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Worst Bike Ride Ever? | GCN Show Ep. 354

Worst Bike Ride Ever? | GCN Show Ep. 354

– [Announcer] From the
start line of the under-12s of the Parentini Wessex
Cyclecross League– – (in unison) Welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show. – This week, what is the
worst bike ride ever? Poor old James here talks you through what
happened to him last Monday. – Yeah, we also had a cat rescue, we predict the date that
time trialing will die, and we bid farewell to Taylor Phinney as he announces his retirement. (energetic electronic music) (cheering)
(cowbell clanging) (metallic whooshing) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that Chris Opie might have the hair of John Travolta and the mindset of a
killer when on the bike, but actually deep down,
he’s got a heart of gold. Whilst out filming last week, he thought he heard an animal in distress. – (scoffing) Well he actually thought it was a buzzard mating. But upon investigation, he
discovered three kittens that had been abandoned in a bush. (wind whistling) (mewing) – Two kittens. All right, look guys, I promise you this is much
safer than where you were. – He saved them from certain death, took them to a vet, and
now they’ve been re-homed. – Yeah, but not to be outdone, ever the outdoors man, Daniel Lloyd, he who once saved a
sheep from similar peril, actually spent the weekend
fishing with Andy Schleck. – Hmm. – [Daniel] I’ve got a much
bigger rod than you, Andy. – This is a spinning rod. – Is yours better? This is my first ever fish. – [Andy] So, yeah, take
it with the left hand, and take the hook out with the right one. – Ooh, I’m sorry. – Finally, early last week, James here learned just what
the worst bike ride ever might look like. – I did. Chris and I embarked on a 24-hour ride to see how far we could get. And that wasn’t the bad bit. We were both looking
forward to a good adventure. However, it probably
wasn’t the day for him. All right, you’ve got it on live track? – Yep, we do.
– Excellent, cool. – Right, we should wish
you the best of luck. I would say that you don’t need it, but, uh, yeah, good luck. – Aw no, you ready, mate? – Just four six-hour trainings. – Here we go. 24 hours, here we come. – (in unison) Cheers, boys! – See you! – God, I’m glad that’s not me. – Yeah. – There’s no way I’d to do that. Not even an hour in this weather. – No. – It is two o’clock though. Is it too early for the pub? – Nah.
– We can go. – Just a quick one. – We left Si, Ollie, and Dan at the pub, we headed up North, and it wasn’t too bad. – How far can I wheelie
on the 24-hour ride? – And then we got to go past our houses, where Chris said hello to his family. And we even had to ride
up a climb max effort into a 24-hour climb. Things all started to go downhill when Chris ended up
getting rather deflated. – Ah, I’ve got a puncture. I’ve actually got a puncture. – Patch you up! Right next to a graveyard. And I guess, well, the graveyard was quite fitting. We were heading into the graveyard shift, into the night. (ominous music) The rain poured and I mean it poured. I could’ve done with a wetsuit
going through those floods. Take me to a sunnier climate where it doesn’t rain like this all day. Riding into a head wind, and you know that feeling
of putting so much power through the pedals but you’re
just not going anywhere? It was one of those. The temperature plummeted and
we just got wetter and wetter. I mean, brings tears to my eyes just to kind of think
about how hard it was. It makes me well up. (sobbing) I mean, Chris
ended up in an ambulance. Think I’m a paramedic? It was a day I want to forget. (mumbling) – [Bop It!] Spin it. Flick it. (beep) Bop it. Bop it. – So was that your worst ever ride, James? ‘Cause, I mean, it looked,
and sounded, pretty grim. But was it really worse
than crying for 20 minutes at the end of a penny
farthing Hour Record attempt ’cause your balls hurt so much and having nothing to
show for it at the end, other than a blue and
purple undercarriage? (sobbing) (panting heavily) – I need to get a new saddle. (chuckling)
(beep) I mean, that was hands
down the most painful, but nothing can prepare you
for riding into the darkness, into a headwind with torrential rain. I mean, it was– – Sorry, I got to say, my commute is pretty good
preparation for that. At the moment, that’s
exactly what it’s like riding home from work. – Well, yeah, but that’s why. It was so bad, we even
had to abort the mission. I mean, Opie wasn’t enjoying it either. – Is that Chris in an ambulance, James? – Yes, it is, yes. But what was your worst ride ever? – Well, I’ve been having a think, mate, and actually it’s really tough to choose. Technically it probably should be the ride where I stacked it on a tram track and then crashed headfirst
into oncoming traffic. I mean, that was really bad. But then, I don’t know,
it happens, doesn’t it? – Yeah, I guess it
doesn’t really have to be the actual ride, does it? It could be something
that happened on the ride. For example, I mean,
you stopped for a coffee and your bike got nicked. – Yeah, I mean, that
would be bad, wouldn’t it? – Yeah, or you got dumped by
your girlfriend or boyfriend. – Mid-ride? I mean, that’s just brutal. That would be a terrible ride. – Or you got caught short
and had to take a poo in a bush, eh, Si? – Well, I mean, the actual ride itself wasn’t that bad, even afterwards. If I’m completely honest, James, I think most of my
worst rides, like yours, have revolved around the
weather, basically getting cold. Like the time I got hypothermia whilst on a warm-weather
training camp in Spain. But, and here’s the thing, mate, I’ve been dining out on that story for close to 15 years now, so maybe the worst bike rides are actually sometimes
the best bike rides. I mean, I got away with it and now I’ve got a story to tell. – I’d have to agree with that, you know, because the best stories can
come from the worst situations or the toughest rides or even the hardest. God, we’re a weird bunch, aren’t we? – We are. We cyclists are a weird bunch. In fact, we would love to know
what you think about this. What are your worst
