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Why Everyone Should Learn Trials! | Dirt Shed Show Episode 111

Why Everyone Should Learn Trials! | Dirt Shed Show Episode 111

– Okay, I’m just puttin’ it out there, me and Scott are cooler
than Neil and Blake. Why? Cause we rode trials. – Yeah, this week in the Shed,
it’s a hopping bombshell. See what I did there?
– Like it. – We’ve got all the
regular stuff coming up so let’s get into it. – Dirt Shed! (high energy rock music) So I wanna talk about
trials riding this week. I mean, that’s not a problem for me. I love trials, it’s a
big part of my career. But what got me thinking
about it this week is this video from Icky Avandenburg, a 20 inch trials rider,
usually doing competitive stuff but has done this video
which is really creative. Check it out, what do you think? – Yeah, it is totally out
there, I’ve got to say. He’s got really creative ideas,
different sort of mindset to any of the other typical mountain bike trial riders than we’ve seen before. And some of those
tricks, to do them in the dark lighting must be a challenge. – Yeah, it must’ve been really hard. And like we said, he’s really creative. And it just goes to show,
it’s another example. And this has happened over
the years since mountain biking began, trials is a
flagship, a beacon, a showcase of mountain bike riding,
I mean, can’t deny it. Hans Rey, one of the most
famous mountain bikers of all time, Danny Macaskill,
maybe the most famous cyclist at the moment. – Martyn Ashton. – That geek, loads of
people have done really cool videos with trials and live
shows to showcase mountain biking, got me thinking,
should we all be doing a bit of trials. We’re missing something? You’ve used it. – Yeah, I’m definitely gonna
say trails has helped me loads because with those slow speed stuff the sort of balance, coordination,
looking for different lines being creative if
you’re in a rock garden there’s some route to things like that. And you can do a different line. You can show off to your mate. If you can have a little challenge, you can play games with it. So it is really fun and
it’s a great benefit to everyone who rides mountain bikes. – It’s definitely a benefit. And of course it’s really
a exciting to watch. It’s entertaining. Check out this clip from
Vlog 50, Ali Clarkson. He’s been training on some of this Cirque du Soleil
equipment, trying to create a Cirque du Soleil bike show
which is really exciting. It’s gonna include himself
and Danny MacAskill and BMX riders like Chris Cole. But look at the stuff
they’re doing on their bikes which is trials riding
on such weird obstacles. – Yeah it’s almost next level. – Yeah. – What I absolutely love
is when Ali actually takes his mountain bike. – Yeah. – Into what he’s doing and
he does it on his Orange Four and he’s up on this massive hoop and it’s just, it is mind blowing. Because some of that
stuff for a lot of people is really far removed. You know it’s one thing being able to hop up onto a bench for example. But then to be able to do something like that Cirque du Soleil stuff. That’s mind blowing. – Yeah I mean you can really see as well the practise that is
going into this stuff. There was another bit of
riding I saw Ali C doing. Check this out on his
Vlog 2 where he’s just practising and practising
trying to get at this rock. And it just goes to show the
repetition that you need to do to get some of these moves. But trials comes down to basic skills. Balance, is it something that should be in all of our daily diet? I mean I dunno. Eh, why don’t we do a poll. – [Scotty] Yeah. – Stick one up there above Scotty’s head. First option, yeah I
use trials all the time. I wouldn’t be here without it. Second option, no. No I did not order trials. I’m not interested. And the third one is gonna be, not promising anything
but I’ll give it a try. Let’s see what we’ve got and let us know in the comments section down below. Talking of Neil and Blake, where are they? – I’ve seen them drinking all our coffee in a place called Verve. – Right, I’m gonna throw to them now. If there’s somewhere
nice I’m gonna kick off. – Oh cheers guys, well. Different for us, we’re
out here in Santa Cruz, watching the surf, and just having a good time. – Yeah we’re gonna be riding
here for a couple of days. Making some videos but
by the time you watch The Dirt Shed Show we’ll
be down in Monterey and hour that way, at Sea
Otter, checking out some tech. Seein’ some pros, and making some videos. – Oh probably bump into some
of you guys out there as well. – Hopefully. – Ha ha I knew it. I knew they were somewhere nice. – What are you gonna do about it? – There’s not much I can do. I’m stuck here in this shed. – I’ve never seen an angry Martyn. – (laughing) Oh it
