But swimming doesn’t necessarily help, like, being able to bike for seven hours; and running for a couple hours
doesn’t necessarily help you being able to bike for 10 hours. But biking 10 hours helps
you to be able to run, and swim, for a few hours. That was a really clumsy way to say that. I need some electrolytes. And then, the last reason
that cycling is so important, well, not so much that it’s important, but it’s good to focus on
getting better at cycling because it’s easy to
get better at cycling, because I find that it’s easy
to work into your routine. You can’t go and check
emails while you’re swimming. You can’t commute to work by swimming. It’s harder to do emails
and things like that while you’re running. You can listen to some
podcasts while you’re running, and you can commute by running, but with biking, you
can hop on the trainer; you can pound out a bunch of emails; you can still be productive; you can Instagram it up, like me. You’re welcome for all those
shirtless cycling photos over the winter. You can work it into commuting to work, you can listen to podcasts. You can still be productive while you’re training to
become a better cyclist. And, it’s not gonna get
in the way of real life, as much as the other sports,
where you have to make a point of going to do them. So, from that standpoint,
if you’re saying, you know what, I’m going
to become a better cyclist, it’s easier to work into day-to-day life. You got a big margin for improvement, it’s a huge part of the
race, you can work it into day-to-day life, it helps your running, you get to wear Lycra and Spandex, and look really cool, with
colorful socks like me. Why wouldn’t you focus on cycling? There we go; that’s
why Taren cycles a lot. And I gotta go pretty myself up, so that we can get to the bike shop soon. Soon, soon, soon, soon. Lots of soon, soon. Whoa!
(banging) Not on purpose. Everything’s authentic
on this channel, folks. Heading into your favorite
bike shop, and mine, Alter Ego. I love the people here, they’re good. (laid-back electronic music) Crazy around here. – I’m never here on Saturdays. So, when I get something cool in, how do I Instagram and
post about cool stuff, without it being boring? – Here’s how you post about
it without it being boring. There. – Oh, has this been going on? – This has been going this whole time. Go do stuff, Heather, see you. – I better not be in that blog tomorrow. – You’re gonna be all
in the blog tomorrow. See ya, Rick. – Alright, take care. – Oh. The Alter Ego people are fun. Kim and I area heading
for a nice weekend date, and then we’re going to meet my sister, who’s telling us if she’s
having a boy or a girl. This is very exciting, so
I’m gonna put you away, ’cause that’s, that’s family time. I mean, you’re my family, but like, I don’t wanna shove a
camera in family face, when she’s announcing that. Where are you, where are you? Just a talking head. (imitates duck) Crushing your head.

33 comments on “Why Cycling is So Important for Triathlon

  1. I agree with you Taren, but I have another point. The speed differential is greater in cycling than swimming or running as well. Riding 1 mph faster is 10x easier than running 1 mph faster at 80-90% effort.

  2. Also, on the bike, you might be able to improve your time by around 2 minutes per 40 kms just by swapping a flappy jersey like yours for a skinsuit. In an ironman, that can be around 10 minutes just by changing clothes. Don't think that si really possible in running, perhaps in swimming

  3. I have a sprint triathlon in a few weeks. Meanwhile I have a road bike and no cleats. Do you think for this distance I will be alright and not too disadvantaged with this lack of equipment?

  4. Them socks man , they match your speedos …..ah jez , I'm a grown man , I should not be saying stuff like that 😜

  5. Any advice on transition bags? I'll be doing my first overseas olympic distance triathlon soon and will be alone most of the day, so I'd like to fit everything (including helmet) into 1 convenient bag and probably cycle from hotel to event.

  6. i like your rolling dismount off the bike ~2:20. look forward to a tri transition video about that stuff. btw were your cycling intervals in easy gears or it just varied…?

  7. Thanks Taren. The problem I have with cycling is that I usually need a long recovery after interval training as my muscles remain sore or weak for days, but I can recover much more easily from running and cycling, as more cardio oriented disciplines.

  8. Are there any issues with using a gym exercise bike to train on? (due to weather I find gym equipment lets me get a brick session in but dont know if its what I should be doing) cheers

  9. Another great video. Congrats. Is this your new camera? The picture quality of your kitchen scene is incredible.
    Tri-wise I'd point out that biking helps with running as well as swimming helps with running. Or to put it differently: why on earth are we training to run?
    Anyway I think like the rest of the family: a video about mounting/dismounting our tides in transition might come in handy. And don't forget to show some fails😆😆 Just kiddin'

  10. Good blog. However, prior to training for a 70.3 I was mainly a cyclist so I have found that the tri training is all about the running, where I have cut my cycling in half to focus on running.

  11. as i was about to be, "ughhh taren clean your bike, its disgusting," he goes to talk about cleaning a bike. Why I love this channel

  12. Taren, when is the best time to replace a helmet? I ask because of of the soft padding inside of mine is no longer soft. I assume like every other cycling thing it should be replaced at some point….. or should i just get something to make it stop trying ti rip holes in my soft girly forehead.

  13. Totally unrelated to cycling…where did you get the picture of the Esplanade Foot Bridge? It's awesome.

  14. I find, also the learning curve is very long for, going from a beginning cyclist to say a sustained >40Km/hr pace. So much comes into play, least of all being comfortable, efficient and aero, and staying fresh for the run. Only by becoming a decent bikemechanic and lots of testing/trial and error, have I been able to dial in my ride.

  15. Hé Taren, nice vlog. Cycling certainly something I can de for hours. What recovery supplements are you using in your smoothie? Pre and post training food is something I need to improve.

  16. can someone help me with this… i saw a lot of people convert cervelo s5 to tt bike… is it really works for longer distance triathlon!?

  17. I recently changed the tires on my hybrid bike, I swapped to road tires and saved 7 minutes. I like how you can see significant biking gains just by upgrading the equipment. Gotta change my saddle next, my tail bone hurts.

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