ever bike rides and why? Plus, are they kind of
secretly the best ones? Make sure you let us know
in the comments section. And if you have just been dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend,
you can share that too and, y’know, we’ll give you a digital hug. – [James] We’re excited to
announced that you can now book on the next GCN event, GCN Mallorca, which is on the 26th to the
30th of March next year. – That’s right, Hank and
I are going to be there along with all the other GCN presenters for four days of most excellent riding. We’ve got routes for different abilities. We also have master classes there now. Plus, each guest will receive an eight-week complimentary
personalized training plan from the GCN events
training partner, Spokes, so you can pretty much guarantee that you will leave a better
rider than when you started. Except, I was thinking about this, mate, if Chris Froome signs up,
and he might, I suppose, he probably wouldn’t leave
better than when he started, especially if he tries
to keep up with Lloydy in the evenings.
– Yeah. But it’s not all hard work because as much as emphasis is spent on off-the-bike
entertainment as on-the-bike, as our guests of the last event
will definitely attest to. – They will indeed. So if you like bikes and like having fun, this is the event for you.
– Yes, it is. – In all seriousness though, we did have a mega time.
– It was really good! I really loved it.
– Yeah, exactly. So head over to and if you’re interested, sign up. See you there! (upbeat EDM music) GCN Inspiration now, that part of the show where we pick out the three best photos that you’ve all been sending
in over the last week that inspire us to ride our bikes. And, of course, there
are prizes up for grabs. Third place this week is
the now-traditional GCN cap. – And second place, you get a pair, these are hot off the press, so if you’re a member of the Club, you would’ve received these today, a pair of these and three
months free subscription to the GCN Club.
– That is cool. And then first place this week, Lloydy’s left, I thought
he was going to take it when he went to see Andy. Anyway, we have, of course,
a matching undervest and GCN fan kit jersey,
which I like very much. Okay, without further ado then, who is going to win the hat this week? Here’s the photo and it is from Richard, taken of Lillydale Lake in Melbourne. He said “one of my morning gravel rides. “A view around the lake
with Mount Dandenong “in the background.” That’s a beauty, isn’t it? – [James] Looks stunning, doesn’t it? You can see the steam coming off the lake. Beautiful! – Yeah, our southern hemisphere viewers are going to be quite smug right now as they’re eyeballing a
beautiful spring and summer. But, James, it’s not all bad in the northern hemisphere,
is it, as second place proves. – [James] It’s Izador from Austria. Good motivation for going
out cycling in the cold or to mountains. Now look at that for a view! – [Simon] That is absolutely fantastic. – [James] It’s stunning, isn’t it? – [Simon] Isn’t it just? I mean, not right here,
right now at the moment, as you found out last Monday. – [James] But in Austria. – [Simon] Yeah, in
Austria, it looks great. You could’ve ridden 24
hours around that, mate. It would’ve been fantastic! – Walk in the park! Right, who’s the winner? – Okay, the winner this week is Gilbert from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Look at that! – [James] That is unreal. – [Simon] Yeah, no mountains,
no sunrise, no sunset. Just 700 hot air balloons that go up in one mass ascension, he said. And there’s a cheeky little Specialized in the foreground as well, which looks very nice too. – Very worthy winner. – A very, very worth winner. A very worthy winner of the
latest GCN fan kit as well. So make sure you keep your
inspirational photos coming in on the app or, indeed, the old school ways via the GCN uploader, but I don’t know why you
wouldn’t just use the app. (trumpet fanfare) (boinging) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Cycling Shorts now and it was a big day in
our world last Tuesday, as the 2020 Tour de France
route as unveiled in Paris. – It was! I’m Marty from GCN Racing,
here to fill you in, starting firstly with the disappointment in the form of La Course. Excellent that it returns. Less good that it’s moved back to Paris and away from some of the
more challenging routes of the last couple of years. Hopefully ASO will deliver a premium women’s stage race soon. As for the Tour though, there are a few surprises
in store for the riders, like a summit finish on Stage Six, where the riders will head up
the Orcières Merlette climb, which stands 1,840 meters high and was last featured on the Tour in 1989. In total, there are six summit finishes, but the big one, the
queen stage of the race, is on Stage 17, which includes an ascent of the Col de la Madeleine and then brand new climb, the Col de Loze. It’s actually a newly-built
road for cyclists. That stands 2,304 meters high, now the seventh-highest
pass in the Tour de France. – Seriously, it used to
be just 2,000 meters high and then they went and put another six
kilometers of tarmac on it. – [James] Some nice new tarmac. – That’s right. It’s not a patch up Val Thorens, but maybe one day they’ll stick
some tarmac up there as well and go out to 3,000, whatever it was– – [James] You did go high, didn’t you? – [Simon] We did. They’ve got so much air, we
got altitude sickness up there. – But that’s not the only thing because the 2020 Tour only
features 36 kilometers of time trialing, the least amount of time
trialing in recent years. – That’s right, although
2017 pushes it close. They had 36.5. – Well, Si, every meter counts. – It does. – But I did do some investigating
and went back to 2005, where there was 141
kilometers of time trials. And then it kind of decreased
from there all the way down, from the Giro, the
Vuelta, and the Tour too. And then I put it in a graph
and these are my findings. – [Simon] Whoa! Nice graph, mate. Did you do that? – [James] No. – [Simon] Oh, okay. Anyway, clearly it does show that time trialing is on the demise. But what happens, James, if
