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Winter Cycling Clothing and Winter Cycling Gear

Winter Cycling Clothing and Winter Cycling Gear

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong I hope your a part of the community and you’ve joined all of our channels Instagram, YouTube all that kind of fun stuff but I wanted to do
a video really quickly on a company that i think is absolutely amazing expecially
if you’re in Idaho, Montana, Colorado somewhere where it’s
cold and your playing out in the snow so I did this snow bike race and I wanted to be
really really super warm so I got I had my cycling pants on and
then I even needed an extra warm so I got a set of these glacier legs warmers and I pulled them actually over I put these on first and then I
actually pulled my other tight over the top of ’em the thing I liked
about most is they’ve done a really good job with this
liner that’s inside I don’t know how many of the leg warmers you’ve used
I’ve got a few pair and a lot of times they like to slide
down with these they’re not going to slide down if
anything they’re too aggressive and I don’t mean that in a bad way
but they do hold I mean they are gonna stay right where you
put ’em because of the liner they put in here and the exact same thing in their arm warmers they’ve got that same
liar hold super super good which is so nice not to
have to worry about sliding down the middle of a ride, race
whatever you’re doing so kudos to them on that love that feature also extremely warm lined inside So it was really really nice to have that
extra warmth right on your legs to be able to prevent the cold air and everything from getting to me
what I did here was I had a shirt on pulled this all over like an Under Armour
type of shirt pulled this over and then I pulled a kit over the top this and
had same success on legs on the arms and then that
transition me right to the gloves the actual glove I
wore is over there right now drying out but
they have several different types they have this pair right here
which I love. I just ride just around the house thanks to that
nature extremely nice little glove love how it fits around the wrist it’s got a good Velcro strap kind of a really
nice lining inside of ’em they did a good job that way and these
right here great for cycle cross racing because you just you get in these
gloves you instantly can do anything in them. I mean you wet,
water whatever you put your hands in they’re not getting wet and they don’t cold. really well they are good, thick and you can see inside they are all near primed, they’ve got
a good inside lining to it. SO glacier gloves, glacier leg warmers arm warmers saved my race. It was absolutely a blast
because of this product so I had a great time go check them out
and let me know what your thoughts are If there’s any other products out there that you
but my review on all their stuff is thumbs up great job I’d give you a 10/10 on all products it’s absolutely was awesome
and living in Idaho I’ve used a lot of gloves and super super impressed so check
everything out check all their other videos out and look at the build on this borealis go through Race Face stuff that we put on this bike and how it was built out each piece on this bike is just in my
opinion top shelf was just a really fun project
even down to the the cobs saddle it just really came
together really nice so check that out also and our other videos
stay tune for some more cycling videos and keep
Cycling Strong. talk to you later

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