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Yoga Tips for Cyclists and Some Advanced Techniques: CycleBells

Hello Friends, I am Jixon from CycleBells. The reason we do cycling is for our health, right? However, when cycling a lot, we perhaps would feel neck, back, leg, and hand pains. It has a remedy. The remedy is Yoga, the pride of India. We shall ask about those remedies to a Yoga Trainer With me is a Yoga Trainer, his name is Roji Varghese He is not only a Yoga Trainer, but also a hardcore cyclist. He is one among us. So, let us ask him and try to understand the things. Hi, my name is Roji Varghese. I am a Yoga Trainer. Cycling a subject that creates health for mind and body. We may feel neck, back, leg, and hand pain after a long ride. Definitely, all these have remedy in Yoga. There is nothing that Yoga can handle. Yoga is for everything. Not only for cyclist. It is for life. Yoga is also a weapon that can unite our body and mind. Hence, please come to my institute. I will show it. The institute is located on the top floor of this building. Lets go there straight. Let us see some Yoga exercise before we start our cycling. Firstly, our joints are increasing our mobility Our joints are deciding our pace, to increase or decrease the speed Shoulder problem, fingers, knee, ankle, hip: These are all very important. Lets warm up those parts, then we will feel good and our body will feel weightless I am going to show this now. First of all, to begin with a small breathing . Breathing is very important Breathing is increasing and decreasing our life span. Dogs seem to have a shorter life span because it breaths rapidly in order to cool itself. So, it has a shorter life span. Man breaths 13 to 23 times in a minute So, we need to concentrate on breathing When we do uphill, we may have breathing problem. To avoid it and bring in more oxygen, we shall practice Pranayaama We are staring

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