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Winter Triathlon Training Mistakes | The GTN Show Ep. 122

Winter Triathlon Training Mistakes | The GTN Show Ep. 122

– It is the GTN show welcome, now although it is getting close to Christmas there’s still plenty going along in the world of triathlon so we’ve given you an update from all
of the weekend’s races. We’ll be discussing some
positive and negative changes to the 2020 calendars. Plus sharing all your pictures from both indoors and out. – Yeah, and have we mentioned that it’s winter here in the UK? Now I must admit I have escaped the winter for the last few weeks but I’ve come back to reality, and that’s the reality of winter training. So we thought today we’d have a little bit of a discussion
about some of the winter training mistakes that we’ve made, but we’ve also witnessed
others fumble through. (upbeat music) – Now I know that we do seem to go on about this just a little bit too much, but if you live in the
Northern Hemisphere too then you will be with us that it is winter and that brings quite a few challenges for trying to train for a triathlon. – So, let’s start in the dark. The winter months can play havoc with your training when
you’re trying to stick to that same regular routine
you’ve had in the summer. Because realistically
you’re not going to have those daylight hours and
most of your training is probably going to be in the dark, so for example you’re going to struggle to go on the routes that you might have done when it was daylight. – Yeah now I’ll be honest the thought of getting out the door when it’s dark, and likely cold too, really doesn’t fill me with joy at all. But that doesn’t mean that your training needs to grind to a halt because with some fairly good planning, and a little bit of investment too you can definitely keep
things moving along. So let’s start with illumination, and running is probably the easiest one to tackle here because with something as simple as a head
torch you can certainly keep your usual running
loops, whether they be in dimly lit streets
or out on the trails, well you can keep doing
them perfectly well. And another quick point to note is get some hi-vis clothing, because that will also help you be seen too. – Yeah the same pretty
much goes for the bike, but you might need to invest slightly more as you do need to have lights at the front and the back, and if
you’re cycling through a city it’s to be seen, but if you are venturing out from the street lighting you’re definitely going
to need a really good front light that’s good enough to actually see where you’re going. Well next up we have lack of motivation – Heading out to train
in the dark isn’t easy and heading out to train in the cold, well that’s even more difficult. So if you combine those two, is it really a surprise that we lack the motivation to get out there and
get our training done? Now, even though next season might seem a long way off, and perhaps you have got an event entered for that season, but it’s really easy to
stick that into the back of our mind and think about it next month. – Yeah, now we’re not saying that you have to make all of your
training completely specific now and it’s totally fine to just enjoy swimming, cycling and running. But if you are someone who needs a goal then there’s nothing
wrong in just breaking it down and having small little targets throughout the winter to keep you going. And we actually quite like to enter a few local races, so if you’ve got cycle races or maybe running races, personally I love a bit of cross country because I run for my club so
I’ve got that motivation that I’m representing
them, but every course is different so I don’t actually know how slow I’m running because the times don’t matter so that’s quite nice. – Yeah now even if it
does seem a long way off, do try and get yourself a race entered for next year, because then that works as a goal that you can move towards. Start off by just having nice aerobic base training that you
can really build up. But you can keep some
flexibility in there, but remember that that race is there to keep working towards. – Well now we’re going to address not warming up enough in the cold. We’ve talked in detail about training in the dark, but the cold can also hamper your training so you need to prepare. There’s two aspects you want to consider, one is the clothing and the
other, the physical warm up. So when it comes to clothing, the best way to keep warm is by adding layers. Especially in running, and if you’re say doing intervals then you’re likely to get quite warm as you go, and if you are doing it on a track or so over and back in a certain place you can take your layers off as you get hot and leave them in a pile. And when it comes to
cycling, within reason you can take layers off and pop them in your jersey pocket. Now I know some people go by the mantra be bold, start cold and you will warm up. But, when it comes to cycling, especially I know it’s really horrible to go out feeling cold and I’m definitely one that errs on the side of caution. – Yeah and talking about that, I find that when it comes to riding or running, personally I really like to invest in some good gloves, and a good hat too because as far as I’m concerned,
if your extremities are cold then it’s easy
for everything else to feel pretty cold as well. And in terms of everything else, layer up with a really
good breathable jacket. And that’s good for riding or for running. And then some bib tights when you’re on the bike, or some running
leggings or trousers as well just to make
sure that you’ve got all bases covered and you
don’t have any excuses. And in fact, it’s not just the discomfort of the cold that’s a problem, but also physiologically as well because your muscles just aren’t ready and warmed up to get going with what you’re going to be asking them to do. So, what you need to do is make sure that everything is nice and warmed up so that you stave off any problems of muscle tears or strains. – Yeah, so what to do if you’ve had too long off and you’ve left yourself with a massive mountain to climb. Here at GTN we are strong advocates of having that break in your training when winter arrives, so if you’ve been so focused all year on those goals and racing, it’s time to actually just enjoy your training
