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Zero motorcycle – How to remove your tail plastic

Zero motorcycle – How to remove your tail plastic

Hey guys, it’s Jon with Alternative Standard If you ever wondered how to remove both your top and bottom tail plastics then this is the right video for you If you’re curious as to how I got to this point, I’d refer you to “how to remove your seat” also, if you have a top case mount, check out this video Now when we’re talking about the top tail
plastics you’re gonna have to first remove these two bolts located on the top portion they’re pretty straightforward but it’s the first step you have to take on Next, you’re going to have to remove five screws located underneath the top tail plastics One thing thing important to note is I had to get a thin Phillips head screwdriver in order to access one of the screws right now we’re looking at only three of the five screws but the configuration is pretty much the same there’s two accessory holes located underneath and you have to insert your tool in order to reach those screws Lastly, I found it really helpful to have a small Phillips head screwdriver much like a stubby or you could try to find a really long Phillips head screwdriver that might be able to reach And that’s it, basically once you have all the screws removed you can go and take off the top tail plastics it’s pretty straightforward, there’s nothing really holding it down, just gotta wiggle it out And there you go About removing the tail assembly this is the portion that we’re focused on unfortunately we have this
plastic piece right here it’s kind of obstructing our ability to pull it out now normally if there’s a standard bike it
wouldn’t have this portion blocking my way and I’m interested in also trying to
get this repainted a different color to match the bike but I’ll start with removing this piece and now this piece is actually made by Diginow what it does is that it supercharges my bike and it’ll charge at a rate basically from 0 to 100 percent in about an hour and a half it’s a huge improvement versus the
standard bike which basically takes about ten hours to charge from 0 to a 100 percent generally so I’ll be looking at having this removed then I’ll be removing this piece and then finally the tail plastics so that’s the whole picture,
let’s get to it Now we’re looking at the tail area and I
just want to say that we’re gonna have to remove the or disconnect the wiring harnesses what I recommend is that we have some way to label them so I have masking tape with blue and white and I’m just going to go ahead and do that This last one is the brake light so it’s different from all the other ones, I don’t need to label that There we go We have all the wires clear now on either side you have these bolts of the plastics so you just need to go ahead
and remove those and we’ll move further down This piece is called the tail pod which
basically holds your signal lights such as the turn signals and brake lights one thing I had difficulty was in recording the underside of the tail plastics so you just have to take my word for it there’s four bolts that are holding the
tail pod to the frame it’s important to note if you did not disconnect your wires yet do so before removing the tail pod, it’s gonna be a huge pain We then have these plastic pieces that
hold this rubber shroud I would say you can kind of consider it like a cover
because it provides a little bit of a seal prevents majority of the dust and
grime getting in there but it’s not weatherproof by any means but it’s pretty simple so let’s go and take these out One thing to note that is that there’s a lip that it catches underneath so when you do remove it it’ll lift up the plastic so you can get that out So now I’m going to press down from the top from the top portion, downwardly so that we start clearing the frame once we’re clear the frame you can then manipulate this so we can pull it
to the sides and that’s what we want, we want some clearance up top and I’ll show you up top what we got This is the perspective of the brake light what you can see are the screw holes within the frame the screws are on the opposite side of this one thing to note is that you’ll need to have some clearance for an allen key in order to remove these two screws they’re fairly difficult in the tight
space so what I found useful to have a really long one once you remove the
brake light screws you’re near the end it’s fairly straightforward hopefully
you’ve already disconnected the signal wires Okay, we’re pulling this apart and
everything separated Note that we do have these lips that go around it and I’ll explain it better once I get everything out There you go This is what it should look like I want to better explain basically held the tail piece as well as the plastics intertwine with each other it’s easy to think once you take out the screws underneath that you’re good to go and you can go ahead and just pull out this plastic unfortunately when you look at
it and actually interlocks with each other due to these three points and therefore each side so you would have to clear out what’s underneath then break it open by rotating it as you can see here and then kind of lifts free your teeth that are arranged in this fashion so best not to just pull it straight out but rotate it that’s my suggestion to do I want to make this an opportunity to
share if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the video you just watched leave it down in the comments below I’m always trying to find
ways to improve If I don’t help get to your question in time the community is awesome, they’ll be able to help you out and that’s it this has been a video with Jon. ride safe!

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