doesn’t happen very often. It’s not very impressive when it does. Right onto last week’s
poll which was a bit of a sore subject. We were talking about
bikes gettin’ stolen. Not cool, but we got some great response on the poll itself. 28% said they had had their bike stolen. – [Scotty] That’s not
a great response to me. That’s a bad response. – [Martyn] Well it’s a lot. – [Scotty] Yeah. – [Martyn] It’s a lot. 67% have not had my bike stolen so far. That’s good, we’re being careful cause we want to talk about
not having your bike stolen and karma coming and gettin’ you. But that’s good news 67% haven’t. And only 3% were too
busy to answer the poll. – Well they obviously weren’t that busy cause they clicked they were too busy. – Tricked ’em! Tricked them. But love gettin’ your
responses on the poll. We also got some great comments
in the comments section about bikes stolen. Some stories about people
having their bike stolen. Actually I forgot to mention a time I had a bike stolen last week. Which I think is kinda weird. How did I forget that? I was at a big show once and I had a bike stood near me and someone took it. It was like a factory bike, one off. And I lost it. – Well you didn’t get it back? – No I never got it back some guy just walked off with it.
– God. – And I forgot about
that which is strange. Anyway just thought I’d let you guys know. So onto your comments from last week. Jamie Green said, “My Dad
nearly got the bike jacked “by a guy with a gun.” So he hit him in the face,
– Whoa. – with his chain ring. – Wow! – And he added, he was using 3×10’s. So it must have really hurt. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Three times as hard. – Yeah, yeah I quite like that story. Nice one Jamie. Derpy Paca says he’s had two bikes stolen both on his birthday. – Oh. – That sucks. Thank you for your comments
and your poll results. Love hearing them. Get involved with this week
we’ll have a read of it all. And hopefully you can be
on the show next week. Okay now it’s time for this weeks news and it’s coming from none other than, Scotty Lochan who’s just there. – Over here? – That’s the guy. – Okay we wanna talk about
29ers and downhill racing. – This is exciting. – Because there’s been
a splash of the Fox 14. Now we’ve seen a couple of
these sort of made Frankenstyle and Yuki Milali did one. – Yeah, yeah. – But now there’s an
official one from Fox. It’s on Collier Schmidt’s Instagram page. So he’s one of the technicians
for the World Cup races. And it’s called the Fox 49er. It’s in that RAD development
programme at the moment. So it stands for I think,
Racing Aided Development. – Yeah, yeah. – So no one really
knows too much about it. There’s nothing from Fox being put out. But they’re just putting it out there, that 29ers are gonna be at lards. – But surely yes. Surely it means, there’s gonna be, these are top guys gonna
be using these Fox. That means there’s gotta be
a 29er downhill bike racing in the World Cup this season. Doesn’t it? – There’s gonna be. You know, everyone wants to go faster. The racers are looking for
the smallest of marginal gains to outdo the competition. And we know that Danny
Hart’s been out testing. – Yeah. – And so have the Atherton’s. But that doesn’t mean
to say that other teams haven’t got something
up their sleeves, so. – Oh it’s exciting. – We’re only two weeks away. – Yeah, it’s gonna be really cool to see a 29er downhill bike, I dunno. Just sort of seems like it
could be really amazing. It’s travel over the ground so fast. – I’ve got some news for you Martyn. I’m at Sea Otter and I am
racing the E-Mountain Bike Race on this giant full E. It’s 27.5 plus. It’s powered by this Yamaha battery and Neil Donoghue’s legs. And I’ve never raced cross country. I’ve never raced an E-bike. See what happens. Oh yeah. – Right. Also onto last weeks
comments that you guys gave us over the videos on our channel. I’m gonna start with last
weeks Dirt Shed Show. Mlhoutt, he says, “You should
do the Dirt Shed Show live.” We should do that, we should do. – We do a couple on Facebook. – We’ve done a few on
Facebook check those out. But there’s some things
happening in the background, so look out for that. Reet Mtb says, “I don’t
think they can read. “The popcorn bag that we used.” Our poc corn, ha ha,
get it, popcorn, cause. – Ha, aha yeah. – Yeah, “Popcorn bag has
this side down on it.” What? Hang on, I mean lets look
back at last week’s show. What were we doing? You want a million views on your film, then send it to [email protected] It’s just down there. You just read it and then do it. (buzzing sound) Oh I see. We had the popcorn upside down. – Ah, okay. – Right is this interesting? I don’t think that’s interesting. I don’t, we’re talking
about mountain biking. – Let’s, let’s go onto the next comment.
