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100 comments on “Wow! Amazing Incredible Wheel Loader Truck Fails & Skills

  1. بالدقيقتين والتلات ثواني عم بهد الجامع الله واعلم شو هالشعب العربي يحط لايك والمسلم

  2. Well I guess if I ever do construction work overseas I will bring my American operators with me. That equipment is too expensive to have idiots ruin.

  3. 0:11 wooooow look at all that trash…. There is even houses all around… Talk about third world…. This is exactly why we do not want those people in our country and exactly why our wonderful president Donald J Trump declared this invasion a national emergency.

  4. I am not "wowed" by these videos nor would I call them "incredible". There were a few gnarly ones but most of these we're super boring.

  5. I had an idea to try the power of hitachi and komatsu excavators by having two excavators pull a rope. Excavator tug competition.💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
    Please subscribe to my channel and support me to implement this idea!

  6. With all the cell phones and GoPros out there, you'd think people would have learned how to use them properly.

  7. pas mal la video mais les deux abrutis a 6mn30 n devrais plutot leur donner une pioche qu'un engins de ce prix! quels cretins…

  8. I hope everybody in this video got fired this is nothing more than a good example of why you don't hire dumbasses LOL.

  9. I've been around a the same situation. I couldn't believe the guy put himself in that sort of pinch point. Took me four hours to dig hos ass out. On top of that he tried to raise the boom and it snapped a cylinder shaft.


  11. Truck Driver Accused Of Brutally Murdering His Family Says He’s Innocent

  12. If you're going to make a video, make sure you know the difference between dozers, excavators and loaders.

  13. Je snapt niet wat sommige mensen op een machine doen, totaal onkundig en levensgevaarlijk . En het lijkt wel of ze het soms expres vernielen deze dure machines !

  14. @6:30 blatant disregard for company equipment!
    I've run heavy equipment all my life and have seen such arrogant disrespect for the equipment of the company you work for and the family's income that depend on you and the safety and statue you represent toward mentoring of others.
    I've never had an accident but I've seen years of showboats like you gruesomely die.
    You'd be doing yourself and your family a treasure to move on toward a job less responsible and dangerous to you or the public.
    You give people with the drive to learn, the will to fork out money for the trade and countless hours of safety training a blemish in the civil public!
    I'm about to retire—maybe!
    If I keep working, maybe I might save some family from the lose and suffering I've seen from a missing family wage earner.
    My motto is: Respect the equipment of glass and steel or loose your flesh and blood!

  15. When you see a black or brown skinned person running a piece of equipment get far away as quickly as possible. Danger is afoot.

  16. I've been at companies with people this stupid, who got hired before me, or were in the company owners family, & I had to not only do my job but needed to look over my back all day to not get killed or maimed; double stress

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