we extend those trend lines? Can we see the day it’ll actually die? – Yes. So there will be absolutely no time trials in the Tour de France from 2030, the Giro 2032, and,
interestingly, the Vuelta 2045. – Well that is interesting,
isn’t it, James? Because actually the
Vuelta’s been leading the way in terms of lack of
time trialing kilometers in recent years, which leads me to wonder whether our conclusion is slightly flawed. But nevertheless this is a subject that we will definitely
return to in the coming weeks. – Yeah, but a rider who
won’t be at next year’s Tour, let alone 2030, is the
American Taylor Phinney. He announced his retirement
at just the age of 29. He’s been quite the
character over the years, including getting the accolade for the most eccentric interviewee you’ve ever had the
pleasure of talking to. – You’re welcome. I usually charge two to three million dollars
each for these sort of tips. – I can’t remember what I was (beep). Oh that’s right, training. Okay, all right. – Are you allowed to swear on this? – We’ll cut that bit out, it’s fine. You can swear. No, you can’t. Right, so if you’re not a
flat line kind of a dude– – Who are you to tell me
what I can and cannot do? – You can do whatever you want, Taylor. We decide what goes on the internet. – No, I think it’s your classical balance of you got this to you
should retire today. This is what time trialing is. This is the bread and
butter of time trialing is, pushing yourself to the point of– – Retiring. – Maybe considering retirement but then at the same time, you kind of have to get to that point to be able to win any of these bike races. A lot of people think they
have to make it uncomfortable and make it as fast as they
can or make it whatever, but if you find comfort,
then you can work from there. That’s the foundation that you need. – Cool. Sounds pretty zen, man. – Yeah, I’m a zen ass dude. – Nice. Great stuff. (chuckling) Right. We’ll just wrap it up there then. I kind of want to leave it there. – Up next, what does
Chris Froome think about while he’s on the toilet? – It was more worse being before. That was a great video,
that one, actually. You saw it? – Was that a real video?
– Oh yeah. – Really?
– Yeah, you not watch it? – I don’t really want your guys’ stuff. – We give some great insights, seriously. That was quite the conversation, but let’s let it not overshadow
Taylor’s race results. He was something of the childhood prodigy. Success came easily to
him on track and road. I mean, he won a stage of the Giro and had a spell in pink in 2012, when he was just 21 years of age. He then, obviously,
had that horrific crash at the US Nationals in 2014. I think it’s fair to say that that and then the resulting rehab from it kind of knocked him
off-track really, didn’t it? – Yeah, it was a shame, that. But at least he’s
retiring on his own terms. And I guess he’ll find success in whatever he turns his attention to. – Think so. – But in other news,
there’s been a world record that has recently been
broken in the past week and it’s as hotly contested
as the penny farthing ones we’ve been pursuing, but it might not have
been held for as long. – No, kind of like a 136th
of the amount of time that the penny farthing record held. But nevertheless, one year
after it had been broken before, Rich Flanagan rode 50.5
miles on only his back wheel. That’s right, it’s a wheelie world record. Get this, though. Rich said that actually his
target distance of 100 miles was foiled by a rogue gust of wind, which is uncanny, because
that’s what foils me as well every time I try and do a wheelie. – Yeah, I like what you did there, Si. – Well it’s true, mate. (chuckling) – But once
ratified by Guinness, this will be Rich’s third
Wheelie Guinness World Record and will join his Hour Record
that he did 16.07 miles and the 100 Meter Record
that he did in 10.86 seconds. – That’s right. Not quite fast enough
to trouble Usain Bolt, but pretty swift nevertheless. Now it turns out that it’s actually
Guinness World Record Day coming up on November the 14th, so they actually sent a list of potential cycling world records that we might want to have a try at. If I’m honest, I think they
might think we’re more talented than we actually are ’cause
this was on the list, right? The farthest bicycle
wheelie with no hands, which stands at a kilometer. Then the fastest 100
miles by bike full-stop, which is three hours and eleven minutes. And then this one, the
fastest cycle backwards for 50 kilometers and it’s a mind-boggling one hour and forty-six minutes. (both stammering) That’s like 25 kilometers
an hour backwards! – Well, yeah, let’s forget those. – Let’s just bask in
the world record glory that we’ve already got, shall
we, from Mark and now Chris. – Cheers, Si. – Sorry, pal. Didn’t mean to rub it in. – We’ll finish Cycling Shorts with a giveaway from Continental. We’ve got these, three
pairs of Continental GP5000s to be won by one of you guys. (sniffing) Ooh, they smell good, too. – Well not only that, mate. They’re supposed to be some of
the fastest tires out there. We’ve also got the option for you of either the tubeless ones
or the standard clinchers. Not only that. Continental are going to
throw in a bag of their coffee to each of the three winners. And not only that, James. There’s also a rather lovely t-shirt here. – Very nice, very nice, like that. – And if that’s not enough, you also get a Continental musette! – It is your time, Si. – Is it? Well, no, technically
I’m not allowed to enter. If you want to enter, though, and try and be one of those three winners, then there’s a link, as
always, to the competition in the description beneath this video. So click on there. – Good luck. – And yeah, best of luck. (high pitched whirring) – It’s now time for Hack/Bodge. – That’s right, first up
we’ve got this from Ousman from the Gambia. He said he’s one of the
best wheel hackers out there and managed to repair
his broken Mavic spoke when there were no spares around
at the Tour of Mauritania. He used, James, instead of
the normal carbon fiber spokes from that era of Mavic,