– Just keep going. – James Williams, “Every week the bikes in
the Bike Vault that get “a super nice should be put into a contest “to decide who has the super
nicest bike of the week.” – Whoa. – I like that idea. – Yeah. – Should we start the
pot stirring on that. What ya think Jack? Should we do that a little bit? – [Jack] Yeah. – Yeah Jack’s into it. Right. I think that might be an
idea there James, thank you. Sebastian Suppes says, “At around 7:15 “in last week’s show “I love how Martyn trashes
on the Lefty Cannondale “when he was a sponsor at one point.” (Scotty laughing) Wait, wait, no. I don’t do any Cannondale hating. No, no. – Well apparently you did. – All I said, no, all I
said was is that you can’t get a mud guard for a Lefty. But apparently, I was wrong. Because Josh W added in
that actually Mudhugger do do a mud guard for a Lefty. Yup, reliable me. Right, okay Bob Smithy says, “I can’t concentrate on the Bike Vault “anymore cause every
time there’s a super nice “my dog searches the
house for a squeaky toy.” (Martyn laughing) Wrong one. – Maybe it’s that one. (loud squeaking) There we go. (Martyn laughing) They’ll be coming into the show there on. – It’ll be there. We don’t know what drink this is. It’s been in here since
the shed was opened. We’re worried about it. K, from last weeks long
jump challenge video, which was cool. Which was cool. Did you win? No Blake won. – No Blake won. – But you was close. – But it was between, it came down to Blake and I at the very end. – Yes, liked it. – I did get the (whispers). – Worse, the trials ride a trick on it. Trials riders, see who hit the can? Trials rider did. Actually let’s just watch that moment. This is Scott’s attempt. Third go, can he get it? He’s absolutely smashed it! – It’s a good moment. – That’s good, smack! You like literally flattened that can. Filip Cernak said about that
video, “I don’t see Scott cheat “but he definitely cheating somewhere.” (Scotty moaning) You’ve just like, painted
him with this brush. You peddle once. One peddle. – Yeah, it was only one peddle.
