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Wilier Zero SLR first look by CyclingTips

Wilier Zero SLR first look by CyclingTips

I’m David Everett from Cycling Tips, Australia. Let’s say it’s we’ve only got like 45 / 50 kilometers in in total so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer but the the short time that we’ve we’ve had to play on we’ve fully enjoyed it the handling is the bit that’s really surprised me more than anything it’s the there’s plenty of descent round the to throttle back down plenty of sharp twisty corners and that’s the bit that surprised me it’s definitely got, a professional a professional rider in mind for this bike it’s it’s aggressive it’s fast on the downhills, on the uphills as well when you stand up here the power in the backend definitely gives it a straight through the drivetrain to the back end and uphill it feels stiff enough feels fast enough and yeah it’s a performance bike for someone who is a performance rider I would say, it’s up there with the very nice bikes of the world isn’t, it’s enjoyable to ride comfortable. Yeah it’s very Italian.

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