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Why Does Motorcycle Jerks When Accelerating with English CC

Why Does Motorcycle Jerks When Accelerating with English CC

Hello Friends and welcome to my channel
Friends.. When you ride a motorcycle you feel some kind of jerk So I am going to talk you regarding that in this video. Before starting the video I want to say
(Video start at 1:00) if you haven’t followed me on Instagram or Facebook page I bought this Rynox Tank bag and I did setup like this The straps are set up like this One I set near from the engine One connected here and one more here on the opposite. This tank bag has 21 litters capacity and If I’ll use this chain so I can extend more 10 litters. This bag is from Rynox and I tested it on 100kph it perfectly fine Nice and Stable So lets start the video regarding jerking First I will talk about jerking What is jerking in a motorcycle? When you start the motorcycle and start throttling Like here I show you Like this you start the bike and you can see I get the smooth running engine If you won’t get something like that it called jerking Let me show you the simple solution Check your spark plug which you can see here If your spark plug got covered with carbon then you feel that Sorry that was my bluetooth Like I was talking about carbon in your spark plug then you’ll feel jerk It’s simple to clean the spark plug Remove the cable lose your spark plug remove it and take sand paper once you clean properly (Remove the carbon) Once you done fit it properly again. If will solve your starting jerking issue. 2nd thing Check you chain Sometimes your chain get loose and because of that you feel jerking. Like you can see my chain its good enough but If it’s loose than you see this you’ll feel jerking tight it if you see it’s loose. If still you get jerking then check your Carburetor
(skip if you have FI) When you wash your bike and while washing water will get inside your carburetor you will get jerking because of that too..
(Clean it if you saw that) The simplest and easiest thing is sometimes people don’t use clutch lever properly Like you’re riding on your motorcycle and suddenly release your clutch. you won’t control your clutch lever properly then you will get jerking. I will recommend you try this before you do anything else. You don’t need to do all of this if you properly take care of your bike like do servicing and maintain it properly. then its simple its your clutch control. So like I always tell you guys don’t release your clutch suddenly If you release like that you’ll feel jerk if your jerking is only related to your clutch then its good to do practice on how to release your clutch lever. Sometimes the clutch cable got loose too after using it for few months So if its not proper tension between the clutch cable like if its loose you need to tight it. My clutch cable is perfectly set If your cable is loose then you can tight the cable from here. Either you can tighten it from here or from here. That’s the one more reason of jerk. Other than that there are many causes of motorcycle jerk. These are the major one which I shared with you guys. There’s one more reason Like if your motorcycle is old or it was parked in rain or you wash it daily so the water will get inside your water tank and because of that you will get jerking too That water stuck down because its heavier than petrol when you’re trying to start or ride with fuel water will enter in your engine Your engine won’t fire and that’s why you feel jerk So this is it and if you see that you need to remove all the fuel from your tank clean it properly and add new fuel which doesn’t contain water If you don’t know go to the mechanic he will do the job for you. or once you empty the tank park your bike in direct sun light so the water will turn into vapors and get out check it before add fuel and park at least for 30-40 mins in shade before you add new fuel So this is it If you like my video then please like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much for watching.

82 comments on “Why Does Motorcycle Jerks When Accelerating with English CC

  1. Hi in my Gixxer every morning bike start kane pe 5-6 second tak khat khat sound atahe engine se. Ya phir long time ke bad start karhe tab bhi avaj atahe Kya problem hoga ?

  2. App apni bike ko morning me Bina throttle diye start karna apke bike ke engine mese avaj atahe to bato muje please

  3. it have been just 1 week which i bought gixxee bike and my bike suffer from jerk problem plse sir help me

  4. If u explained in English let for others also it will be useful bro.. Even I can't understand bcz I don't know the language hindi

  5. Hello, I purchased new new honda shine and jerking problem seems to be started within 4 days tactically after rain. I went to company show room 3 times. They done all things like clear spark plug, clean corroborator, check other points of shine which create jerking problem but still the same problem is persisting. In gear 1 when I start getting accelerator my bike is not getting any kind of power/torque movement, just stand a still and engine stops. What should i Do?

