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Windy Wendy Lady Windbreaker Jacket by Cumulus®

Windy Wendy Lady Windbreaker Jacket by Cumulus®

While train running, endurance cycling
or even during your weekend
hikes, it is important to have unnoticeable piece of clothing which ensures additional protection against the elements Kind of
“pack it and forgive it” jacket. No worries. We got you covered. This is our Windy Wendy Lady jacket. Ultra light and ultra compact. This tiny Beauty has got everything
which is crucial, but yet nothing unnecessary. An elastic webbing in the hips will help you adjust the windshirt exactly to your body size. The same finish secures cuffs. Elastic
and minimal. We have used the lightest windproof and breathable Toray® fabric on the market. We’ve also added one small pocket,
which is located at the end
of the sleeve. Cloose-fitted collar would protect
your neck from
wind and cold. During Windy Wendy Lady’s
design process, the weight
and size were crucial. We are proud enough to say
that we have created one of
the smallest and lightest windshirts on the market. The Windy Wendy
Lady jacket weighs
only 50 grams, and packs very small into its own pocket. We wanted one color to be
neon lime, to be better better visible on the road. Windy Wendy Lady could be easily
stored in one of your back
cycling jersey pockets or in your minimal running belt. What’s more, we believe in our
product so much that we give
you a 5-year warranty. Every product that is designed
at Cumulus has to be
as light as possible. We use advanced technical
solutions, world-class fabrics
and constantly improve our manufacturing techniques
to achieve this goal. Nothing can stop us from
finding the best solutions for
lightweight outdoor items.

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