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Youngstown police: 3 reports of shots fired overnight

Youngstown police: 3 reports of shots fired overnight

BREAKING FROM OVERNIGHT Police are investigating multiple shootings on the south and east sides of Youngstown. 3 shootings, in 3 locations, all in the span of just over 3 hours. RIGHT NOW, We’ve just learned 5 people were shot. Lets get to first news reporter Alexis Walters, she’s live in the newsroom.. Alexis? Ive been talking with police this morning to get information on these 3 separate shootings. [D15]20190822 YO EAST SIDE 3 SHOT 2-VO They took place on Himrod and Scioto avenues on the city’s eastside and Aberdeen avenue on the southside. First news was on scene this morning…this is a look at the scioto shooting scene just after 3am when our crews arrived. Police tell us there were no serious injuries in the Scioto shooting- but the people on the scene can be seen crying and comforting each other after it happened. Right now all 3 scenes are clear.. What I’m working to find out now is if there were any injuries with the first two shooting – and also if there are any suspects. Any new information we get about these overnight incidents, we’ll get to you on air and online on our websitre WKBN .com Live in the newsroom… Alexis Walters first news this morning

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  1. The world is going insane between the recent trend of a few crazy white boys and the ongoing long problem of black on black violence, every one needs to chill TFO.

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