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Whyte Wessex One | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Whyte Wessex One | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Whyte is a brand that’s perhaps better
known for its mountain bikes than its road bikes but the company has used its
off-road expertise to create this, the Whyte Wessex One as well as its other
road bikes too. Now we previously reviewed the highest
spec Whyte Wessex SE and absolutely loved the way that that bike felt on
British roads. The Wessex One is a much more affordable version with a spec
is absolutely ideal for winter riding And personally for me most important it
matches my shoes. The Wessex One has a 1x groupset
which makes it a simpler system because you remove the mechanical complications
of the front mech and it also makes it lighter too. And although you only get
11 gears you get as much range as you would do from a double system at the
front because once mechanical overlap of the two rings is accounted for you
actually only get 13 gears with a double ring system. Whyte has actually never
made a bike with rim brakes and the Wessex One comes with SRAM Apex
hydraulic discs and through axles for awesome stopping power in all conditions.
As with other Wessex models you also get fittings for mudguards and wide tyres.
In this case they’re WTB Exposure 30mm tubeless ready tyres
mounted on WTB Asym tubeless rims with corrosion resistant, brass nipples and
stainless steel spokes The Wessex One really is a practical and versatile machine. In addition to the massive tyre clearance and single 44 teeth
chainring, one of my absolute favourite features about the Wessex is the fact
that it’s got a threaded bottom bracket in a carbon frame and I’m sure many bike
mechanics will agree with me on this that that is a far better solution to
surviving a British winter than a press-fit bottom bracket. And it’s really
great to see that Whyte has thought about this and gone against the grain to
create a bike that really is suited to British roads.

9 comments on “Whyte Wessex One | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

  1. Said it before and I'll say it again, I freakin' love the Wessex! The 1x is a neat idea when you think about the capabilities of the bike, but I'd have preferred a 46 tooth myself.

  2. can somebody please review a bike made for actual winters like where i live? see photo

  3. Never made a bike with rim brakes? What about ?

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