  6. Hi , i also own a gixxer 150
    Problem is accoring when i start the bike sometimes the meter indicator it restarts .
    And there are jerks while riding the bike .can u help?

  7. Facing jerking issue for last 550kms on my re 350 since purchase. It happens while shifting from 3rd to 4th gear below 40kmph and from 4th to 5th below 45-50kmph. Above that speed it behaves well. If you can help me with your views ..

  8. Recently I have changed my fzs both fork oil and right after that having jerking or wobbling issue. My technician use 6 btl oil (175ml each btl) for both side. Please suggest what’s the actual oil capacity for 150 cc bike ?

  9. Bro I have new cb shine model 2k18 since last two months.. Same problem I have like jerking and starting and saw my bike many times to the showroom but they said minor issues and keep increasing your riding… When my bike already crosses 1k km.. So what should I do.. If you have a suggestion then please reply

  10. I m.using pulsur. As 150..Jerking problm tho bht ho rha..servicing karane ke baad is repeating the same.. ek ek baar pickup acha sometimes it is giving Jerking..pls help this regard…and mera RPM jo hai..automatically raise horha hai..RPM screw loose karnese se b kuch farak nhi dikhara..pls giv me a gud solution fr me if possible sir..

  11. Sir I recently purchased fz25, and I am facing this issue during acceleration and deceleration. Bike is only 1 month old. The jerk can be felt at low speed, around 20 to 30kmph

  12. Sir i have purchased xblade and have only completed 120km at low there is no issue of jerking but when i speed reaches 50km or above the bike start to jerk a little bit…i want to know is this normal for new engines?? Or there is some other problems?

  13. bro i have a cbr250 2011 std….from long days…it gives full jerks nd engine cuts off like stalling while riding or in the start…pls help me out with this complaint..!!!

  14. Sir, when I ride in 2nd gear on off road (bricks road), then my bike jark , I can not control this, otherwise on road this is okay. Please give a solution.

  15. Bike shine sp

    Day before i wash my bike ane after morning itself i have missing while accelarating. Its not accelarating suddenly after 50 km tgere is missing.!!!??

    And its an initial problem that , if its going on 60km and above there is vibration comming?!!!

  16. Sir Honda hornet bike hai usme accelerating ke time pr its not going above 65km/hr speed. Or mne agency or jo ye service center hai yha sub kuch check kr a liya carburator saf hogya chain thik hai clutch bhi thik hai.. Kya karu sir plz help

  17. Meri bike taqat laga rahi hai smoothly nahi chal rahi hai drive karte waqt sir kuch solution bataye pulsar 150 as hai bike acceleration dete Waqt bhi heavy chal rahi hai

  18. I have installed k&n+free flow exhaust+iridium in my Apache 200…my bike is jerking in 5k-6k rpm….i have installed aftermarket ignition cable that time it started jerking….then i have removed and fit stock cable…. but then also it's jerking….i have clean my carburettor too.

  19. You Wanker, name this video in your own language if ur gonna be bangwangwagabagagoo. Don't understand a damn thing ur saying…

  20. Hi bro I have a Gixxer which has 21600 on odo . From past 1 month I'm feeling hicups in the bike whenever I accelerate downwards . These jerks are strongly felt in 2nd and 3rd gear . I've changed the air filter and spark plug also . Please I need a solution 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. i am facing problem of jerking in my pulsar whenever i try to accelerate hard while running it gets jerk but when i run it normal it doesnt

  22. I rode my friends bike today , it was a CB Hornet 165 , i felt no jerk while acclearating but as the rpm dropped a bit after aclearation , i felt some strong jerks , i am a beginner an really dont know why thius happened . Can you kindly explain ?

