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Why We Ride Bikes | Cycling Vlog Info and Tips

Why We Ride Bikes | Cycling Vlog Info and Tips

Why did I decide to become a road biker? maybe for the sense of freedom and personal achievement that defines road biking is a sport or maybe just because riding a bike is a lot of fun as we discovered when we are just gay as adults our lives are now complicated and more stressful as adults it can lose sight of some basic truth about life then we should always take care of ourselves and do things that make us feel more alive things like riding your bike down a long and winding road just flying along like when you were a kid and there’s no better way of taking care of yourself and to set off on a sunny day and just ride a bike I decided to become a road biker to have more fun and to enjoy life more and to get outdoors along the way I’ve accomplished some personal achievements as I became more addicted to robot I’m here to share some of my story and my journey with those of you who are interested in watching thank you for coming along you

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  1. good video Gerry i got into road cycling to keep my fitness up while i could not run through injury fell in love with the sense of adventure and freedom i love climbing hills but my legs hate it but the greatest thrill for me is flying down a decent keep riding and keep the videos coming.

  2. Excellent videos. I'm new to road biking and found your videos informative. Thanks from Southern California.

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