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Winter Tips To Beat The Cold On The Bike

– It’s raining, it’s cold,
should we just go to the pub? – No Neil, it’s cold winter and we’ve got a few cool hacks to keep you guys nice and cozy on your bike
out there on a wet trail. (booming beats) – So the first thing to get cold, is your extremities;
your hands and your feet, but I’ve come prepared Blake,
I’ve got waterproof gloves and socks are now a life saver. – Yeah. – You’ve got neither. – I got summer gloves and
I’m wearing summer socks. – What are you gonna do? – I’ve got a nifty little
trick up my sleeve, let me show you. So what I’ve got are these rubber gloves, basically these are
like mechanical gloves. These are also perfect as a liner to go in between your
summer glove and your hand on those nice cold rides on the trail. Next up, your feet, you
can wrap up your feet in plastic bags, that’s gonna keep them a little bit drier as well. I prefer to put em over
my socks and in my shoe. Toasty! – Always like to be
over prepared in winter, so I take a rucksack
with extra layers now, and of course wear more layers, and if we get too hot, take
one off and staff it in here. So something also really good
for keeping your head warm, well, it’s a couple of things really. There’s one of these buff style things, great for sticking around
your neck or over your head. I don’t tend to use them that much, what I prefer is a roadie cap, might see videos of me wearing
these underneath my helmet, really does work to keep your head warm, or also balaclava but someone seems to have stolen my balaclava,
where has that gone? (dramatic music) On the coldest and wettest
days, like it is today, I absolutely love my waterproof trousers. – I love mine as well, you can actually get these cheap ones, you can get on your local sports shop and stuff, but they’re not gonna be
suited for riding your bike cause you’re gonna have these
like big drain pipe legs. With riding trousers they’re breathable, they’re flexible, they’re waterproof and at the bottom, it kind of tail into your ankles, so
they’re not flapping about and getting caught in your chain. – Not a cheap same, but they’ll be breathable and waterproof. Another good alternative I like to use, is wear my three quarter
length bib shorts underneath to padded shorts, knee pads over the top and then waterproof shorts over them, good layering and also pretty waterproof. – The days do get shorter,
so it’s always good to carry a spare set of lights. They don’t have to be massive, just a little bit of light,
just to keep you safe out there on the trail, also
when you have to commute on the roads from the
trail, on the main road, you definitely need some lights to keep you safe on those roads. Out there on those winter months, your body is gonna work extra
hard to try and keep warm and you’re gonna burn a lot of calories, now it’s perfect to bring
your favorite snack out. I carry my bum bag with
my favorite trail mix, now this is a great source of energy that can keep you going also
can boost your morale as well. – Go on, what else you got in this Neil? Come on, I’m freezing.
– Have you seen these things? – No. – Reusable hand warmers. – Oh! – Check it out. – It’s cold. – Yeah, you have to do something to it. – God they seem good hey. Good hack for the winter. (laughs) – Ah! Friends. – [Neil] Suffer together, go
for a ride with a friend or two even if that means you
have to hear them complain the whole way through the trails, it’ll give you an excuse
not to bail on the ride and you’ll have someone to complain about how cold and wet you are afterwards during a hot chocolate or a pint. – Snug as a bug in a rug. – The few hacks keep you warm hopefully. I forgotten about south
winter ride as well, night riding could be a big part of that, so click on there for have some tips on how to go night riding. – Yeah, and keep those fat levels up, click over here for five
great snacks for the trail. – Nice. – It’s super easy to make.
– So give us a thumbs up like.

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