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Would you buy this MADE IN RWANDA motorcycle? – VisualPolitik EN

Would you buy this MADE IN RWANDA motorcycle? – VisualPolitik EN

India is the World’s largest movie producer. We’ve all heard of Bollywood, right? But let me ask you a question… what’s the SECOND largest movie producer? What comes after India? …
The answer is NIGERIA. Yes, I’m sure almost nobody guessed that
right. But, my dear viewers, so-called NOLLYWOOD
produces many more titles a year than Hollywood itself. But, of course, nobody knows this because
Africa is the forgotten continent. African politics and economics hardly appear
in the newspapers. And this is why we can say that Africans are
witnessing a silent miracle. Until the 2000s, this region seemed completely
doomed. But since the beginning of the new century,
Africans have tripled their income. Countries like Ethiopia are growing at a 10%
growth rate year after year. And I know what you’re gonna tell me! Come on Simon! These are just statistics. Is life really changing for the average African? Look… if you’re expecting to see skyscrapers
and caravans of BMWs on the streets of Nairobi, then, yes, you’re going to be disappointed. We’re not there, yet. In fact, there are still regions of the continent
stuck in extreme poverty. That would be the case in the People’s Republic
of Congo and the Central African Republic. But other regions are improving. For example, Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital,
is starting to get some supermarkets! This might seem like a very trivial thing
to you. But it’s a giant step if you remember that
30 years ago, the whole country was going through one of the worst famines in history. But wait a minute because there is more! We are starting to see how African companies
are expanding internationally. For example, Ethiopian airlines or M-PESA,
a mobile phone payment platform. So now you might wonder… Why is Africa growing like this? What has changed in the continent? The answer is clear: PEACE. You see, the first requirement for a country
to develop is for it not to have wars. After that, we can discuss political systems,
tax policies or whatever. But a society that lives on a battlefield
can hardly prosper. But now things are starting to change… is
that true, Xander? Absolutely, Simon! For decades, Africa was a really violent continent:
wars for independence, tribal clashes and even genocide. Today, however, the conflicts are less frequent. In the year 1990, an average of 45 per 100.000
africans died in conflicts. Today, this figure has dropped to 8 per 100.000. And, of course, this has helped trade and
foreign investment, especially with China. Nevertheless, as we said before, there is
still a lot of work to be done. Africa is far from being a prosperous region. They need to take the next step. And what is that? Well, that would be industrialization. So far, Africa remains a rural continent. Except for a few exceptions, everything you
can buy in Africa is a raw material. And it’s hard to grow a modern economy based
on agriculture and mining. So, this the context in which this news takes
place. The Largest Free Trade Deal in Nearly a Quarter-Century
Seeks to Make Africa a Single Market Yes, you heard that right. The goal of this treaty is to make an African
version of the European Single Market, which was the seed for what we know today as the
European Union. Since May 30th 2019, this treaty has been
a reality. We’re talking about 52 countries who have
signed it. In fact, only Benin, Nigeria and Eritrea have
refused to enter the so called AfCFTA or just CFTA. So now the question is… Can this treaty change things… or is it
just a bunch of nice words? Can a free trade agreement really improve
lives in Africa? And, why doesn’t Nigeria, the country with
the largest African economy, want to sign it? Today we are going to answer all of these
questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at the history. NO MARKET, NO INDUSTRY
When we talk about Africa, we should remember one thing: 55 countries and 1,3 billion people. We shouldn’t really talk about Africa like
it’s a country. Then again, there is one thing that most of
the African countries have in common: their colonial past. Most of these nations have been independent
for less than 50 years. And, believe me, they still maintain their
bonds with their previous colonizers. In many ways, the idea of independence is
pretty much a delusion. Look, in a normal country, the main trading
partner is that country’s neighbours. America trades with Mexico and Canada, France
trades with Germany, Germany trades with The Netherlands… but African countries are different
animals in this regard. For example… Ivory Coast is neighbours Ghana and Liberia. But who is Ivory Coast’s main trading partner? No! It’s not their neighbours. Their main Trading partner is The Netherlands
and… France which, surprise, surprise, it is its
former colonizer. And of course, this trend is changing but
not in the way you might expect. If you’ve been following VisualPolitik for
a long time, you already know that China has been increasing its sway in Africa over the
past several years. And not only are the Asians playing a role
here! Just look at this news! China’s coming slowdown opens doors to expanding
African trade with India But not only that! In the last 15 years, trade with Africa has
tripled with other countries like Turkey and Indonesia. Today, Asia represents 45% of the African
foreign trade. Europe is 30%. So, as you can see, there’s only a little
share for the inter african trade. And I know what you’re thinking now! So what? Don’t we live in a globalized economy? What’s the problem with Trading with Asia
or Europe? Well… it is a problem. Think about it… what does Europe or Asia
buy from Africa? Yes, you guessed it: raw materials like oil,
gas, gold, uranium… in other words, everything except manufactured goods. And there is a reason for this. Let’s look at an example. Rwanda Motorcycle Company was born in 2017. They manufacture low cost motorbikes. Would you buy one of those? Probably not. Their bikes are no match for a Suzuki or a
Honda. So no Asian or European country would go for
a Rwandan model when they could have a Japanese or American one. So… where could Rwandan motorcycles find
a market? Of course, in other African countries! In fact, Africa is a great place for them
because there are almost no competitors. If you live in Congo, good luck finding a
BMW shop to buy a bike from. So in many countries, these Rwandan entrepreneurs
have a big blue ocean of market opportunities to exploit. This explains why, despite African countries