and relax a little. – Yeah but it can be all too easy to slip into bad habits, or shall we say at least have some poorer choices. You might perhaps become a little bit lax with your diet, or you might start let those training sessions, I don’t know, get a little bit
shorter and shorter. Or perhaps just slip away all together. And then this negative spiral can become really difficult to climb back out of, and before you know it
you’re really struggling to get any sort of motivation, rather to resume what used to be, well, commonplace old habits and routines. – Well we’ve touched
on a little bit there, but what happens if you go a little bit too crazy and you gain
far too much weight? It’s winter, it’s time to treat yourself, eat what you want, sit and do little, if any, exercise. But the crazier you go now and the more you eat, you are going
to have to work harder when it comes to the other side. – Yeah, now this whole
conversation admittedly is inspired by a little post that I just spotted on social media, Tim Reed pro athlete’s Instagram post where he has basically put a before and after picture of
him looking incredibly race fit at Ironman Hawaii I think and then within just over a month he has posted another picture, now admittedly Tim is doing this in a fairly lighthearted manor, but making the
point that you really can enjoy the time off
in your winter break. – Yeah we’re not
disagreeing and here at GTN we are advocates for having that break. But you do have to remember that the fact it’s a break, so it obviously is going to come to an end, so it’s worth baring in mind when you go for that third mince pie in the middle of the afternoon. – Yeah, now there are
admittedly a few things that you need to keep an eye on during your winter training, but my all means relax things up a bit and just be able to take things a little bit more easily. Now by no means do we
think we are the only ones who have made mistakes during these winter months, so we’d love to hear from you guys and see what you think. – Well that leads us on to this week’s GTN poll, where we ask you what training mistakes you’ve made in the winter. We’ve narrowed it down to four options, so have you got injured from either being too cold, or not warming up properly, having the wrong clothing? Have you lacked motivation and ended up just stopping all together for sort of a month or two? Maybe, this is one I’m probably guilty of, eating a bit too much and
gaining too much weight so it’s a bit of an effort afterwards. Or other, I mean there’s a huge spectrum, so if it’s not on that list do let us know in the comments section below, but you can vote on that poll by
just clicking up here. – Now that takes us on to the results from last week’s poll, where we asked you to tell us whether you’d prefer a fast course, a challenging course, or of course some type of other, which I guess could be
like a really extreme one. So anyway our results are in and they’re fairly unanimous, we have 57% of you saying you would have preferred to race over a fast
course, challenging course at 38%, leaving just
5% of you on the other. – Now we all love a giveaway and if you missed last week’s show you might have missed the ParkTool giveaway, which Mark and Fraser went
through the details of what’s on offer, and there’s still chance for you to get your hands on it. – Yeah and it’s a great prize so I would definitely give yourselves a chance for getting involved in this, there’s a great ParkTool stand, there
was a chain cleaning set, there was what they call a sleeping hub for putting your chain on it for giving it a clean, yeah I know it really is. And then there was some great sets of brushes as well, so all in all some brilliant set of cleaning tools, so definitely get yourselves involved, and you’ve got to Monday the 16th to do that. – It’s now time for tri news and last week you guys, you and Mark were talking about the fastest ironman
courses, and quite a few people were commenting on well what about challenge Roth? Well there’s a bit of a clue there because it’s the challenge event it’s not an ironman event. However it is the fastest course as the records go for
iron distance racing, so Chrissie Wellington holds the fastest women’s race, and Jan Frodeno holds the fastest men’s race. – Yeah, now I’m sure this had a large part to play in the fact that Roth was just recently voted the race of the year by magazine and we should probably have little bit of caveat here because obviously Roth is in Germany as is that is where the magazine is based, but regardless of that
it is still an incredible race, and that is the 9th year in a row that it is been voted race of the year. – It’s that time of
year when old contracts are coming to an end and
new contracts are formed and it is at the BMC
Vifit team, who’ve been going for now 6 years,
have made some significant changes to their roster. They’ve actually said
goodbye to Will Clarke, who has been there from the start for the full 6 years, they’ve also let go Manuel Küng and Sarah lewis. – However, there are still 5 members from the 2019 team remaining,
and that is the list of Emma Pallant, Chelsea
Sodaro, Pablo Dapena Gonzalez, Chris Leiferman and Patrick Nielsen. They all remain, and they are joined by newcomers and that’s Katrina Matthew from the UK, Kristian
Høgenhaug from Denmark and Max Neumann from Australia. – We’ve become rather used to the ITU season kicking off in February with the World Cup in south Africa. Now, it isn’t part of the
World Triathlon Series, but it still plays a very significant part of the calendar because it’s that warm up race the first one to get going. Well sadly, the ITU have just announced that that event is going to be canceled along with the Antwerp World Cup, which comes later in the
