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Worm Farming Guru Series Video 1 Assembly Safety Zone

Worm Farming Guru Series Video 1 Assembly Safety Zone

Gday my friends Marty Ware here for now I’ve got the new series coming out it’s a six
videos roled in the three videos my mate Peter Axsia from I know
you he’s actually presenting the whole show and in the first video what you’re
going to see today he just shows you the basics of setting up a worm farm and how
the things actually work and then at the end he moves through the worm cafe
showing you how he’s got his setup in the food in there the different bedding
and how the worms are working in the whole lot it’s pretty interesting stuff
and not sort of common material and content that you would see that often
now in the next lot of videos that comes through after that he shows you all
these different types of worm farms that he’s got set out throughout his farm and
everything from sort of dog manure to underground worm farms different types
of ways to use the worms I look it’s too much to mention but if you’re in the
worm farming or you want to learn more about worm farming this series is the
one for you so watch the first part and if you’re watching this video later the
next ones be ready for you cuz they’re rolling out over the next couple of
weeks alright enjoy the video Karin catches a Water Dragon all right so today we’re gonna have a
look at the most popular worm farm going and that is a tiered system tumbleweed
realm worm cafe so we’re just going to quickly open it up and today we’re just
going to have a look at how we actually set the room up so this is the cardboard
we’re gonna put this aside because we’re gonna need that later we’ve got a lid
we’ve got a few holes in the lid to allow the ventilation and these lugs
they also act as a few other purposes such as a lid holder instruction manual
legs and we’ve also got a block of bedding in here and there is a tap
somewhere in here so but we’ll get to all this stuff in a minute I also just
wanted to show you a couple of the features of this display I mean this
worm farm in particular and this is how this system actually operates so it’s
got lots of holes in the bottom and the worms and the water are actually able to
move well the water only goes down but the worms can move upwards and downwards
we also have these lugs so that each tray sits on top of these lugs so it
doesn’t squash the worms it actually allows a bit of air and everything
around and it wants to get through easy so we do have three of these trays and
we have the bottom reservoir so now this is where all the extra features and
benefits really exists in this latest so we’ve got a cone here so that the worms
are actually able to come up and that meets at the bottom of the of the first
tray so the worms can no longer get drowned now I’ve got a few other little
tips that I can show you about that later but for the time being there were
also added these bigger lugs in the bore in the corners with some extra
ventilation now this has made a big difference with this model and in the
situation of the worms going down they do get captured up in those corners and
it allows them to get back up into that tray so this is a really good system you
can see we can see that that the pickup point
the bottom tap is the lowest part of the moon farm and so that when you are
catching the leachate your catching it all and it’s once again it’s not
flooding the worms so the older models didn’t really have any of this this is
the new model it’s slightly different to their other tiered system the can of
worms this has a few extra benefits and we can have a look at their other worm
farm set up but the main difference is that this has an extra tray it doesn’t
have as much material so it’s not heavy so if you do have any sort of issue
lifting heavy items this this worm farm is probably the worm farm for you so
let’s have a look at assembling the rest of the wind farm all right so just a
quick look at the legs and the way that they go on so really really simple stuff
but a lot safer than the old models they don’t collapse anywhere near as
easy all right the best part is just literally go on click like that so the
bedding box I’m just gonna set this aside we’re gonna expand out in a bucket
of water later when we’re actually setting the worm farm up there for the
time being I’ve put the tap on so you just squeeze with a grommet on on the
inside I’m gonna put the legs on make sure that they click turn her upside down. Put the trays back in. Obviously there are no worms in here at the moment. Lid. All done in 5 minutes in the last video we talked about the
worm cafe and how to assemble it we talked about some of the features now
we’re going to have a look at the worm this is the can of worms so a slightly
different worm farm but it’s still a tiered system one of the main
differences is that this is a four tray system where this is only a three
tray system and that’s including the reservoir so we’ve got three working
trays and we’ve got two working trays with this one so very similar
we’ve got ventilation and we can use this later on in the top tray now the
big difference these ones is that there’s a bit more volume in these can
of worms so even though they’ve only got the two they still have essentially as
much volume just not the same surface area as the other one so in this one
this is one of the popular ones because it’s it’s the cheapest worm farm going
and this typically is really just used for having the food in the top pouring
the water in catching the leachate at the bottom and then using the liquids
through this system doesn’t really allow you to to move through the trays but
let’s have a look and we’ll see what the older tray looks like and put some worms
hiding in the castings and you can see that there’s really not there’s a lot of
baby worms in here and there’s not a lot of feed in here because now we’re
actually the baby worms are coming through and we’re about to harvest this
tray and we’re going to use the castings throughout the garden and then use the
worms in the in the next tray but there’s one more thing underneath here
who is the reservoir and currently I’ve got the tap open
and I’m actually got some worms and some straw and that type of thing coming down
here and now that’s just the safety zone so whenever we have too much water well
we have a blockage with the the tap it helps that the worms can actually live a
little bit better down in here as well so that’s just one of the little tricks
that we can do with these tiered systems and now what we can do is we can take a
look at the difference between the flow-through systems which of these
bigger worm farms here on my left and we’ll talk about some of the features
now just a couple of things to keep in mind about
these worm farms is that they are black and they do heat up quite a bit so as
you can see it’s quite a sunny day here I’ve gotten them on my back wall here
because it really prevents the Sun from getting them to them too much so if we
really want to make sure that we keep these worm farms in an area that has you
know no direct sunlight for too much of the day we can build shade structures
but during the summertime you really want to keep these in the shade so I
hope you enjoyed that video guys Peter he is just a wealth of knowledge and
he’s got to share more of you in the very near future he really is the
underground secret guru in worm farming now he actually took one of his well one
of my customers one of my clients brought some worms from him and he
actually took him to the house and dropped them off and they were
absolutely blown away you just never know what Peter will do he’s a great guy
and if you want to buy some worms head over to and
get your worms today you’ll drop them off to you or send them in the mail and
don’t forget to subscribe guys because there’s more videos on the way I’m
really stepping things up here at Manny’s garden to produce the best
possible content that I know how to do for you guys to teach you how to grow
fresh food fresh food fast in urban places and small spaces now I nearly
stopped that up then there’s good fresh food fast in urban places and small
spaces could be a new jingle bye for now

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  1. Thanks for watching part 1 of the series. Part 2 and 3 will be out in the next 2 weeks and will be worth watching as we cover even more different types of worm farms that can be used in the garden and how to set them up.
    See you then

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