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Benefits of cycling
Winter Cycling in Edmonton

Winter Cycling in Edmonton

[MUSIC PLAYING] I didn’t really intend on
being a winter cyclist. I just sort of kept
going, thinking that it would become
really unpleasant and I’d stop in the
middle of winter. And it just never
seemed to get that bad. I decided I was either going to
stay inside forever until I die or embrace the outdoors, which
meant six months of winter. To be able to get out and do
something during the winter makes me feel
accomplished and proud. My bike ride in is like
this meditative thing. It’s like it cleans
off my plate, and I can concentrate
on the rest of the day, and it really cheers me up. I think that it’s
that trio of exercise, being outside in nature,
getting fresh air. That stuff is really important. The protected bike
lanes definitely make me feel safer
cycling in the winter. Having the snow cleared
makes a big difference. And having that physical
separation from cars makes me feel a lot safer. It’s not really that
heroic an event. It’s just biking. It’s totally doable for lots
of different walks of life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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