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Benefits of cycling
Why women quit riding (I almost quit for the last reason)

Why women quit riding (I almost quit for the last reason)

53 comments on “Why women quit riding (I almost quit for the last reason)

  1. This audio is killing me :'D I may not do another video like this… let me know what you think. And just a heads up, I recorded this right after, and on the same day, of last week's video! So if you see some timeline repetition that's why.

    Around 3:30 and after, please note I am not trash talking cruiser women!! Just recounting specific stories of the ladies I know that have quit riding and leaving out their individual names. Not encompassing groups here! Love my cruiser ladies!!! <3

    If you want to actually see how I clean this bike and all the products I use, click here
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  2. I'm gonna quit riding if i don't put atleast 5000 miles on my bike this season,whats the point of having a bike that's sits in the garage collecting dust

  3. Dirt bike riding is more physical on ankles, legs, arms and shoulders. 50% of the time you are standing on the pegs to adjust balance while driving up and down hills. It becomes a compeditive ride instead of a relaxing ride.

  4. I've been using 90W gear oil as chain lube lately applied with a toothbrush & excess wiped off. Seems to work real well and a lot cheaper than 'chain lube.'

  5. Cleaning your bike tip: I purchased ($10) a used battery operated leaf blower. It works great to blow dry all those hard to get at areas on the bike.

  6. I would like you to know that you're part of the reason why I'm getting my motorcycle license. Today I actually went to a motorcycle convention. I'm in the train home right now. I bought my first motorcycle jacket and pants. (They look so good. I found a brand that makes clothes just for women and it's from my country! It's an expensive but good investment) I'm so excited to start riding. It's good to hear about the different reasons why people quit. It makes you think about what suits you and if this is the right thing for you. Thank you for making this video

  7. So. Let's start and see :d hmm…..

    Ok. Ok. Calm down. I almost died at the "plastic bag" moment and later at "toothbrush is coming" moment ๐Ÿ˜€ but – wasn't nearly as bad as scrubbing. All in all – you've just earned another subscriber! Please please please keep an eye (or ear) on audio on future videos and everything will be all right! Cheers.

  8. So many stop riding, when they get kids.. BUT a lot keep riding, and develop motorcycles as their common hobby, and interest within the family.. So, guess it depends, who you are.. ๐Ÿ‘

  9. One reason woman tend to slow down or stop is that their priorities changes especially after you have children and the financial responsibility that comes with owning a motorcycle is also a factor. Your focus then shifts to the need and availability you give as a parent because in your mind you understand that they need you more than you need to ride a motorcycle so we put out lives on pause because we understand that we need to stay healthy for the family. I've been riding now for 10 years and I appreciate the freedom of riding now then I did before however, I am 59 and my kids are grown. Never quit though.

  10. Really like this video. You seemed very personable and natural. Connection to your viewer was spot on. Most of all you love of riding and that bike came through beautifully. It's something that all of us who ride can understand.

  11. * C'mon sis..I'm definitely sure no one's gonna stop riding something even dead bodies…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ.. (๐Ÿ‘€ – C what I mean)??!.

  12. Doodle, Iโ€™m glad you never quit riding. Great job cleaning your Motorcycle. Do you think itโ€™s leaking oil on the ground? Put a piece of cardboard under your Motorcycle when you part it. Or throw some flour on the ground so you can see. Get a cushion to sit on especially in cooler weather.

  13. Man if my bike could see this video, she would be so jealous, such a clean bike and above all such a beautiful owner ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜

  14. My wife and are kind of in the same category as the comments by Katt B.

    As I mentioned in a comment on one of your vlogs. I encouraged my wife to take up riding with me. I rode as a teenager, but like Katt B, we put our lives on hold for our kids. Now it's time for us! And after she was convinced she could at least try learning to ride as a result of watching some of your vlogs, and now having proved to herself that she can do it, she cannot wait to get her Indian Scout with or without me ๐Ÿ™‚ and she's in her 50's now.

