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World Class Cycling from San Francisco to Pt Reyes

World Class Cycling from San Francisco to Pt Reyes

Just decided to wake up and uh and go for a little ride. I’m not sure how far I’m going. I rode across the bridge. Now I’m on the SF Bay Trail heading towards Tamalpais. Point Reyes would be pretty fun but…uh… I didn’t bring much water or any food. I just made that…uh…little uphill section from the split for the top of Tam. It felt good. There’s…like…zero shoulder so that kinda keep it spicey. Ya I’m out of shape. I got to get these chicken legs back in gear and make them power houses. Cruising along the 1. Not too much traffic. Can’t really remember the last time I rode was. Does…uh…riding the…uh…bike to the beach count? I don’t think so. These rumble strips are fun. Ahhhh. Whooo! I probably have a gearing of 46 or 48/15 or 16. I almost gave up on that uphill. I was cramping. Really I wanted to…like…turn around. Really the only thing that kept me going was the thought of a morning bun. Those fennel plants smell amazing. I just want to grab a fist-full and stuff it in my mouth now. I think I’m hungry. This was from the fire last week. Theres a whole bunch of surveyors out here. Yewww! Punk Rock Pink! That guy is waiting for me to pass out and die. I don’t know. Just take it easy. The water is so calm. I swear he’s following me. I’m getting…uh…low on water so I’m gonna stop off at my favorite spring. It’s rumored that it has healing powers. So let’s see. Something just occured to me. By the time we get to Bovine Bakery I don’t know if I can still get those morning buns because it’s not going to be morning anymore! Gotta hustle for those morning buns! This makes me so happy being out here. No hands! I don’t know how many miles this is. Made it to Point Reyes! Ya! Getting lost in your thoughts about treats. Like jelly beans, sour belts, Sour Patch Kids In n Out Burger, double double protein style. Who’s up for that? I got some water. That’s all I got. And the…uh… and the thought of eating some…uh…morning buns! There we go! Have you guys have any morning buns? Made it to Bovine Bakery but they ran out of the morning buns. Oh well. I’ll have a blueberry scone instead. Mmm. Now there’s not much to do but just to head home. Alright. Let’s ride. This is so magical. Yaaa! Almost home! I am spent. Nothing feels better though. When you have nothing left. I’m going to raid the fridge.

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