an iron rod instead. – [James] Wow.
– [Simon] Genius! – [James] It is genius. – [Simon] I wonder whether you felt it every time you go around. – [James] I was just
thinking the weight of it. – Ooh, yeah. But there we go, fair play, Ousman. When needs must, use iron. – Good effort there. Next up is one from Nishith in Israel. “I was just chilling with
a few friends at a bar “when I saw this. “This owner said that he
started building a bike “in his spare time but morphed it “into what you see right
here,” which is what? – [Simon] Exactly, James. It looks like a tricycle with two wheels. – [James] With an engine. – Yes, or is it a penny
farthing with an engine? I don’t know. It looks like it might be
quite fun for a short while, until you crash.
– It looks dangerous. – And then injure yourself seriously. – And you get one of those things that they call on penny farthings,
which is called a header. – Ooh, ouchie! Yeah, I think that’s a
bodge, that one, mate. Next up, this one came in from the app. This is Bradhall. He said “when the muffins
at the cafe are so good “you need to take a second one home.” And do you know what? I proclaim that an instant hack. – [James] That’s a hack.
– Genius! I’d never thought of doing that but what an amazing
satisfying-looking cupcake holder? – I do like a muffin. – Yeah, absolutely. I hope you’re going to
recycle that cup though and actually that now becomes
your regular muffin holder ’cause otherwise, well, yeah. Can’t get on board with
that kind of wastage. – No we can’t, can we? Next up is one from Paprycjusz. “I just saw your video on
how to fit a bike into a car. “Amateurs!” Yeah, excuse us. “Fun starts when you don’t have a boot “and you can’t even install a roof rack. “Here is my transportation
method in an MX-5 RF.” – [Simon] Yeah! That looks neat, doesn’t it? And he said, actually, the
challenge is to set the wheels in such a way that you can
still see through the window, which does look a little bit hidden. – [James] Through the spokes. – [Simon] Hmm. If you must have a Mazda MX-5, then that does look like a
nice way of doing things. – [James] That’s how you transport it. That’s a definite hack. – [Simon] And your mates can
just catch the bus, I guess, with their bikes, can’t they? – I mean, yeah, a lot
better to talk to, I guess. – What, your bike? – Yeah, well, it depends who
your friend is, doesn’t it? – Yeah, I was going to say you
do a lot of travel with Chris, so that’s probably true. Right, next up, George
sent this from Copenhagen. He said, “not only has his bike “received a full hairy treatment, “but the handlebars bring a new meaning “to the word bullhorn.” He also points out that there’s no brakes, so that, I guess, James, is just a very hairy, horny fixie. – [James] We’ll leave that one there, Si. – [Simon] Yeah, bodge? – [James] Definite bodge. – Okay, one from JollyGiant. I have to say, I do like this
one. A carbon fiber bell. “I made this carbon fiber bell, “as a normal bell is too
heavy and to see if I could.” But he does explain that that is a saddle, if you’re wondering. – [Simon] Oh, I see. I assumed otherwise but it’s good that it’s been pointed out that that is actually
supposed to be a saddle ’cause, uh, well, yeah, yeah. (chuckling) Probably a hack, I guess? – [James] It’s a hack. It’s got to be a hack. It’s lightweight. – Yes, and we cyclists always
like lightweight stuff. And Lloydy would be pleased as well ’cause you wouldn’t have
to give it the reach around to get access to that one. So there we go. Right, do please keep your
hacks and bodges coming in, particularly now that you can
upload them using the app. So you can also get involved
on the app, of course, and up-vote them and leave
comments if you wish, which people did aplenty
underneath the bicycle bell. – Yeah, that one. – Yeah, there’s quite a lot
of comments under that one. (clearing throat) (energetic EDM music) – Caption Competition now and your chance to win one of those. – It is actually a cap-tion
competition though, isn’t it? – I like what you’ve done there. – Thanks, mate. – Yeah and the caption
under last week’s photo of John Delong at Il
Lombardia was this one, which I absolutely loved from Adam Dark. “Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, “ooooh pink vest and stringy arms. “Swipe right!” – I don’t get that, mate. What? – (clearing throat) Tinder. (clearing throat) Tinder! – Oh, right, okay, sorry. Yep, my bad. A worthy winner, Adam. This cap will be on its way to you. Now this week, pressure’s on, James, ’cause Lloydy isn’t here. So here’s your photo to get stuck into. Oh, I’m going to give it a go. Are you sure this eBike’s not restricted? (wind whistling) – Awful. – Sorry, mate, sorry. If
you think you can do better, and I suspect you probably can, you know by where to stick your captions, in the comments section down below, and we will root out the
very best for next week. – Oh, we will. (metallic whooshing) – Right, it’s Ask GCN Training now, that part of the show where we answer your training questions and the person whose question we answer also gets a free three-month
subscription to Zwift, which is kind of cool, isn’t it? This week’s question came
in from Nick Edmonson and I like this one, mate. We’ve not had one like this before. He says, “Hello! “My father-in-law rides an eBike. “Keeping pace with him on flats
and descents is comfortable “and allows recovery but I’m
struggling to hold his wheel “on longer climbs. “Can you suggest any training sessions “that will allow me to
sustain more power on climbs “between five and fifteen minutes long?” – Well, what a cool dynamic! – Yeah, isn’t it just? – And I’m not surprised
you can’t hold his wheel because he’s going to be
putting out 25 kilometers going up climb. – Yes, he is. So you could just try and
hold his wheel actually, which is great training,
isn’t it, and quite a lot fun but you could also get
more scientific about it. And the thing that you need to realize is that five-minute efforts and 15-minute efforts
are really quite distinct in that they use different
kind of energy systems. So a five-minute effort