– One peddle. C’mon. – One repetition. – Come on people, get over it. – Pedalling! (Martyn and Scotty laughing) – Right Antoine Leroy says,
“3:19 did I just see a woman “wearing a GMBN winter jacket? “New presenter or just a camerawoman?” – That’s Aiden. – No I don’t think it’s Aiden, I think– – Oh, Tom. – I think it’s Tom. (bell ringing) (Martyn and Scotty laughing) Tom Grundy he just got turned into a lady. And a presenter. Can you imagine Tom presenting? – I think he’d actually be quite good. – I think that too, he’s
a very handsome man. Very beautiful. Anyway that’s what you
guys have been saying on our channel this week. Thank you for your comments. Keep them coming cause we do read ’em all. We love to hear from you. Give us a bit of you
know, a bit of banter. And we look forward to seeing what you put in the comments down below. Right time for Progression Session. That being the week where we get to see if you’re getting better on your bikes. And Scotty can tell you this week, we have got some amazing ones. – Okay. – You’re gonna love this. Check this first video
out from Ken Beauchamp, whose a progressing his bunny hop. He wanted to progress it
so much that he’s trying to do this log. It’s not going very well as
you can see on his first go. OTB nearly. Whah. – Do you know what? Do you know what? – Check out the second go. – This is bringing the
trials into the trails. – Yeah look at this. Look over the bars. But gives it a couple of
months and check this out. – [Scotty] Nails it, nice. – It’s a different guy. Oh he gets that so good on that last go. – [Scotty] That was really really clean. – [Martyn] Look at that. Rup. – [Scotty] Yeah. Perfect example of progression. – Next one is from Clint Griffen. Now this is really cool
because he was helping build a bike park that was in
memory of his brother, Dale Griffen right. So this is a really special
park that he’s building. But whilst he’s building it,
he’s starting to learn to jump. And it’s so cool because the first jumps, I’m not gonna lie right. They’re a bit scary. You’re thinking like,
hey dude, I don’t know if you should be doing these jumps. – Right, okay. – But watch how much better he gets. It’s so great. Look, it’s like oh man, you haven’t realised
how you could fall here. Look. – [Scotty] Ohh. – [Martyn] Nearly to manual. – [Scotty] Yeah. – [Martyn] But, watch this. I mean he starts, look at this. – [Scotty] Oh nice! – [Martyn] So good. – [Scotty] Yeah he’s
like totally transformed between video 1 and video 2.
– I love this. Yeah it’s like a different guy. – [Scotty] So, so much better. That’s sick.
– Progression. So great. And a lovely looking bike park as well. So that’s a really great
tribute to your brother. That’s awesome. – And now, I believe it’s over to Blake. – Yeah it looks like Blake just wouldn’t let me out of the First Try Friday. So over to you dude. – I didn’t want to miss
out on First Try Friday so I’m taking this from Martyn
and the guys over there. This guy’s Kellen Johnson
he’s hit this drop for the first time. And he filmed it, but
he’s introduced himself the best and perfect way. Check it out. – Hey I’m Kellen from
Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States. This is my First Try Friday. I’m sending that drop over to that gap. – [Bystander] Eeeeyou! Yeah heh! Wooooo! (crowd screaming) – Ho ho ho! Pretty good! Pretty good.
– Nice one Kellen. That’s awesome. – You get one of these. (mouth farting) But keep sending them
in to [email protected] I’d love to see them. And introduce yourself
just like that guy did because, that’s perfect. – And while you’re there guys you might as well do Tech of the Week. What you got? – So for this weeks Tech of the Week we’re at Sea Otter checking out some tech. And look at this bike. This is Richie Rude’s race bike. Number one player on
the front from Tasmania. Looks very clean. The colours on that, very cool. I’m at Fox, checking
out their new 36 forks. All been updated. You got all sorts of options with 36. Still comes in 26 inch wheels. 27 on 29 of course. You’ve got, again, more options. You got 15 or 20 mil axils. 110 boost. The big new thing about the
Fox 36 is this evil air spring. There’s added more negative air to that. So smaller bump sensitivity. It’s better and more mid stroke support. – K Martyn, competition winners. Let’s get them announced
for the Ergon stuff. – Yes. – See if you’ve one the saddle. You’ve got some grips. And then a sick backpack
which I actually kind of want. – Yes. – Don’t want to give that away. – I really want one. We’ve got to I’m afraid. – Yeah. – We’ve got three sets of