  23. Sir make video for this reason-my bike automatically off while driving in 4th gear when tap clutch

  24. When I replaced my spark plug with iridium spark plug in my r15. My throttle started to become harder and harder. How can I resolve it

  25. Sir,ek smooth gear shift and acceleration par video banaiye.gear upshift karne ke baad thoda sa jerk aata hai acceleration par

  26. Please put the title in your language so that we don't choose it when u put the title in English please speak English

  27. Sir I had a small accident 2days back and now my bike showing lots of issue like start problem, jerking most when I accelerator and accelerator get lock

  28. Prak's Biker Guide @ I own a TVS Apache RTR 180. Its 2.5 years old. And i am facing stuttering issues with my bike & loss of power , pickup & mileage. Also popping sound from silencer & sometimes my bike gives missing. Please help me

  29. While riding bike on 3rd gear bike jerked like 3 times like if on and of throttle real fast and hen it went away and then I downshifted to second and bike loose power shut off and no check engine light come on ( please help )

  30. My bike jerks when I accelerate as it needs petrol, and some times it is not getting started early..and I don't use self start I use kick only..Electra350CC
    Can u give any suggestion?

  31. Sir I have Hero HF deluxe bike.. o bike 50 – 60 speed me jerk de rahihe ..will you please resolve the problem sir

  32. Bhai Meri bike plusar me smoothness Kam lag rhi hai jab subha me start karta hu acceleration bhi acha hota hai or sound bhi shi rehta hai jab thoda chaladne ke baad bike noise or engine smooth nhi rehta hai

  33. Sir, Thanks for your videos. I learned bike with help of it.

    I brought Hero Xtreme 200R and after second servicing which completed yesterday I have started facing same issue.
    Actually in first service I have changed oil(200 Km) and now while Second servicing(801km) they told me to add some oil in tank to prevent from rust and said to apply some gel on chain for rainy season which I have rejected due to low running and later after receiving bike back started facing issue.

    Is that both thing are necessary to do now while Second servicing? Oil replacement already done in first service. They called me again after reporting such issues.

  34. I had done servicing of my bike, carburetor, spark plug, fuel tank are all good. But still my bike stops while running.. Its like its loosing power supply. RPM indicator goes blank (0) and comes back to normal. Sometimes self start doesn't work, I have gixxer sf sp.. Can you pls suggest what might be the issue?

  35. Nice info……👍 ek problem hai.. mera pulsar 180 bike hai normally ye start hoti hai, phir badme jiska acceleration dabane se gadi bur bur sound karti hai jaise ki petrol katam hone pe karti hai phir band ho jati hai.. agar start karne ke baad accelerate nahi dabaya tho band nahi hoti.. iska solution kya hai sir….

  36. Yamaha FZ-s : continues jerks happening while I'm driving at the same speed. and the bike stops whenever I stop accelerating. from two weeks I'm seeing more black smoke coming out of it. can you suggest what may be the problem, is it a bore issue or combustion issue? suggest me to take to the local garage or authorized one. what may be cost? thanks in advance.

  37. When i drive Slowly bike ACCELERATION NAI LE RAHA Zatke mar raha he Jese Petrol khatam hone ata he Tab hota he Same wesa or mene service bhi Just kervai he to kya problem ho sakta he (Cahin sproket just changed Today) problem is since last 10Days

  38. Mera fz25.second servicing Ka Baad se ek problem horraha hai…Avi mujhe 5 th gear par v 50 cross kaaro toh utna smooth Nahi lag Raha hai…AisA Lagta hai Kuch chiz FASA huwa hai…and..friction Ka awaz Aata Hain…kya hosakta hai problem…please help…servicing par dikhya…unhone Bola…koi problem Nahi hai…aisehi hi hota Hain…
    Ye servicing Ka waqt unhone sirf Mera clutch cable thoda SA tight Kiya tha…engine oil change…filter change.. and washing… problem kaise huwa

  39. Sir.. When I drive on off road on first gear leaving clutch my bike jerks….(on 2nd gear it's normal) why is that..?

  40. Sir mera hornet special edition he to usme kabhi kabhi halksa pickup missing marta he mujhe feel hota he or kuch der ki bad thik ho jata he o kis waja se hota he PLZZ mujhe batao

  41. Sir meri bike apache 160 me start krte time normal start hoti h but gear dalne ke baad accelerator deta hu or clutch release krta hu to band ho jati h sir please help me

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