tends to be quite anerobic, whereas 15-minutes plus is more more of an aerobic type of effort. – Yeah and you could do some
one to five-minute max efforts or you could do some
20-minute sweet spot efforts. And it’s basically like
you’re riding up a climb and then you’ve got a little bit leftover. – That’s right. Now what you must do though
is not try and mix up all the different length of intervals. So much better to be specific and say right, I’m going to go out and do my anerobic max efforts
of one to five minutes. And then after you’ve recovered from that, on another day, you can
then do your aerobic stuff. But yeah, like I say, just have
fun holding onto that eBike. How cool is that? – Good luck with that. Yeah, good luck with that. Even Lloydy managed to
keep up with Mikel Landa– – Did he? – As it went down, it
was on an eBike, yeah. – Well he needs that eBike, doesn’t he? – Well, yeah. I mean, I’m not surprised. Mikel Landa’s quite fast. – True. (upbeat EDM music) – Before we get onto what
is coming up on the channel over the next seven days, let’s take our customary look back at some of the best comments
that you’ve been leaving under our videos from
the previous seven days. – Yeah, we had some great comments under the Five Essential Gym Exercises. I mean, this one from Ethan
Cubit was absolutely fantastic. “I find it exceptionally fitting “during the month of Halloween “to have these two skeletons share a video “on weightlifting LOL,”
which is laugh out loud. “Keep up the good work boys! “Love the channel!” – [Simon] Yes, thank you, Ethan. – Another one under that
same video from RT Rodgers. “Okay, serious question. “Did Si do ballet when he was younger? “This position his hand
took under stress at 2:41 “looks strikingly similar
to that of a ballet dancer “doing barre work.” Well, I’m not actually classically trained but I have always felt like
maybe that was my true calling. – It might’ve been. Do you
want to do a pirouette? – Do you know what, I genuinely– – You did, Si.
– No, no, I didn’t do ballet but I would love to be a backing dancer. That would be so cool! You don’t think, no? Okay, well let’s move swiftly on. (80s workout music) to Ollie’s How To Get
A Bike In A Car video. Bjorn Eide said, “instructions unclear. “Accidentally put my
neighbor’s cat in my oven.” Yeah, that’s not good. I don’t know quite how Ollie let you down with that much, Bjorn, but
we’ll have a word with him. – We might have to send
Chris out to go save the cat. – Oh yeah, good point actually, yeah. Yeah, we’ll take the video down. I’m really sorry about that. – [James] On the last week’s GCN Show, Colin Hillson came up with this comment. “The look of shame on
Dan’s face was incredible. “He looked like a dog
who got into the trash “while you were away.” – That’s true. You summed
it right up there, Colin. And then lastly under Jeremy’s
How To Ride Ruts video, Z.Browning said, “great
camera work in this one. “Jeremy’s great too. “The America team you have is awesome.” Yes, they are and we’re delighted to say that they’re coming over firstly on a little tour of
Belgium for some cyclocross and then coming to hang here at GCN HQ in the UK for a little bit. – Oh, J Pow’s touching down! – Yeah, it’s going to be a love-in. Looking forward to it. (energetic EDM music) Right, coming up on the channel this week. On Wednesday, we’ve got
all you need to know about bike lights. On Thursday, top 10 epic
breakaways from 2019. And then Friday, Jeremy,
actually before he comes here, is going to hang out with Ted King and get some tips on gravel racing from one of the masters. – What’s up, GCN Show? I’m here with the man himself, Ted King. We’re here at your ride. Ted, tell us what we’re doing today. – We’re about to roll out on the ninth annual King Challenge. We’ve got a 10, a 30, or a
60-mile ride on the docket. Beautiful day. Fully just kickin’. Awesome crowd. Yeah, psyched. – I was saying that there’s something here that the UK doesn’t have
and that is the sun. The sun is out right now. It’s a beautiful day here in New England. – People are very much
flocking to the sun. It is a chilly day but the sun is awesome. – No, I know. This is exciting because
this is your ninth year and you guys raised, how much,
almost a million dollars? – We’re just shy of a million bucks, which is freakin’ massive. Over the course of the ride, it all benefits the Krempels Center, which is a huge beneficiary, and I think I’ve got to
make an announcement. – Well, thank you. We’re excited to do the ride. – Then on Saturday, we’ve
got a Rocacorba epic climb with my man from GCN Espanol and also Heather Fell from GTN. – That’s going to be a good one, isn’t it? – Isn’t it just? – On Sunday, GCN Halloween Special, which you do not want to miss because that one is going to be amazing. I’ve just got this amazing feeling. – To be honest with you, mate, I think actually people
would be better off not watching that one ’cause I think it’s going
to be average at best. – No, you definitely
need to watch this one. – Honestly–
– No, trust me. – No, really, honestly,
you don’t need to watch it. – On Monday, Racing News
Show over on the GCN Racing and on Tuesday, it’s back
in here at the GCN Show. – Seriously, it’s not worth watching. – They have to watch it.
– No. – It’s probably my favorite video. I’m so excited. I don’t
know if you could tell. – In three, two, one. – Okay, come on Steve. (aggressive rock music) – It’s now time for Extreme Corner. – That’s right and this week
we’ve got Tahnee Seagrave getting rad in the Utah desert. – [Person Off Camera] Yo! (aggressive rock music) – Whoo! – How gnarly is that? – Yeah, that is pretty sketch, isn’t it? So fair play, Tahnee Seagrave. Right, that unfortunately though brings us to the end of the GCN Show of this week, doesn’t it? – Yes, it does. Make sure you give this
video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. – That’s right and also
if you’re in the mood for another GCN video right now, do you make sure, if you haven’t already, check out Chris’s look at the Rotor HQ, where he went to find
out a little bit more about their oval chain rings. Intriguing subject, I think you’ll agree. – Yeah, interesting video, that.