these going out to, ready. Three, two, one. These lucky winners. If your name is on the
screen you’re a winner. So congratulations. – [Scotty] Congratulations. – [Martyn] Congratulations to Caleb Lee, Matt Madison and Seppe Dewulf. You’re winners. – [Scotty] Nice. – Look at that! That’s cool isn’t it. I really, you know. I really want one of those bags. Can we make that happen? Can that happen? Jack, can that happen? – [Jack] Yeah. – Yeah. Hacks and bodges, Scott what
have you got, start us off. – Well I’m just admiring
this one right here. It’s from Stewart Said,
and see what’s he’s done? – Oh. – So he’s got his Bell helmet, and then he’s actually used two mounts, and he’s got this big extendable port. – [Martyn] Yeah. – To get the GoPro right in front of them so you can get a really
cool shot looking back. – Wicked I’d love to see
some footage from that. I would love to see
some footage from that. That is really cool, helmet cam position. It looks bad. – What? – But actually it’s very clever. – What is it? – Paul Bellingham, found
a guy on a Norco site, he sheared his clamp plate and he’s a bit of a raff
engineer, so Paul sorted it out. Using just some zip ties and some tape, he got the guy back to the
bike park centre sorted out. Fixed it. – [Scotty] That’s, bad. – It looks bad, you’d call it a bodge. But I think it’s tough
situation and Paul done a good thing there. – I tell you what, that’s
why you should always carry some zip ties and
some duct tape with you. – How many times are we gonna say it? You’ve gotta have it with you. Great, Hacks and Bodges. (loud crashing) Not a good catch, but keep them coming to [email protected] you
can see it just down there. There it its. What more do you need? Send them in, show us what you’re doing. We wanna see how your ingenuity has made special moments in mountain biking. – And all your engineering skills. – Yeah all of those. Right. Here’s last weeks photo
from the caption contest. It’s Blake looking well, ridiculous. You seein’ that? Look at that tongue. – Well I see him everyday
looking ridiculous. (Martyn laughing) It’s not a surprise. – Here are the captions, first one, Ned Banford says, “When
you give your roadie friend “a mountain bike helmet.” Oh bless of the roadie hate. – I don’t know. – Bless of the roadie hate. – And Jammy Henstone says,
“When you make it into “the bike vault after many attempts.” – Yes, yeah that is the look. And I’ve done it. Alright and here’s the winner. From Stefan D so get ready
to send us your details because you’re gonna win a GMBN pocket, that’s just over the back there. When the bushes tickle you
walking back up the trail. (Martyn and Scotty laughing) – That’s weird. – That’s a winner. It’s weird but it’s a winner. We had lots of other ones that
were much ruder than that. And we couldn’t use them. (Scotty laughing) I appreciate your efforts. Right here’s this weeks photo take a look. What do you make of that image? Give us a caption down
below and see if you can win yourself some GMBN goodies. Good luck! Right now it’s time, it’s my
favourite time of the week. Scott it’s Viewer Edit. It’s where we guarantee
at least a million views, not guaranteed, to all of
these videos that we show. – Yeah. – Which I really like. Now obviously we haven’t got
Big Boned Sampson this week cause he’s off in California
having a nice time. So we’ve got Aiden, our
social man alright Aids. – Aids, mate. – Bringing the coffees in. So we can. – K yeah, flat white please. – Oh I love these thank you mate. Come and sit down.
– Come on jump there. – Watch some viewer edits with us. It’s time to hit the lights
and watch some films. Can you see from their Aiden? – Yeah. – Let’s kick back. – Ah yes. Look at this. Right, first film is from, oh let me get the name right, don’t want to get the name wrong. This is a big moment. Leo McCurdie. Yes release this film called Fair Play. Little story about him
doing a downhill race. – [Aiden] K let’s check it out. – [Martyn] Check it out. Oh, best storytelling,
like that, like that. Fair play young man. (laughs) Here he goes, here he goes. – [Aiden] That’s Aston Hill Bike Park. – [Martyn] Oh you know it? – [Aiden] I do. – [Martyn] It’s a good
track, how’s he doing? – [Aiden] He’s pretty good. – [Martyn] He’s movin’ isn’t he? – [Scotty] Tell you what, he’s got a lot of camera angles for this race run. – [Martyn] Mmm, he’s
worked hard on this edit. Leo you’ve done a good job. – [Aiden] Yeah he’s fast. – But we must move on I’m sorry Leo’s doin’ well.
