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World’s biggest motorbike: Guinness World Record awarded

World’s biggest motorbike: Guinness World Record awarded

What the heck. No this man isn’t a borrower
– he is just on the tallest ever rideable motorbike.
Yes 5 metres tall from top of the handlebars to the ground this is quite the beast. Fabio
Reggiani from Italy is the Guinness Book record holder
“When people see my bike, they think I’m crazy and they laugh sometimes. Some people say
you’re crazy, man. I want that, but they are happy and sometimes they say Mamma Mia! I’m
very happy to be in the Guinness World Record Book, and I’m very glad of coming to the special
hub. So that’s cool!” Guinness World Record!

51 comments on “World’s biggest motorbike: Guinness World Record awarded

  1. Well, I guess if they use the term motorbike instead of motorcycle they can get away with it since a quad is commonly referred to as a quadbike due to the riding position.

  2. First why dont you address the comment rather than trying to come up with a moronic comeback. Second WHY WOULD I WASTE MY FUCKING TIME DOING SOMETHING THATS A COMPLETE USELESS WASTE OF TIME!?!?!?!?!
    Doing nothing is a but use of time because at least then I am not consuming materials better spent doing something useful.


  3. Well, this isn't a motorcycle, it's a parade float.  No difference. It is a car that appears to be a motorcycle.

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