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  1. why do people feel its right to rescue animals in distress but then go and pay for someone to kill and butcher another animal?

  2. In the long run, there is no "worst ride". The worst rides turn into the greatest memories of adventure, hardship and perseverance.

  3. Yet more proof to back up my theory that having a big hooter aids fast cycling. Check out Taylor Phinneys conk – aero blade or what ! GCN, please do some testing in the wind tunnel with various false nose profiles ! I think the ones with the attached spectacles and moustache would add style as well as aero gains

  4. My worst ride was a 40mi (64km) summer group ride that went past dusk. I was riding hard, and HAD NOT HAD ANYTHING TO EAT since a bite for breakfast.
    I started cramping in my legs and hips. Then I started trembling in my legs, then in my upper body. With 30km left, I was already telling the group I’d stay behind and I’d make a call to get picked up. They refused to leave me behind as we were quite far out from town. I knew what was happening because it had happened once before to me, but not like this.
    I bonked SO HARD that I had tunnel vision, couldn’t focus, felt I might throw up, all while slowly turning the pedals on my easiest gears, nearly falling off the bike. I was assigned a buddy to push me along, and believe it or not I made it back to the brewery, where my girlfriend waited, having been expecting me for over an hour. I drank a Coke and ate some chicken wings and mac and cheese. I survived. Scariest and worst ride I’ve ever had. All and only because I didn’t eat. Moral: always eat enough before riding hard.

  5. Two of my cycling club teammates had a terrible ride yesterday. 7 of us participated in the "nacht van Woerden" cyclocross race. It was very slippy and 2 of them got of track and ended up in a pond! 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  6. Worse ride ever! On a bike tour of the East Coast of USA. Going South down the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Left Kitty Hawk on a pleasant Saturday morning for 75 miles down to the campgrounds at Cape Hatteras. I stopped at the information station at the South end of Nags Head for a weather update. "Clear skies becoming overcast, winds 30 MPH gusting to 45." And the Ranger said "Do Not try to ride over the Oregon inlet Bridge!" The high winds and heavy traffic can be deadly. No bike lane, concrete lip that can hit your pedal and cause a crash. So I solicited a ride in the back of a pickup over the bridge. Once on Pea island there was a fierce crossing head wind. At full effort even 5 MPH on the ground was difficult. The wind blown sand literally sand blasted my legs. It took 3 hours to make the 13 miles to Rodanthe. The next 25 miles to Hatteras was some of the hardest, most miserable hours on a bike I have ever done. And then nearly constant rain for the next 3 days. The only respite was the time on the ferries, and one night in a room at Ocracroke.