– Oh actually I tell you what. I lied. That isn’t Aston Hill Bike Park, that’s Windhill Bike Park. – It’s Windhill, ah. – I thought I recognised that. – Scotty was stuck on what
he was thinking right. Next one, Ben Hooper. Now do you remember a while back we talked about a trail centre that got burned down. – Yeah Christchurch, Yes. – Christchurch. – Christchurch but well this is Ben. He’s used that. He’s got good on his
bike ride on that trail. But it’s burned down, he
can’t use it at the moment. So this is the trail he’s using at the moment. So here’s Ben Hooper’s little edit. A million views coming your way. Not coming your way. – [Scotty] Nice, cinematic start. – [Martyn] This is shot is
like, just you got to have him. – [Scotty] Yeah. – [Martyn] You can’t have
a video without that shot. – [Aiden] Boom and he’s off. He’s off frame. Oh strange point of view though. – [Martyn] Yeah but
I’ve checked it for POV. – [Aiden] Right. – [Martyn] There’s not too much. – [Aiden] Okay you’ve done the scan. – [Martyn] Yeah I’ve done the POV scan. It’s gonna, it’s got some good angles. He’s going pretty quick. – He’s going good. – I mean this is a trail
he’s made with his mates cause they can’t ride the
Christchurch Trail Centre. But apparently the fire nearly
brought this place down too. So, ah nice whip. What you think, lads? What you think? – [Aiden] Yeah some
pretty big jumps in that. – [Scotty] I say he deserves
the views that he’s getting. – [Aiden] Yeah. – [Martyn] He’s gonna get ’em. – [Aiden] He deserves a million views. – [Martyn] There’s a
million, there’s a million. I can’t wait to see a million on that. Well all I can say is please keep sending your viewer edits in to [email protected] It’s just down there,
you’ve got no excuse. Send us in the films you’re makin’. Love seeing them. Like I say we guarantee,
we don’t guarantee, a million views on none of your videos. Keep ’em coming, Aids
thanks for the coffee. – You’re welcome. – Glad you could join us. Get back out and do some social media. Okay time for some Fails and Bails. Scott, you’ve fallen off
a few times I presume. – Oh dude, many a time. Many, many a time. – You’re gonna appreciate this first one from Laurence Spadler. Who sent us a video a long time ago about riding McAvalanche. – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – And he slid down the slope. He’s been doing some more snow racing. And guess what happens. – [Scotty] There’s a lot
of crashes in front of him. – [Martyn] Check this out, he’s down. – [Scotty] Oh man! (Martyn laughing) Oh there’s two of them down. – [Martyn] He knocks someone off. (laughs) – [Scotty] Aw another guy, it’s just like domino effect. – [Martyn] Oh my god. Oh my god that is so good. – [Scotty] He just gets up and goes again. – This one, right this is an
image that we’ve been sent from Paul Bellingham, his mate John, got a little bit caught
out on his row-o and it was a little bit hot. – [Scotty] Oh did he get branded? Oh.
– Ouch. – Is that a half of a dirvish mano. (Martyn laughing) – That’s the title he
needs to have next to it. – Yeah. – Oh man. – Okay that is got me in the mood for for a bit of a crash reel. – Let’s do it. (rock music) – [Cameraman] Ooops! Oh dear. (crowd laughing) – Okay they may be in
California having a nice time but let’s make sure they at
least do some work, Scott. – Yup. – Right, Instabangers with Neil and Blake. – Cheers Martyn. Mine is thatthirdthingmtb
it’s a lady called Rachel Jevons, check out this picture of her having a crash
on a burn it’s crazy. – Ugh ho, that is naughty. Mine again, I saw it in my search, it’s Conor MacFarlane. He’s doing this flat flip
drop on a downhill bike in Whistler. It’s nuts how he does it on that. – He’s not, he looks
like he’s really close to whacking his head on
the way around as well. – Yeah so crazy. – Scott, do you know what time it is? – Um, Bike Vault time perhaps? – Oh you do, oh you do
know what time it is. – Yeah. – Oh okay. – Should we– – It’s time for the Bike Vault. – Should I give the squeaker to Jack? – Squeaker to Jack, you’re in charge. – Jack you’re in charge, no pressure man. – If you hear super nice, hit that button and watch for the dogs. Right we’re going first in this one.
