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XION Protective Gear Junior Range by Lucas Laudy

XION Protective Gear Junior Range by Lucas Laudy

Hi my name is Lucas Laudy and I’m A Freestyle skier. Freestyle skiing is an awesome sport but accidents do happen. That is why I’m happy to be sponsored by XION Protective Gear. XION Protective gear is A flexible and shock proof protection. That is Because of the use of D3O material D30 is a flexible material that becomes solid at a crash. I will give a demonstration. This is the material D3O I can compress it.. ..and mold it into any shape.. But when I hit it.. it becomes solid! This season there is also a JUNIOR range. They have a very nice back protector vest. And this is the back protector.. Very flexible material.. And a very nice pair of Shorts. Also very flexible.. And this is the material incorporated in the Shorts.. Together with XION Protective
Gear I hope to experience a great and safe season.

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  1. if you hit with the hammer using the untreated soft material you don't suffer, but if you try the same experiment but using the treated cloth you'll break a finger.

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