season, in the summer. Now apparently South Africa is due to lack of funding, as they’ve just not been able to work with the local authorities to actually get enough backing for that event to carry on. And then Antwerp has
actually been something to do with the local government changing and no longer having that support there, but it’s the South
Africa event that I think will play the most significant impact, being early on in the year, but especially this year as it is going
into the Olympic season. – Yeah hopefully we see that one return and although the ITU season is shrinking a little bit, that’s
certainly not the case with the ironman circuit
with the announcement this week of their 12th new location for the 2020 season
and, although that brand has virtually crept into every corner of the globe it
interestingly hasn’t yet been in the world’s largest
country, and that is Russia. Well that’s all about to change next year because they’ve just announced the new ironman 70.3 St. Petersburg
on July the 19th, and that is going to be in what is the city referred to
as Venice of the North. So now we’re going to
move on to our race news section and we’ve got
some ironman 70.3 results for you this week, starting with the Middle East Championship from Bahrain. And this event has become synonymous with incredibly fast times
and in fact last year we had an amazing clean sweep, which you were able to see in real
life from the Norwegian team, now we still had an all Scandinavian clean sweep of the podium this year still led by Kristian Blummenfelt with an incredible victory and he lowered that world record that he set last year, from 3:29 down to an astounding 3 hours and 25 minutes, which
is just incredibly fast when you see the splits. 2nd place was, I did say we had an all Scandinavian, we have a Danish athlete in 2nd place instead of
a Norwegian last year and that was Daniel Bekkegard and 3rd went to Casper Stornes who
was 3rd there last year. – Well Fraser we know you
love your clean sweeps, well it’s very much the
same on the women’s side, except this was a very much Brit dominated affair, well Holly Lawrence was the defending champion going in to this. She had a bit more company this year, there was quite a few ITU athletes who are stepping up the mark, likes of Jodie Stimpson was doing her first 70.3, but it was Lucy Hall who led out from the swim, but don’t think there was that much separation and they all worked together on the bike, there was Lisa Norden in that group, and we also had obviously Jodie Stimpson was there, Lucy Hall, Holly Lawrence. – Indie Lee – Indie Lee yes as well,
so it was very much a came down to a running race and I think the group stayed quite together and it wasn’t until the latter half that Holly managed to pull away and take the win for the 2nd year in a row. And that left Jodie Stimpson in 2nd place on her debut performance and
Claire Hann finished 3rd. – Yeah and then moving
continents we had 70.3 in Lake Taupo down in New Zealand. And this was a very young affair in the men’s field certainly, we had keeping that ITU theme going, a whole host of young ITU athletes stepping up, possibly because they want to get a slot for the world championships,
which are going to be back there at that same venue in 2020. And the win went to a young Kyle Smith in his inaugural debut event at that distance, 2nd
place went to Australian Max Neumann and 3rd place went to Hayden Wilde from New Zealand. – Well the women’s race
was won by Hannah Wells of New Zealand and then 2nd place went to Felicity Sheedy-Ryan from Australia and she was joined on the podium by fellow countrywoman Grace Thek. – Now moving back to another continent we had 70.3 Indian Wells
from the Californian desert really, and that was another repeat victory for, in this case, Lionel Sanders he’s almost unbeatable
over this 70.3 distance. 2nd place went to
American Eric Lagerstrom. And 3rd place went to Miki
Taagholt from Denmark. – Well the women’s race
was won by Paula Findlay, so a good day in the
household of Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom there. 2nd was Alissa Doehla from the USA, and Chelsea Sodaro of the USA was 3rd. (upbeat music) – Right, it’s time for
us to take a look at your photos and we’ve got a
lovely array of wonderful sunny ones from the Southern Hemisphere and some pain caves from
the Northern Hemisphere. And to kick us off we’ve got this one sent in from James of his Canyon Speedmax on the Wellington
waterfront from New Zealand. – Yeah it’s a great
picture and I must admit, I picked this one out because some of you might have seen me riding this bike in 1 or 2 videos, because
I was lucky to get this bike earlier in
the summer from Canyon so erm yeah just a big fan of this one, I think that James has picked a very good bike for his first new whip, as he says here, out on his first ride for it, so hope you enjoy riding it. – I would just say work on some matching water bottles though. – (laughing) – Don’t spoil the look,
it’s a beautiful bike. – Erm, moving on here we’ve got another beautiful bike in another lovely Southern Hemisphere location, so we’ve got Neil here with his – Oh I’m feeling cold thinking about it – 2018 Giant Trinity Pro 0 with eTap with Quarq Power Meter
and Caden 60mm tubulars. Now I’ve never heard of Caden wheels, but perhaps an Australian brand, you can maybe let us know if you’ve seen us chatting about your bike. – Yeah it’s very slick looking, this is definitely looking very clean isn’t it? – I know, but more of even what’s in the background, I mean I’ve never been to Busselton but the jetty there is, as far as I’m aware it
is the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. – Wow, there you go, it goes
out of view on the picture. – 1.9KM, you literally swim round it for the ironman swim. – Is that the one that had sharks? – Yeah – Oh dear. Yeah well,
sorry got distracted there. – And then another one
from, oh this is not is this Southern Hemisphere?