  7. Suspect that the TdF will increase the number of ITT kilometers when there's a French contender who's good at Time Trials

  8. While living in San Marcos, CA: I rode westward to the coast, into the westerly wind, then turned south to go to Del Mar, into the wind (okay, it's a south westerly wind. I'll have the wind at my back on the return leg), turned around in Del Mar and headed north, INTO THE WIND AGAIN! "HOW CAN THIS BE!?!" I rode from Del Mar all of the way, INTO THE WIND, to Carlsbad and it was not until turned inland to go to San Marco that the wind was behind me. Please explain to me how the wind can blow from the west-south-north AT THE SAME TIME. This ride was in the late 80s and I still remember it.

  9. Worst ride was in January, where I started at 6°C, in the middle of my route road was covered with 5 cm melting snow, it was foggy… And yes, it was my best ride! Maybe because since this I check wetter more carefully.

  10. My worst ride was from Mexico City to Pachuca, arround 75 k, but that was not the problem, I had 4 punctures ran out of patches, tubes and co2 cartridges, I finally gave up and finish in the help van…

  11. #askgcntraining Hi. I'm a runner who is about to start training for a mountainous Ultra (101km, just under 6k of vert). However, I also like riding my bike and I've recently gotten an indoor trainer to supplement my training. What types of cycling-specific training should I focus on in order to better my Ultra performance? I was thinking of doing long erg mode workouts (high power, low cadence) in order to improve my leg power which will hopefully help me in tackling the steep climbs which come with a mountainous Ultra. Any alternatives/suggestions?

  12. That carbon fiber bell must, by default, be a bodge. Not only does the ringer look like a penis, but…it wouldn't work. It's made out of carbon fiber. It won't ring.

  13. My worst ride ever?
    This year, June the 12th, the ride that got me a broken wrist, dislocated shoulder, broken frame and made me quit my job 😅
    Although secretly, quitting my job got me in an overall healthier status.

  14. My worst ride ever?
    This year, June the 12th, the ride that got me a broken wrist, dislocated shoulder, broken frame and made me quit my job 😅
    Although secretly, quitting my job got me in an overall healthier status.

  15. You said he found three kittens but we only see Chris putting 2 into the van. Please tell us you didn't forget the third!

  16. Wow, I have never seen Si so uncomfortable talking with anyone. That Phinney interview reminded me of a Zach Galifianakis interview on Between Two Ferns. Ugh.

  17. Let's be honest…the worst rides are all the ones we don't get to do because we are too busy with other life commitments.

  18. 3/final race of the Vuelta a Valladolid for u19. It was a race in +-35°C with a couple of climbs, but we only got 2 bidons from the Spanish team for a race of 130km (my normal team is from Belgium)

  19. "Nothing can prepare you for riding into the rain …" Erm, checking the weather forecast before?

    It's not like any of you lot work 9-5 M-F and can't choose your day.

  20. My worse ride, and best: I pulled a muscle in my back that required emergency sports massage therapy to get fixed the day before a mighty London to Paris multi day ride, and then on the day before the ride, I had to have a tooth extracted, which meant I was popping painkillers and antibiotics like candy… but the ride itself I must admit was still epic!
    I don't think I can associate riding a bike with horrible experiences!

  21. My worst bike ride was when I was going to a music festival in another part of the country. My friends had gone in advance, by car, bringing my luggage. All I had to do was to catch a ferry after around 100 km. Unfortunately it was the hottest day that summer and I was met by a strong headwind. So, I got lost, blew up, and missed the ferry. So I had to spend the night in a hostel in my dirty cycling clothes. To add to the injury, when I was going home from the festival, my bike had been stolen.

  22. Amstel gold, 2017; pissing down with rain fell off twice resulting in a bent derailleur hanger, and a fat ring finger, which is still fatter than normal. And meant I only had the middle of my cassette while riding up the keuterberg! Still loved it and got my best time!!! Beer at the end helped……

  23. A few weeks ago I went for a Duathlon-… shit, a RACE* just a RACE! I was 8 miles from the nearest place I could book accommodation. I decided I'll cycle to the race early in the morning, do the race, then cycle back (i clearly wasn't going for the win… and i'm also a tiny bit crazy!)…
    Anyway, I knew the ride back was going to be the worst ride when I injured my knee towards the end of the race… couldn't get the ride back, and there was no public transport that would allow a bike on… I ended up cycling back with my one good leg… thank GOD it wasn't raining!

  24. My worst(maybe best) ride was my first century. The wind shifted after about 40 miles from a gentle north headwind to a blustery 25 mph tailwind. The last ten miles going out were nice but the 50 coming home were brutal! I was on my own so I couldn't even hide behind anyone on the way back!

  25. #askgcntech Probably asked and answered… Do modern brakeshoes and pads fit older Shimano callipers? E.g. 105 shoes to 500ex callipers….

  26. So with the London 6 day, which looks so much fun, and Dan's (ahem) experience… Why so little track material? It would be great to get more understanding and knowledge of the track!

