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Working Principle of Kube Pumps

Working Principle of Kube Pumps

Okay hello everybody it’s me Sefa, now we are in Kube Pump Technologies factory pump test area, last video we showed you our pump material pump pieces. Now we’re gonna show you how we operating our pump How we are installing our pump. As I as I told in the last video we have got a mechanical patented a special suction system. So you can see in this area there is no primary system connection in all pump site. Our suction suction hose is lying down in here and they have got this mechanic spiral shaft inside and they are connecting to each others with coupling connection, now our technician also will start to install our suction hoses to the pump body and in the same time I will going to show you our strainer. So we have got one propeller inside of the strainer as you see in here and there is one mechanic shaft in here and when we connect all suction hoses to system this strainer this strainer propeller starting turning inside of the system and what it is doing? This propeller also has got a patend though, it is special propeller and when this propeller start to turn this water sucking to our pump and this propeller is deliveres water from strainer to pump body and it is working out working principle is like that. Okay what about this system helping us ? What is our advantage with this system? So with this system, normally you know other kind of pump can suck water up to 7 or 6 meter because of the atmospheric pressure. But with this propeller helps we can suck water directly 10 meter and it helping us like that. And also our pump can work dry, because it hasn’t got any mechanical sealing equipment inside it has got just this rubber sealing(fluorocarbon), which I showed you in the last video, so because of that it can work dry it can work continuously so it is helping us like that, so now we will going to show you how our pump is working ? And how our suction system is happening? now we are in Kube Pump Technology pump test pool. Now I will gonna start this pump and we will gonna show you how to operate our pump. Also before starting our pump I will going to give you some information too, normally you know other kind of pumps has got this primer system and because of this primary system they can suck water about like a 25 or 30 seconds, so now we will gonna see like our advantage our suction system advantage in here with this propeller system we will gonna suck water just in five seconds from this we’re gonna show a demonstration about this. I’m going to start the pump and our technician also will help me for supporting this [Music] As you seen here, our propeller working inside of the strainer.Now I will gonna put in inside of the pool and pull out. I will gonna show you. No I will gonna pull out, and we will gonna put inside. With this video you see normally other kind of pumps, when you when the air get inside you must have stopped your engine and you must have start your primer system again. Why we show this to you you know some companies we want to work with this pump um they want to work in like a ship area or they want to work in some such a kind of places and you know when you go inside of the ship it’s always like a waving because of the sea, so this strainer is going out from sea and later it’s entering inside, and other kind of pumps you must stop your engine and you must have stuck your primer system in game so it is like it’s you can’t continue to operability. But with this system I show you, you can take it off you can put it again you can pull out pull it and it is still continue to operate so it’s the our another main advantage. Thank you

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