trading so little with each other, most of the things they trade are manufactured goods. In other words: if Africa wants to have industry,
they need to trade with each other more. So what’s the problem here? The problem is that things in Africa are never
easy and trade… is harder than anything. There are lots of tariffs and bureaucracy
that makes it almost impossible for local companies to cross borders. If you want to send your Rwandan motorbike
to neighbouring Congo, you’ll have to pay tariffs of up to 20%. But you’ll also have to bribe the guard
at Customs. Otherwise, your merch could be waiting there
for months. Add to this the insecurity, the gangs and
the warlords that are still present in many regions. Don’t forget that, just a few years ago,
many of these countries were killing each other’s citizens. So again, a bike manufacturer in Rwanda can
hardly survive with as small and poor a market as the local one. If they want to survive, they need to expand
to their neighbours. In other words, protectionism is making it
almost impossible for Africa to develop. But pay attention now, because this might
‘Blood Diamond’ is a Hollywood movie that talks about how we can end up killing each
other just for some precious minerals. The conclusion of this movie is that the West
just wants Africa’s resources. Nothing more. Presented with this situation, many might
think that Africans can’t get themselves together and they need a good old Western
helping hand. But, of course, this is VisualPolitik. You know we think differently… “Africa’s story has been written by others;
we need to own our problems and solutions and write our story”—Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame is the Rwandan president. In this video we told you about his light
side and his dark side. His model country is Singapore so, you can
imagine that he’s not a big fan of democracy or human rights. But, from an economic point of view, he has
become an African champion for prosperity. The thing is, apart from governing Rwanda,
Kagame is also the president of the African Union. This organization was created in 2001, inspired
by the European Union. Their big dream is to turn Africa into a single
market, just like Europe is. And, so far, it seems like they’re achieving
their goal. Africa’s free trade area comes into force
as Gambia ratification Yes, my dear viewers: it’s the CFTA I mentioned
earlier in the video, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. Their ultimate goal is to have a common currency
for the whole continent. Something similar to the Euro, but in Africa. We might have to wait 15 to 20 years to witness
that, but they are trying hard. But, OK, OK, hold on just a minute because
not everything is sunshine and rainbows. As we always say, the devil is in the details. You see, in this world we have free trade
agreements and… “free trade agreements”. An example of the latter would be MERCOSUR. Mercosur was born in order to create a free
trade area in South America. Has it worked? The answer is no. The countries who signed this document were
not willing to cede sovereignty. Nobody was willing to remove tariffs and let
their local companies compete with foreign ones. The Mercosur treaty is full of exceptions. Yes, it has nice words in it but when you
look at the reality, you realize the trade between its members hasn’t increased really. Something similar could happen with this African
free trade area. For example, the main African economies: South
Africa and Nigeria, are not big fans of this. South Africa signed it at the last minute
but Nigeria… well… this is what Nigeria said. CFTA: I won’t allow Nigeria to be dumping
ground —Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria Basically, many governments are reluctant
to lose control of the small industries they already have. Besides, their main income is what they collect
in tariffs. Don’t forget that, in a country like Nigeria,
there is no big and regulated job market so it’s hard to collect income tax. In most cases, African governments get their
money from the only thing they can control: foreign trade. But there is more to this! This CFTA treaty generates as many doubts
as hopes. You see, a treaty like this usually takes
decades to negotiate. This one was done in just 4 years. And, in their desire to have as many countries
as possible, they’ve left lots of things off of the negotiating table. The final document is vague and generic. It doesn’t say anything clear about competition
clauses, investments or intellectual property rights. There is no list of what goods you can trade
freely and which ones will be protected. In theory, they have committed to removing
tariffs on 90% of the products over the next decade. But, of course… governments can push the
most important goods inside of that 10%. So, if you only liberalize trade on the goods
that you don’t actually sell… then you won’t have real free trade. But hold on a second because there are many
more problems! Of course, the CFTA would be wonderful as
a way to incentivize the emergence of new industries. But… so far, Africa relies heavily on agriculture. And what do African farmers think? Well… many of them are not exactly happy. Smugglers Thrive as Nigeria Tries to Keep
Foreign Rice Away n this case, Nigeria is afraid of neighbouring
Benin. Benin has become a big importer of Thai rice. Apparently, Thai rice is high quality and
affordable. If Nigeria suddenly opens trade with Benin,
its local rice producers might have a hard time. And this is where the big time dilemma comes
in. Should we risk the agriculture that we already
have in exchange for would-be brand new industries… or do we leave everything as it is? And this is the real debate. According to the United Nations, if the CFTA
turns out the way it was meant to, inter African trade could grow 52% in the year 2022. This is only 3 years after the year that we
made this video. But, of course, if the member countries keep
adding exceptions and mistrusting each other, we could end up with a Mercosur kind of thing. In other words, our friends from the Rwandan
Motorcycle Company would keep struggling to open markets elsewhere. And… remember, with no market there is no
industry at all. So the question now goes to you… Do you think the CFTA will go in a European
Union-like direction… or will it go with a more Mercosur-like style? Should Nigeria sign it? Will we witness the industrialization of the
African continent? Please, leave your answers in the comment
section below. Also, visit our friends from reconsider,
the podcast that provided the vocals in this episode that were not mine. And, of course, do not forget that we publish
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