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Zero Electric Motorcycle Front Pulley Removal

Zero Electric Motorcycle Front Pulley Removal

Hey everybody Cracker Jack Mechanic, here. thanks for tuning in. in this quick little video I’m going to show you how we got the front pulley off of a zero the DS model Without any special tools and what was involved? It’s actually a fairly straightforward procedure And with just some average home tools We did have to use heat and we used an impact just for convenience because we have it here in the shop But yeah, I want to just watch this next two minutes of a video you’re doing the pulley on the front yourself Maybe you’ll get some tips the inside pulley From the for the belt guide had fallen off and was rattling and jingling around in there so we had to actually Get it apart so we could repair that In order to access the pulley bolt We had to remove the swing our pivot bolts on either side and swing the swing arm back. So we removed the rear wheel So that the belt was loose and we’d actually left the swing arm attached to the shock absorber at this point We’re using the 3/8 impact an attempt to try and loosen this It wasn’t enough. So we switched to the 1/2 and then we had to actually In order to melt the red loctite there was an excessive amount of red loctite in there to get the bolt loose There is an abundance of red loctite in that pulley retaining bolt That was reasonably straightforward, but we did have to put some heat on the the retaining bolt So by this point we’ve removed the swing arm Completely from the lower bolt of the shock absorber and we’re using a larger chisel on The top and the bottom of the pulley to actually kind of push it off of the shaft trying very carefully to not damage the actual case behind this so It can be done just work yourself back and forth tapping. You remove the swing arm to get yourself the added room necessary to do this So the back guard on the pulley Here had popped off the floor spot-welds didn’t hold well enough and that Flange which helps keep the Belt in line or from popping off the back had fallen off and was rattling around inside. So I just cleaned up four spots And I’m gonna reweld it just put four new tack welds in there and put the bike back together Problem solved nice and easy There it is pulleys back in place a little red mark So we can reference it from the outside put a little red loctite on the bolt the retaining bolt and you can see the Rear pulley flange is back in place Thanks for watching

2 comments on “Zero Electric Motorcycle Front Pulley Removal

  1. Terrible pully design but understandable from a cost point of view. the chiseling part calls for a more elegant solution 🙂 Thanks for the video !

  2. This should be applicable to any year that uses the ZForce IPM motors before 2017 MY. >=2017 is splined not keyed on the motor shaft so I'd recommend using a heat and a puller and flat sacrificial bars to support the back of the pulley/guide.

    Do you do a lot of work with Zeros? Curious on the exact right procedure for belt alignment, and also bearing replacement, and commissioning.

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