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Winter Road Bike Styling With Lars Michaelsen

Winter Road Bike Styling With Lars Michaelsen

I’ve been living and training in the northern part of Europe for the past thirty years. And I have always set up my winter bike like this. It has given me the comfort to go out and train whatever the weather has been like. And you should do the same! The most important part when setting up your road bike for the winter is the mudguards and the extensions. The extension in the front prevents your feet from getting cold from the water sprinkling. And the extension at the rear ensures that you remain friends with the riders you train with. You have probably experienced sitting behind somebody without mudguards, and it’s just annoying! Be a friend to your group and put on extensions! In order to avoid punctures put on some solid tires. Visibility is a very important part! Make sure to use reflective details, which can be seen from behind, on the moving parts and on the front.

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