– Ohhh! – Oh look at that, whatcha think? – Okay, I need to look at the pedals. – This is Alistair Bins. – I need to look at the pedals, cause everyone on my
social media is commenting on my bike but they’re not straight. They’re flat but they’re
not three o’clock, but that’s a super nice. (loud squeaking) – It’s a super nice. – You can’t deny it. – There’s literally nothing
wrong with that photo. It’s really great. Good start. Oh that’s strong as well. – That is strong. – It is Andre Rousseu’s, Scott, I don’t know where that is. It looks like maybe Portugal or Spain, somewhere like that. What do you think? I don’t know actually it could be US. It’s a really nice looking bike. – It’s a nice. It’s not quite the super nice. – Look at the pedals
Scott, look how much effort he’s gone to. Come on, that is a nice,
that’s an X-C weapon. – There’s not drive train sides so it’s just a nice. – Okay, it’s just a
nice, I tried for Andre. I tried. Right, Charlie Stump. – See look now, now we’re talking. Got everything aligned. Pedals, drive train. – I think the background’s
a bit burned out. – But the bike is in focus. – Yeah it’s all about the
bike at the end of the day. – I mean, super nice. (loud squeaking) – Is that SRAM eagle on there? – No, it’s a one up component, so that’s the green. So it is definitely a super nice. – Super nice. Super nice. – K come on next one. – Next one, sorry I’m really indulging in the bikes too much. Huh, it’s a Cannondale with a Lefty. Now I have to give this
a super nice Scott. (loud squeaking) – And do you know what, I’m gonna agree. (loud squeaking) Because he’s, everyone’s
learning this week. Everyone who is sending their pictures in, the pedals are flat. – Yeah, yeah. They’ve got everything right and I owe Cannondale Lefty a little bit of love. It’s a super nice Daniel West, well done. This looks like someone’s lent their bike against a fence to me. – Yeah. – Dylan McCarthy, I don’t
think you’ve done enough. – It’s a nice. – It’s a nice. – Yeah. – It’s a nice. Does look like you’ve got some nice pedals on their but anyway. – Mmmmhmmm, super nice. – Huh, hey Paul Bellingham. – Oh yes! – It’s a three peat. (loud squeaking) – So he got Hacks and Bodges, was it Progression Session? – Hacks and Bodges, Viewer Edits, or was it Progression Session? – I think it was Progression Session. – Progression Session and
he’s in the Bike Vault. – And he got a super nice. – It’s a three peat,
he’s got a super nice. And looks he’s just off
in the background there. – Oh! – You can see him fixing someone’s saddle. Oh last bike in the Bike Vault is Wayne Mitchell’s Shrek– – Brentwood middle section,
that’s a super nice. You see the trail, you can see the bike.
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That is not a super nice. The back wheel is out of shot. And that. – He could be holding the back wheel. He doesn’t want to drop the bike. – I’ll go in as super nice. (loud squeaking) End it on the Bike Vault. It’s been a great show this week. What have you boys got to finish us off? – Coming up on the channel next week, tomorrow we’ve got a pro
bike chat from Sea Otter, and also a technical video from Sea Otter, so check it out. And then on Sunday we’ve got a video by Shimano Di2 electronic gears. Monday is a helmet buyers guide. Telling you all the
different types of helmets and why you would choose
one over the other. – Yeah Tuesday’s your top 10. Wednesday, how to build a basic dirt jump with myself. Thursday is Ask GMBN, and
then what’s Friday Mart? – It’s the Dirt Shed Show of course. – Cheers Martyn we’ll see you
back in the Shed next week. But if you wanna see some
more videos from GMBN click just over here for a
HQ tour at POC in Stockholm. – That’s a good one. Click down here for long jump challenge. Don’t forget to click the globe. You won’t miss another
video just like this one. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like.

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