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Zwift Triathlon Academy | Can Heather Make The Team?

Zwift Triathlon Academy | Can Heather Make The Team?

– The Ironman World Championships
might be a fading memory but the 2020 season is on the horizon and, with it, the chance to become the world’s best supported
amateur triathlete. Yes, the Zwift Triathlon Academy is back for a third year in a row. And do you want to know the great news? You can still sign up for it now. It is aimed at any level
of amateur triathlete, whatever your goals might be. So guess what? Yep, I have signed myself up. I watched from the sidelines last year and I thought, “I want to know what all the excitement is about so I’m getting involved.” (upbeat rock music) Ultimately, Zwift are hoping to find six top aged group athletes who dream of qualifying for and racing in Kona next October. But it is an opportunity
that’s open to everyone, whether you share those dreams or not, to get stuck into a series of
specially designed workouts that are certain to take your
fitness to the next level. (upbeat rock music) The past two years have seen thousands of athletes sign up and
go through the program. In 2018, the Zwift
Triathlon Academy selected and supported, and I
really mean supported, four lucky athletes,
three of which qualified and raced at the World Champs. 2019 saw Zwift up it to a team of eight with all of them making it
to the big island in Hawaii and one of which even won
the overall age group title. If you’re not yet on board, you have until December the
13th to sign up and join me and it’s a great
opportunity to get involved in some tough workouts, whatever your fitness goals might be. And you never know, you
might even earn yourself a spot on the team. You’re probably wondering how you can be eligible for selection. Well, there a few rules such as, you have to be 18 or over, you need to be an amateur triathlete, and, of course, you are going to have to do some hard work because you have until the 12th of January to complete the following: You have to do four specific run workouts, one running race of five, eight, or 10K, you’ve six bike workouts to complete, and a TT race. So there’s plenty to get your teeth into but there’s enough time
for us to get it done. Now we’ll come onto more detail and what these sessions actually entail. But I want to share my motivation for signing up and
exposing my current state, or should I say lack, of fitness. (upbeat rock music) So I already knew that I need to do
something about my fitness but, problem being in the UK, we are heading into the depths of winter and I was already into hibernation mode I think it’s fair to say. So I was hoping that the
Zwift Triathlon Academy could really be that incentive that I need and I ticked the box up. Yes, you probably realize
I am an amateur triathlete and I tried a triathlon back
in 2015 and then progressed, I got the bug and went on
to Iron Man and ended up going to Kona in 2017. But, sadly I am a really long
way from that fitness now. So I am hoping that this is
going to give me that kick on that backside that I need. I’d be lying if I said that
I wasn’t just a little bit intrigued to see how I
compare to everyone else. Although, I am fully prepared to have a scary reality check on that one. Although on the plus side
I figure that at least I am going to be fitter than I am now. I’m excited just to get going. (upbeat rock music) Now for the details on
exactly what you need to do in order to join up. So, when you log in to
Zwift you’ll see the Zwift Triathlon banner pops up. You simply need to click
on that, then it means the workouts will automatically be in your workout files. So whether you’re cycling or running if you head over to your
workout, scroll down, you’ll find the Zwift
Triathlon Academy 2020. If you click on that it’ll have the list of all the workouts and you’ve got the option to
either doing them on your own or joining a group workout
if you fancy some company. You can find those
obviously on the Zwift app but also on the companion
app so there’s no excuse. And if you want to know exactly what you’ve let yourself in for Well all the workouts are going to hit every aspect of your fitness and I know that sounds
tough but just think of the fitness gains,
or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So, for the bike that includes: A Strength Development session, Half-Distance Development session, an FTP Development session, Endurance Stimulation session, VO2max Development session, and a pretty brutal 4
Minute Power session. While there’s some pretty
meaty bike workout there and you’ll be pleased to
know the run has got some great sessions in store as well so lets take a look. Fist up you’ve got a
Threshold Waves session that involves a cheeky 4 x 1 mile. Then a shorter a 6 x
800 meter rep session, which is a chance to
really unleash some speed. That’s followed Endurance
Stimulation session, and then finally you’ve got
a VO2max Development session. (upbeat rock music) You’ve probably seen
the three of us at GTN using some pretty nice fancy kit and I have to admit we
are spoiled at GTN HQ with a full Zwift setup but trust me, my setup at home looks nothing like that. You are probably wondering,
what exactly you need in order to get involved with
the Zwift Triathlon Academy. Well I’m going to talk you
through the essentials. A working heart rate monitor
for both the run and the bike. Then Wi-Fi with a device such
as your phone, iPad, or laptop that’s connected to the Zwift app. And then for the bike you can even use a basic turbo trainer
with a cadence sensor or a walk bike that can
connect to your device but If you want to be
eligible for selection for the academy then you’re
going to need a smart trainer or a power meter. And as for the run, yes you
do need to find a treadmill but any treadmill will do because you need one more piece of kit. That is the footpod, which
simply fits onto your shoelaces and connects to your phone or iPad in order to measure your
speed and your cadence. Now you know what it entails
and what equipment you need in order to get involved
and you can find the link to sign up in the description below. So there are no excuses and hopefully I’ve convinced you to sign
up ’cause I definitely need the company and keep
and eye out for those group workouts, you never know we might meet on the start line. And if you are interested
to see and follow my progress, keep an
eye out on the GTN shows as were going to be bringing
you updates with that. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed
it, give us a thumbs up, like. If so find that globe on screen to make sure you subscribe
and get all of our videos here at GTN. And if you want to know a
little bit more about Zwift or things we’ve done previously on Zwift, You can find that just down here.

31 comments on “Zwift Triathlon Academy | Can Heather Make The Team?

  1. Basically means if you don’t have thousands of dollar lying around to get a smart trainer and treadmill, with a house big enough to put these in, you are out of luck.

  2. Hi there!

    I’ve done the first bike workout but didn’t realise I needed a heart rate monitor. Would I have to redo this workout to still be eligible?

    Thanks! 🙏🏻

  3. Good luck Heather. Following on the companion app, so will give a load more Ride On's knowing you're putting the effort in… I'm doing ZA Tri also 🙂

  4. Sounds very cool however I do not even have half of the equipment to do the Zwift sessions. And I have no desire to race Ironman 😀.

  5. Good Luck Heather 🙂 I always tend to drift off over winter months so the Tri academy has been awesome for me so far. I’m about to go and kick it onto the 4th run workout today. Used to hate treadmills, however, now I’m living in the USA it’s the only safe option to do most of my runs on a treadmill! I think I’ve started following you on Zwift so I shall keep an eye out 😀 Have fun

  6. Cool video ! 🙂 But, I didn't understand properly, may I use "simple" trainer or I must use only a "smart trainer" ? 🤔

  7. I don't want to bitch but its all just a selection for those who already have the biggest chance of going there anyway… I would rather see an average Joe being transformed and given the opportunity

  8. Why don't GTN just start their own team and bring in their own coach. GTN is heavily sponsored at this point. Document every step, use the information you have given us from bar tap to jockey wheels, laces to sunscreen, water shoes to nose clips. I support GTN, I dont support Zwift. Its nothing personal!

  9. Good luck! Just make sure, they exclude current profeccionals, not former olympians. The rules differ in various amateour programs.

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