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World Naked Bike Ride 2012 – Londres (Tudo é Possível – RecordTV)

World Naked Bike Ride 2012 – Londres (Tudo é Possível – RecordTV)

But where is this bunch of naked people going? They are getting ready for a different bike ride that has been held in the last eight years. Here, everyone take off their clothes to encourage others to adopt less polluting means of transport. Will Ana, Dani, Lizi and Manguaça get naked too? Hey everybody, we’re at Hyde Park. There’s this large gathering of people here because, in a moment, a protest is going to begin. It’s a different kind of protest… …it’s the protest of the naked people riding bikes. But I’m going to explain why. And I found a group of Brazilians that
are going to take part in the protest too. Including our naked guy,
who’s gonna run and ride a bike– Me? Manguaça naked? Oh, I have to see this– …I mean, no, I don’t have to! If I get naked, you’ll have to watch it in a 50” television. I understand, but don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Lizi and Bolina are also coming here. And you know why this protest of naked people? Look, they generally say it’s about about the ozone layer and the pollutions of cars. And did you already know this movement
that happens every year? Last year I came to watch, it was a lot of fun. But why is it fun? Because it’s different, you know, you see everybody…naked. He’s from South Africa, a South African and he came here for the first time to participate. He also supports other protests in South Africa Not exactly for sustainability, which
is the reason of what’s happening today but because of animal rights. He’s painted as a piece of meat. That’s why he’s wearing the pig mask. If you look closely, every part of his body is divided into pork cuts. He’s gonna show the best part. Even Ana wasn’t expecting this one! Now I’m going to talk to Kiran who is one of the organizers of this event. This event, this manifestation,
already takes place for some years and every year we try to do
something different. This year we want to increase the numbers
and make it more fun with use of whistles, noise
and more body painting. This is all because of sustainability. We want to make people aware of the risk with
oil dependency and encourage body freedom. We are expecting the same number from last year,
which is above 1200 participants. 1200 naked people?
I think this will be no good, huh? Producers, no need for a big censor bar for Manguaça, you know?
It can be a smaller one. Now the Englishmen will go crazy! Oh, it’s not fair!
Dani and Lizi should be without clothes too! Are you feeling bad? – No, I’m fine.
– Are you really okay? You swear? I wanted to support, but I think there’s no need to. So go, go, Ana! So everybody’s really taking their clothes off? This news report is getting very interesting! And there goes our naked guys
across the streets of London! Look at the guy in the cab!
Look at the guy in the cab! This ride is very fun, don’t you think? But Dani’s censor bar keeps getting out of place. Bolina was already taking everything off! I’m not taking it off, the thing is falling! Liar! – It’s falling!
– You shouted that you wanted to take it off! – Look, it fell again!
– Hold on, Dani! I had my hands on the handlebars. Let me do this because the time is not suitable for graphic scenes. Guys, I know you wanted to see the boobs,
but you can’t, OK? The crew of “Tudo é Possível”
is drawing attention in London! This protest is crazy, everybody naked,
with their arses out, I’m shocked! Well, next Sunday don’t miss another adventure of this fantastic four in “Mission: London”! Only the next time I expect you to be a little more clothed too!

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