  27. I recently started cycling around 4 months ago as a new sport to help boost recovery for an ACL repair. 3 weeks ago whilst a visit to loughborough I decided to go for a ride, with Melton Mowbray just down the way I decided to head off on a mission to find a one of Britains supposedly best pork pies! as you do! Well, as a complete nube that I am and totally underprepared for bad weather, I set off for a "quick ride", anyway 30 minutes in the heavens opened and I got wetter and wetter and then colder and colder! I got lost A LOT! After about 30 miles my route brought me to the most impossible crossing of the A46, cars were zooming up and down at warm speed all whilst hidden in the mist of surface water! I pulled up to the junction in a giant puddle, probably less that 1/2 cm deep! nothing right? well as I stopped unclipped my left foot ready to stop and try figure out how to cross this death trap of a junction! So now as my left foot approaches for the puddle beneath me it enters the water, and keeps going! Yes that's right, just by chance, I was right next to a pot hole! My foot kept going and so did myself and my new bike! Laying there in a giant puddle! So there I am freezing cold, pissed wet through and still 10 miles to go! And to top it all off, the pie shop was bloody closed! Webbo

  28. About that 24 hour ride……..why would you do such a stupid thing in such a horrible place (England)? Come to California, my Dudes.

  29. My worst bike ride was not the one where I crashed on the downhill and broke my hip. It was not the one where I descended an Alpine pass in freezing weather so my right hand went numb from the cold, so I had to use my left, not so frozen hand to wrap it around the brake lever. It was a two-hour mid-day ride last week, when every other road cyclist I came across was unfriendly – either not saying "thank you" after using my slipstream or not greeting when passing me – and almost every driver seemed to be out to kill me. When I finally came come unharmed I decided to have a beer, but when I took the bottle out of the fridge I accidentally dropped it breaking it on the kitchen floor.

  30. So last Sunday on my attempt to do my 1st 100k. Trained well 2hr bike prep. Arrived nice and early and set off well. Then 15 miles of being lost with extra climbs, no good at 113kg!!! Feed stop closed!!! Then chain snapped !!!!!!!!!! Twice. Picked up by broomwagon😥😥😥 but hey still living.
    Gary Manchester.

  31. It was late at night and I was on my way home, alone. It was a quiet night – almost no traffic or people along the road, and what you will hear and see mostly are dogs, which is basically normal on that area.

    The route is a downhill and I was riding fast since I‘m familiar with the ‘track’. I was riding fast and started to lean on a curve when all of a sudden, a dog that was sitting about 20 meters at my 11 o’clock, ran towards me barking. I was really surprised because I usually see this dog just sitting like he’s on a night watch duty and just barks. Unfortunately for me, it’s running towards me this time… with intent.

    Obviously, nobody wants to get bitten by a dog and get rabies, so I turned the other way to evade but lost control and crashed badly. I stood up right away, ignoring the pain and pissed off with this dog at the same time, to defend myself from getting bitten. But the dog ran away. He got scared of the loud noise caused by the crash. Despite the pain, wounds, and scars, I went back on the saddle rode my way back home. My fork steerer tube got bent and had to be replaced due to the crash. Wheel alignment was also affected.

    My worst ride ever.

  32. Worst bike ride involved being hit by a Prius. Took his side mirror off with my thigh and cracked a rib. He left the scene, but thankfully I got his place. Only half a mile in and had to drag my wounded self/bike home on the train. Good times.

  33. I once rode to work, my usual ride to work and home can be 29 minutes each way. The journey there on the morning was uneventful and then a semi hurricane come severe gale came during the day and I had to ride home against it. The return journey took me 1 hour 28 minutes, battling all the way, grinding the smallest gear mile after mile and getting blown off several times, not only that but in torrential rain / sleet but up north we don't complain or cry because our anatomy has a few sores on it, we just get on with it.

  34. Worst ride – When I was in high school, I took off on a solo 50 mile ride without enough training or planning. I bonked so hard during the last 10 miles that I faked a flat and got a ride home with a friend…so embarrassing!

  35. My worst ride was caught in a monster typhoon out in the Rocky Mountains, hundreds of km from home, in the middle of the night, late in the season, on my Honda motorcycle, and my heated vest had shorted out, and I was completely soaked through and was gradually becoming hypothermic. But even worse than that: I passed by a randonneur who had completely covered himself in a transparent plastic cocoon of some kind and was grinding up the mountain, and I thought, man: as bad as this is, it's nothing compared to that poor guy!!

  36. Caption: Can't clip in? When the work experience kid in the mechanics van put MTB style clipless pedals on the bike because he heard the stage was mostly downhill…

  37. New entry for extreme corner!
    Check out: this guys cycling through Argentina with a broken free hub! @24minutes and he has to walk! Well worth a watch! Also, Hack/Bodge with about 50cable ties haha

  38. My worst, and ever since best ride .. on antibiotics and anti viral meds, rode anyway. On way home clouds descended all around me and temperature was minus 10. No energy no food, not dressed for sub zero. Long ride home. Fabulous.

  39. 1:46 ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ saving a sheep and kittens on one hand while suffocating to death fishes on the other….
    When all of those animals feel pain, can suffer and do not want to die.
    Yet another display of the speciesism people suffer from.

  40. Brilliant by Chris! GCN Highlight of 2019 for me because people who abandon animals or cruel to them don't deserve much if anything in life #di*ckheads

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