  15. I wish you lived in Sweden so we could go for a ride someday ๐Ÿ™ I donโ€™t have a bike yet but itโ€™s one of my biggest dreams. I would love to meet more women to hang out with that shared my interests. Hopefully I will someday !! i have a couple of friends and also people in the family that rides, iโ€™ve tagged along many times. and I just love the adrenaline and the fellowship, I guess you could say. Iโ€™m looking forward to this summer !! God blessโค๏ธ

  16. I started on a KLR and I definitely was not tall enough to be on it! I dropped it a handful of times (In dirt fortunately) because I couldn't reach the ground, or wasn't expecting a hole. Anytime I had to stop, I had to sit with just my thigh on the seat, and my tip toes on the peg, just to have the other foot reach the ground! Not to mention having to jump off the bike to push it backwards.

  17. Once again, I enjoyed this video format; can hardly wait until the dirt bike experience vid debuts! HINT: it takes some time to become a good dirt biker; it took me about 4 years.

  18. You're so right and it's not just women… It's men too… But thanks for the information and thanks for sharing… Please don't get mad but you look cute cold… Thanks for the video…. Much love…. Sorel boots will keep your feet warmer…

  19. Lots of reason to quit riding, the list is endless. its all about individual choice, risk analyst, but for me its about following that sweet joy of life that two wheels provide.

  20. As a newby at 65, I quickly realized that the MSF course in a parking lot, although very valuble, was nothing like moving down the road in traffic. So sometimes I do question my need to be propelling down the road on 2 wheels balanced over an engine and gas tank. Whenever those thoughts enter my head, they are quickly replaced with sheer joy as I release the clutch and ease into the throttle. Gone with the wind.

  21. Check out Jackie's Moto Garage! You could give advice and learn too. Riding isn't for everybody. Men quit too. For me it is church, the best way to relate to God within myself. My wife rides because she loves everything about it!

  22. Good video, I'm glad you've kept up with riding and enjoying yourself. I'm really skeptical of your bike leaking oil. That bike is made so well, I'm thinking not much chance. The way you take care of your bike, the way you put your hands all over it, you'd notice if it was leaking. I hope it stops snowing for you. My wife and I lived in Lawrenceville and Duluth in late 90's for 3 years and only saw snow 1 time.

  23. I switched from a GW250 to a Vstrom650 a couple of months ago, there are times I too have found reversing out of parking spaces difficult especially where the road camber is steep or gutter is deep, but I wouldn't change from the adventure bike.

  24. ๐Ÿ‘ I can understand the whole โ€œbike not right for youโ€ thing. My friends and I just started riding last year. My bike was given to me. Itโ€™s older, taller, and heavy. When I first starting riding it It did make me wonder if this was for me. But I took my time, learned the bike and made the mods i needed to to make it fit me. Also. We did a pick up your bike day…. very helpful. Knowing that if this beast did fall over, and it did…. I can pick it up. I totally enjoy riding with my friends and I love my bike now. Although a newer one would be nice. I guess just give your self some time and practice practice practice. Ride safe keep up the great videos.

  25. Interesting topic. I started riding on a friends bike when I was 12, then my brothers bikes when I was a teen. Got my first bike in '79 when I was 19. Many machines and many years later brings me to the year 2020 and I can honestly tell you the thought of quitting has never crossed my mind. When it comes to motorcycles I'm the dog with his head hanging out of the car window ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. While I respect anyoneโ€™s choice to either ride or not ride, Iโ€™m glad you stuck with it!
    A good friend of mine lives with her boyfriend who doesnโ€™t ride. It works – she still gets her bike time (he even bought her a bike!), and he gets what he needs too, with no pressure to ride. It works for them, so it can work for you!

  27. Hey, you might check your tires for nails and/or screws. In the beginning of the video it looks like a head of a nail in the tire . Ride safe. .

  28. Hey someone on my channel recommended your channel to me!! So neat to see another woman rider. I started about a month ago. Looking forward to watching some more of your videos! Ride safe!

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