My geography is terrible. – Central, oh it’s central so I don’t know whether it’s North or South. – We should know, I
think that, Costa Rica. So José sent us a picture here of a Scott Speedster from Quepos
I’m going to say here, in Costa Rica ahead of the last race in the Costa Rican triathlon series. – Oh very nice, well now
it’s time to head indoors, this one sent in from Michelle is a Cervelo S5, well
there’s loads of bikes there. It’s not in the foreground is it? – Yeah confusing, no the S5 is clearly one of the bikes hanging up,
I think in the top left, I had a quick zoom in there. – Maybe the one he’s most
proud of I don’t know. – But it’s the felt that’s on the kicker at the moment, but what struck me the most by this is, is what an incredible pain cave, it’s like a
lab, it’s super clean! – And all those photos that have been mounted on the wall as well. – Yeah really, I presume they’re all race photos or training locations or places you’ve been, it’s just really inspiring place to go and do your training so thanks for sending those in. – Yeah I guess in Canada you have a long winter so it’s – True – It’s worth investing in, but super nice. – Yeah but we’ve also got a picture of the other way showing a hot box in the corner, we’ve got a roller set up as well as the kicker
set up, and a treadmill as well, so really quite a jealous set up you’ve got there. – Yeah we are super jealous
with our winter here. But if you guys have got a pain cave you’re proud of, or you’re somewhere gloriously sunny and
you’re out riding your bike or even if maybe you’re
swimming or running, do share your photos with us by using the GTN uploader. (upbeat music) – Okay so now we’re on to our favorite bit, the caption competition. so what have we got here Heather? Have we got some good ones? – Well it was the photo from the Miyazaki World Cup with – Ueda – Yeah and a wonderful looking cake that she is, I think quite excited about. But anyway some great suggestions, there were the first 2 who have sort of come in that are runners up are Formiguera and William Gates Jr who both say “That race
was a piece of cake”! – Quite like them – We like it, but there’s
a few that are better – I’d like them to tell her that because erm anyway doesn’t matter. Savage poet says “thank God, there’s a new addition to triathlons:
T1, T2 and now Tea Time”! – I do like that one it
did make me laugh a lot. There’s another good one
here from Gungan Works says “Say cheese, cake” (laughing) it made me laugh anyway. – And then our final
one here from Krzysztof who says “that’ll make me
a well-rounded athlete”! So well done, we thought
that was a funny one, so that’s your cap on it’s way if you let us know your details. – Yeah, brilliant. And this week for our caption competition we’ve got a picture from the Santo Domingo World Cup and it’s – Quite Darwinian isn’t it? – It is rather Fraser, yeah. Well let’s see what captions
you guys can come up with, drop them in the comments section below. – Well that brings us to yet another end of a GTN show, so hopefully
you’ve enjoyed that but there is also plenty of videos for you to look forward to towards the end of this week, we’ve got a
great video coming up about what is the perfect run form? And also how to structure a swim workout. – And now it’s getting close to Christmas and if you are looking for some present inspirations
check out the GTN shop (laughing) what you’re looking for some inspirations? Well click on the link up there Fraser for the GTN shop, give us a thumbs up like if you’ve enjoyed this and hit the globe to subscribe to get all of our videos and we have had a big weekend of videos with a double feature, one of which was cyclist vs runner,
so check that one out just down here. – Yeah and the other vs we had was swimmer vs runner to see who had the most calories consumed and you can get that here.

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